carillon is a lightweight VST plugin developed specifically for helping tweak the sound with the aid of a chime synthesizer. The audio plugin features chorus and reverb modules from padawan (a VST plugin which acts like a pad synthesizer for delivering fresh sound notes).
It can be deployed on all Windows versions out there, provided that you have a VST host present on the target computer.
A help manual is included in the package and includes short descriptions about the audio plugin’s capabilities. The GUI looks clean and intuitive. It integrates several handy buttons for helping you tweak the audio effects according to your liking.
The audio effects are organized with the aid of three categories, namely ‘Chimes,’ ‘Chorus,’ and ‘Reverb.’ Each of the aforementioned audio items comes with its own set of configuration options so you can alter the sound in detail.
When it comes to ‘Chimes,’ you are allowed to tweak several audio aspects, like strike, metal, length, ring, and loudness. ‘Chorus’ parameters may be altered in terms of amount, rate, depth, and delay, while the ‘Reverb’ ones can be adjusted by modifying the amount, size, wide, and damp. You can take carillon for a test and see what it can do for you.


Download 🌟

Download 🌟






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The plugin was designed to be a handy synth for creating chimes and other resonant sounds.
It is intended to provide maximum customization and flexibility to users. The plugin offers you an interesting set of audio effects, with up to eight simple parameters for tweaking the audio parameters of every item.
Whether it’s a set of chimes or a simple blast, you can easily create any sound you’d like and tweak it to fit perfectly. Take for example, the preset ‘Chime – 02’, which generates a mesmerizing sound that will fit your needs very well.
It’s ready to provide you with a maximum of versatility and room for experimenting. All the parameters are represented by MIDI MMC commands, so you can get the hand on any one of them and get to know the sound they’re bringing forth.
Once you start tweaking, you will be pleasantly surprised by how intuitive the GUI is. Even seasoned users will find the handling of this plugin easy and intuitive.
The audio features are perfectly balanced, which results in an incredibly interesting and fully customizable sound.Q:

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Chirpy little bells play their own tune!
With this free Add-on for Kontakt 5 and Allegro, you can now bring lively, expressive chimes to your soundtracks. Create any number of stunningly distinctive instruments on the fly, and come up with the perfect combination of chimes and vocals to give your productions an extra high-quality touch.
Carillon is a free download. It’s compatible with all major DAWs as well as all VST/AU hosts.

Sample Factory Pro – VST 2.0 by Syren Interface

Sample Factory Pro – VST 2.0 is an extremely powerful free sample effect plugin that allows to create leads, pads, basses, leads, drum patterns and other sounds instantly.
With Sample Factory Pro you can design custom-tailored sounds in a very simple way. To do this simply use the Plugin Editor to enter the samples and then to adjust the samples parameters by dragging them with the mouse.
Sample Factory Pro’s key features include:
– save, load and edit sounds
– up to 200 sample slots for sample patterns, drum samples, pads and leads
– “pitch-shifting” of the samples for even more variations
– spatialization of the samples (with the “stereo-panning” option)
– preset patterns for Gated & Seq
– multiple effects: compressor, EQ, gate, phaser, reverb, delay

Stereo Bass Plugins For Kontakt 4.3.1

Stereo Bass Plugins is a comprehensive collection of VST and AU instruments for Windows.
Stereo Bass Plugins gives you a wide variety of bass instruments and features over 50 presets ranging from Heavy Bass to Future Bass, House, Dubstep, Electro and HipHop!
Each Bass Instrument is constructed using both the simplest and most sophisticated circuit structures, allowing you to mix and match the effect types to create unique new sounds.
– 100 presets for each Bass Instrument
– Stereo Bass Instruments (Stereo Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Delays & Phasing)
– Plugins for Audio Units, ProTools, Ableton, Logic,…
– VST/AU (VST and Audio Unit compatible)

NSMB by Korg, Inc

NSMB is a pre-processing software plugin for Final Mix, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic etc.
It enhances the

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import org.junit.jupiter.api.Test;


import static org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertEquals;
import static org.junit.jupiter.api.Assertions.assertNotNull;

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private static final String TARGET = “”;

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What’s New In Carillon?

carillon Download:


Carillon is a rack unit for the computer-controlled musical instrument. Originally released in 1989, the original Carillon was a hobby project by Chris Cornish, a friend of the software and hardware developer David Hjelm. The instrument was built on a modified Atari 2600 console, using a Yamaha DX7 digital synthesizer and a Commodore 64 as a sound driver. The software was developed in C, and the hardware in BASIC. Carillon was designed to be a self-contained unit with no screen to display a score. Due to the size and complexity of the system, it was marketed as a high-performance workstation for serious work musicians, although its cost of $300 (adjusted for inflation) limited its market.

Launched in September 1991, we’re pleased to announce a new title from leading synth manufacturer Native Instruments. Based on the main success of its Native Instruments Kontakt instrument, the company is finally releasing its most in-depth sample-based synthesizer to date. Called the Native Instruments Maschine (after the useful little factory tchotchke), this complex arpeggiator/sequencer offers a complex and involved experience for novice and advanced users.

Samples are stored in beautifully laid out sample libraries, with over 1,200 sample tracks available and layers that can be combined to create a wide variety of songs, from rock to trance to hip-hop. The multiple control surface, 16 assignable keys, and performance pad/pedal plus a comprehensive virtual instrument host allow for significant creative control. The Maschine can store many kinds of sample sources, including virtual instruments from Kontakt, as well as sample libraries from The Soundsmith, from whom Native Instruments licensed The Soundsmith Beat Assigner virtual instrument to power the Maschine.

Maschine 2 was released in August 2010 and features a redesigned user interface, offering an easier-to-use user experience, along with a new set of sample libraries. The low-latency audio engine and new sample formats also provide more up-to-date sound, and are available for version 5.8.5 of Kontakt

System Requirements:

– DirectX 11
– OpenGL 4.3
– OpenGL 4.2
– Direct3D 11
– D3D9
– D3D10
– D3D9 (DX10 compatibility mode)
– D3D11
– D3D11 (DX10 compatibility mode)
– DXGI 1.0
– DXGI 1.1