From viruses and malware to running applications that require too many resources there are many reasons why your computer seems to be working slower than usual. At times, the culprit can be that you simply do not have enough space on the drives for the program's temporary files.
Piechart Disk is a utility that enables you to find out which applications require the most space, so you can decide on your next step.
Old-fashioned and simplistic interface
While the information is displayed on a pie-chart, the colors and overall appearance of the interface look plain and outdated.
After the scan is complete, the app displays a list of the installed programs sorted with the largest files and directories at the top. You can click on the plus or minus icons to further view the contents of the folders if necessary.
Even though you can see the directories' content, you cannot take any action and it could be useful if Piechart Disk allowed you to delete certain folders or find out more about certain files.
Rugged and slow functionality
It is necessary to mention that the application has a low responsiveness while performing the specified scanning. Moreover, it can get stuck or have a slow responsiveness during a larger directory scan.
What is more, it does not include any stop or pause feature, so you cannot do much but wait for several minutes until it finishes scanning, depending on the size of the selected directory.
It could support more file formats, especially since you can save logs and load the reports of hard disk use as TXT files. Lastly, you should know that the size of a report of a modern hard disk of 400 GB can exceed 10 MB.
An option for computer running on older operating systems
In all fairness, using a single-purpose application to check out the hard disk usage on a computer that can run the latest operating systems does not make much sense. On the other hand, Piechart Disk can prove helpful if you have an older machine.







Piechart Disk Torrent (Activation Code) For Windows

Piechart Disk Crack Keygen is a tool that will show you in a simple pie chart the disk space usage by each installed program.
If you right click on a folder, the program will enable you to go inside it and see its contents. If you find that you need more space on your hard disk, you can delete some files or empty the trash.
If you don’t see any applications taking up a lot of space, you will be able to do nothing.

Piechart Disk Cracked Version is a simple disk space monitor for Windows. It works in the background and monitors the total disk space used by all of the installed programs and disks of your computer. The screen shot below shows that almost 11 GB of space was used by Microsoft Office and Windows updates.

The scans can be configured for size, time interval, and number of subfolders to be scanned.

The program is easy to use and intuitive. You can see the number of files/folders/megabytes on your disks. A pie chart will be displayed showing the disk space consumption. You can select a folder to get a detailed view of its contents. By right clicking on the folder, you can move, copy, and delete the files and folders.

The simple pie chart interface is intuitive. You can select an option from the pulldown menu in the upper right corner.

A utility for monitoring the disk usage of your hard disk drives (SSD or HDD). Piechart Disk Full Crack offers a simple, intuitive interface that lets you monitor your disk space in a pie chart.
This tool was tested under Windows 7 64-bit SP1 and Windows 8.1 32-bit.

Piechart Disk Cracked Accounts’s interface

There are a couple of options that you can select from the menu:

Size: you can determine the size of the disk space that will be monitored

Interval: you can select a time interval for performing the scan

Sub-folder: you can monitor a specific sub-folder on your hard disk drive(s)

System Requirements:

Windows 7 or higher

Windows 8.1

A web browser with Flash support is required to view Piechart Disk 2022 Crack’s features.

PieChart Disk’s Installation

First download the program and extract it anywhere.

After extracting the program, find the PieChart Disk directory and copy its contents to the main directory of your computer.

Open the directory where you installed the program.

Right-click on the PieChart

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KeyMacro is a macro recorder that creates shortcuts to frequently used commands on your desktop.
It does not create buttons for each command; instead, it allows you to add the command directly to your desktop.
When you make a mistake and you have to repeatedly copy the same text, KeyMacro will save your time, because you can repeat the macro with just one click.
Piechart Disk Editor:
Piechart Disk Editor is a tool that can be used to remove, import, or edit pie-chart data from Piechart Disk.
This tool is great for all those who want to export data to other Piechart Disk files. It also lets you add your own pie-chart data.
Piechart Disk Converter:
Piechart Disk Converter is a tool for converting Piechart Disk files to other formats.
This tool can be used to convert files to Piechart Disk. You can also use it to convert the files to other formats like PDF, JPG, and TIFF.
You can also convert each individual pie-chart data or an entire file to one or more pie-charts.
Piechart Disk Cleaner:
Piechart Disk Cleaner is a tool that allows you to remove and clean Piechart Disk.
It can remove all the files that are not Piechart Disk files.
It also lets you clean the entire Piechart Disk file or just a single pie-chart.
Piechart Disk…

