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* Draw a floor plan of your area, where you need the wireless signal coverage and attach an AP
* Analyze if wireless signal coverage is available
* Analyze the wireless network coverage for your floor plan
* Display and visualize the wireless network coverage with the coverage map
* Change the floor plan dimensions
* Attach APs to the floor plan or the area
* Set and manage your APs’ location
* Create multiple accounts and access them from the website
* Change wireless security settings
* Create and manage schedules and schedules
* Set your computer security settings
* Bring reports of the wireless coverage in different ways
* Analyze propagation condition
* Analyze propagation prediction
* Analyze the AP coverage
* Analyze the virtual network setup
* Analyze the WAP-T configuration
* Connect to the APs with a laptop or mobile device using WLAN or 3G/4G networks
* Analyze the wireless network coverage for a floor plan
* Use APs to generate virtual networks
* Scan WIFI routers
* Collect RSSI data
* Debug: monitor the activities of APs and clients


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* Screen Shots for your deployment:
* Online and offline map creation.
* The ability to add APs to the floor plan.
* A powerful and intuitive interface.
* Adjustable hotspot areas.
* The ability to view the prediction
* Android 2.2 or above
* Kindle (Android Edition) – Android 2.1 and above
* IPhone – iOS3.2 and above
* Windows Phone – Windows Phone 7
* [1.0][x] – First release

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FortiPlanner Crack

Analyze the wireless network coverage.
With FortiPlanner it is easy and fast to construct maps which show the signal coverage in a specific area.
The graphic representation of the signal strength is visual and shows the exact areas where you can place Access Points.
Create a floor plan of the wireless coverage area with fortiPlanner.
Put multiple Access Points on the floor plan and obtain accurate propagation predictions for your Access Points.
Create a planning for your wireless network with fortiPlanner.


Version (2009-12-18)

• Rewritten the installer.
• Added an option to hide the context menu on floor plans.
• Removed the time field from the floor plan drawing tool.
• Fixed an issue in the analysis of the situation.
• Fixed an issue in the floor plan rendering.

Version (2009-12-02)

• Added support for version 9.0 of fortiPlanner.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan drawing tool.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan rendering.
• Added a new tool for the construction of a floor plan.
• Added a new icon for the floor plan drawing tool.
• Fixed an issue with the drawing of floors.
• Improved the installer.

Version (2009-11-29)

• Fixed an issue with the analysis of the situation.
• Fixed an issue in the floor plan rendering.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan drawing tool.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan.
• Added a new document viewer for the analysis of the situation.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan drawing.
• Added the possibility to import ESB and XESB floor plans.
• Changed the name of the various localization files.
• Fixed an issue with the floor plan drawing tool.
• Added the possibility to save a floor plan.
• Added an option to hide the floor plan drawing menu.
• Improved the installer.

Version (2009-11-07)

• Fixed a small error in the floor plan rendering.
• Fixed an issue in the floor plan drawing.
• Updated the installer.

Version (2009-10-29)

• Fixed an issue in the analysis of

What’s New in the?

FortiPlanner is a handy and reliable application which allows you to analyze the wireless network coverage.
The application provides you with performant tools that allow you to create a floor plan of the area you want to cover with wireless signal.
With its intuitive interface, you have the possibility to draw a floor plan of the coverage area, place APs on your floor plan and run a propagation prediction. The main purpose of a propagation prediction is that you will view the signals’ strength throughout the area.
In addition, when the signal strength is high, FortiPlanner will display a green color. If not, you will view yellow and orange to red colors.


The fastest way to check coverage is to use Fm’s v2.1 antenna analyzer:

I’ve used it myself and it’s very easy to use.
Here are a couple of tools that could be useful:

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System Requirements For FortiPlanner:

Mac OS X 10.7 or later
2GHz processor
16GB free disk space
Windows XP or later
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