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Zillow Pro for real estate

Last update 2015-11-24

Manage your property, stay up to date with your neighbors and keep your search for your new home active with this fabulous software.
Zillow Pro is the perfect solution for many users who wish to be aware of the market conditions, and keep track of all their properties. It also includes interesting statistics such as values, sales history, and many more.
Incredibly easy to use, the first thing you need to do in order to get started is to enter your login credentials, and then choose the best options for you. Using the default search will take you to the page of properties in which you can sort by price and contact information.
Moreover, you will be able to use the comparison filters and the way in which you can easily sort the results can also be done in various ways. For example, you can use sorting by popularity, by the number of similar properties or by first sale date.
Regarding prices, you can access prices for single homes and for lots. Even if you want to look for commercial properties, Zillow Pro comes to your aid. You will find the number of sales, the nearby neighborhoods, contact information, and more.
Intuitive and extremely functional, it’s easy to use Zillow Pro and it allows you to perform all the necessary functions to know what you want.
Zillow Pro Description:
Create a property map
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Compare and search for homes
Create a shopping list
Type of property to see
You can also find neighboring properties, plots of land and search by area
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Ultrafast broadband for internet and net

Last update 2015-09-26

Ultrafast broadband for internet

AfterHour Free

AfterHour is a simple software utility that logs your working hours.
Available for Windows, this add-on is ready to use, with the settings located in a tab located in the program’s main window.
Log working hours
Show in systray
Hide the window from your taskbar
Available for:
Google Chrome
Google Chrome is the web browser of choice among much of the community.

Eminent India today, launches ‘Elite Services’, a new service portal for sourcing, listing and classifying small to medium-sized businesses across various categories to potential bidders interested in placing bid.

With state-run telco BSNL launching services to attract lower-mid income customers, the telecom sector has seen a radical shift, with new players and entities seen entering the segment.

While the budgets of the State Governments have suffered cuts, telecom companies have been allowed to concentrate on their rates and tariffs, which have seen a rise of almost 50 per cent within the last five years.

LARGE volumes of data from 40 lakh SIM cards will be de-duplicated and collated into a massive database and analysed before issuing a password to the owner of the card.

The initiative is being undertaken by Idea Cellular at its port-city township of Kochi, Kerala, in association with the Kerala State Road Transport Corporation, which is part of the department of road transport and highways. The machine is being manufactured by Swedish computer giant Ericsson.

“The company is looking for the best in price, quality, speed and reliability across all our product segments. That’s why we’ve decided to consolidate all the SIM cards by issuing a single strong password, which will be remotely linked to an online record of the owner’s contact details and their usage patterns,” an executive of Idea Cellular told IANS.

The erstwhile BSNL had earlier launched a similar initiative with rival Reliance Communications in 2008, but the data analysis was done on its own premises.

The new service is expected to be launched soon, with Ericsson being hired to undertake the computer resources.

“The master password will be issued to the SIM card owner and is linked with the mobile phone numbers. This password will be used by the SIM card owner and can be used to authenticate themselves when they want to avail services like free SMS or data,” the executive said.

“The SIM cards can be used across any number of devices. The

AfterHour Keygen

• Its fast and easy to install.
• As a freelancer, you spend a lot of hours daily on projects. That’s why AfterHour is a must-have program for managing your work. It logs the time you dedicate to your projects and tasks, so you can easily keep track of your time and charge accordingly.
• You will never again spend hours on unimportant tasks or leave projects half finished.
• Automatic activity detection.
• When using AfterHour you can easily track your productivity and see the time you spend working as it goes.
• You can easily export your activity data to Microsoft Excel files.
• You can use AfterHour as a “Timesheet”.
• You can even watch in the background and track your work from any external display.
• You can choose between different time units (minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years).
• It also includes an alarm functionality.
• You can easily log your personal time.
• A useful and efficient time management tool that can be used for projects, tasks, projects, and tasks.
• You can add colors to indicate your priority levels.
• You can tag your tasks.
• AfterHour comes with a neat timeline that shows your activity in a timeline.
• The application can be set up in just a few steps.
• With the application, it’s quite easy to log the time you spend working.
• It is also possible to configure the app in so much detail, that you are sure to spend less of your time on useless activities.
• It is easy to write down your time spent.
• AfterHour is available on several platforms, including Windows, Linux, and Mac.
• You can export your data to Microsoft Excel sheets.

OfficeWeek is a simple to use calendar software application, it allows you to create and fill your personal calendar with events. Events are classified as free, budget, flexible and demanding.
AfterHour Description:
• Fully customizable calendar
• You can add a background image to the calendar
• Allows you to keep track of your daily activities
• You can create your own calendar with your own picture
• You can sync your calendar to Google Calendar
• Tasks can be included to your calendar.
• Lists the Name and description of the events and tasks.
• Check the details of the event
• Location can be included.
• You can view multiple calendars at the same time.
• You can

What’s New in the AfterHour?

“At the end of the day, you can consider your total working time, with the option to copy and transfer it to third parties. Clearing the times and deleting your tasks can be done at any point.”10/30/2004 01:14:00 am –
Reported by
Shaun Lyon

October 30, 2004 • Posted By Shaun Lyon

The Star Trek Online website has announced the addition of the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E to its game. The website states “As always, we find great pleasure in adding new ships to Star Trek Online. Our Deep Space Nine ships have really proved popular, and I would imagine our STO fan base would be pleased as punch to see a new ship joining our collection.”

The new ship will be added in an upcoming patch. For those not familiar, the Enterprise-E is the last, and I suppose the best, of the legendary Star Trek models produced over the years. The ship was first introduced in the first Star Trek motion picture, and was very important to the show as the flagship of the Federation for many years. The ship went on to be on the bridge of the NX-01, and appeared in many sci-fi series and movies in the years since then.Man faces charges after having sex with woman on a city bus

Published: Wednesday, April 29, 2013 1:05 a.m. CST

BURLINGTON – A 33-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after police said he had intercourse with a 17-year-old girl during a ride on a city bus.

Bruce G. Gibson faces a charge of aggravated sexual assault, a class 3 felony, according to a statement from the Burlington Police Department. Gibson lives in Norfolk, where he was arrested. He has been in custody since Tuesday afternoon, police said.

The victim told police that she was a Burlington School District student and was getting off a bus at a bus stop at 25th and Prospect streets about 5:30 a.m. April 9, when Gibson approached her and asked her to sit next to him, according to the statement. She agreed, and he began talking with her, the statement said.

At some point, Gibson placed his hand on her thigh and made “inappropriate sexual advances,” the statement said. When the woman tried to resist, Gibson pulled her by the hair and forcibly removed her from the bus, the statement said.

He then forced her to have

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