Piechart Disk is a professional, straightforward disk space viewer. It works by simulating the Windows operating system tasks. This allows you to see what program is taking up the most space on your PC.
Piechart Disk will scan your local disk (C: and D: drives) and show you a pie chart of the files and directories used. Piechart Disk will give you a list of the biggest programs and directories that you use the most.
If you would like to see all of your applications that are taking up space, you may want to use Piechart Disk Cleaner. The free version will only give you the complete details of the programs that are taking up space. However, the full version gives you more features, such as the ability to remove unnecessary programs.
Piechart Disk gives you two options to search your hard drive. You can use the program’s built-in search tool or you can use the free and advanced search feature in the Help menu.
Piechart Disk is a Windows application that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista

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MouseTool is an awesome mouse utility for Windows.
It is a tool which enables you to get an overview of mouse movements across your computer screen, while you work. The program can trace every mouse movement by the coordinates, and these coordinates can be saved and used later.
Other useful features:
– MouseTool is a free and lightweight application which allows you to see every mouse movement across the screen, and save and display coordinates.
– It allows you to see which programs are using a lot of memory and computing power.
– It also shows you, how long does it take a mouse to go from one edge of your screen to another.
– You can use it to spy on your children and spouses.
– It has a timer which allows you to see when a mouse reached certain coordinates.

Floppy Disk is a free application that helps you to use floppies. This tool can easily mount floppy disks from a portable drive.
Floppy Disk Description:
Floppy Disk is a free application that helps you to use floppies. This tool can easily mount floppy disks from a portable drive.
The main interface of the tool consists of the following four tabs:
Floppy Disk is a free application that helps you to use floppies. This tool can easily mount floppy disks from a portable drive.
The main interface of the tool consists of the following four tabs:
– Mount floppies from a portable drive
– Unmount floppies from a portable drive
– List all connected floppies
– List all disks inside the current drive
You can drag a floppy disk to the drive which you want to mount. This will cause the tool to automatically mount the floppy disk.
By default, the floppy disk must be stored in a physical drive in the computer. However, you can also add floppies in a floppy drive of a portable drive, and the tool will automatically mount these floppies.
You can unmount floppies from a portable drive by drag and dropping them in the appropriate drive.
Floppy Disk can also list all floppies which are connected to the computer. You can use this feature to identify which floppy disk is currently not mounted.
To access the information about all floppies, you can use the List all connected floppies tab. The program will display all information about each floppy disk.
Floppy Disk can also show the list of disks inside the current drive.


What’s New in the Piechart Disk?

Piechart Disk allows you to find out which applications on your PC use most space. Piechart Disk will automatically scan your hard disk drive and will display piecharts showing the directories and files that use up most space.
Size of file: 256KB and above.
Piechart Disk displays all the folders and files that occupy a minimum of 256 KB on your computer.
As you can see, the application is relatively small. It is a single-purpose software that does not take much time to install and run. Once installed, you can use it directly from the Start menu.

Kernel for searching for lost data

Kernel for searching for lost data allows you to search for files that have been lost or deleted. After that you can recover them from the cache or do whatever you want.
Size of file: 269KB.
This utility is a part of the Microsoft Office 2013. It is provided as a download from Microsoft server.

If you got a free license for Microsoft Office 2010 or later, you can use this utility to search for lost data. A free trial version is available.
Size of file: 1.9MB.
This is a Windows application that you can download from the Microsoft server.

Type of file: EXE file.
This is a small application with a very limited functionality. You can download it and try to use it.

Microsoft Office 2013 Recovery Tool

If you have some files in the damaged Microsoft Office folder, you can restore them to the correct folder using the “Microsoft Office 2013 Recovery Tool”. You should know that this tool works only with the trial version of Office 2013.
Size of file: 8.1MB.
This is a Windows application that you can download from the Microsoft server.

Fast Scanner

Fast Scanner is a compact utility that helps you to scan through the entire hard disk and find any hidden errors that might have crept into the system.
Size of file: 60KB.
This is a Windows application that you can download from the Microsoft server.


MiniPatcher is a small tool that allows you to repair damaged or corrupt

System Requirements For Piechart Disk:

OS: Windows XP (Service Pack 3) or Vista (Service Pack 1)
Processor: Core 2 Duo or Intel Core i3 Processor
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard disk space: 2 GB available space
Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 7800 or ATI Radeon HD 2600
Sound: DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card and driver
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
Networking: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Requirements:
Additional Notes:
If you wish to