Hotel Pro Incl Product Key

Promote your hotel and generate more bookings.
Manage everything in one place: check-in, check-out, guest management, credit card processing, mail, reports, and more.
Now you can enjoy cutting edge features that add more value to your hotel’s business and reduce staff time spent keeping track of things manually.
Features include:
• Bookings & Reservation System
• Walk-in Bookings/Check-in
• Unrestricted Access to Reservation System
• An intuitive browser interface
• Ease of Ordering
• Flexible Reporting
• Full reporting capabilities
• Secure payments with a merchant account
• Group Management and Group Calculation
• Full on-line help and support
• Integration with Call Accounting Software
• Integration with Inventory Management Software for Hotel Inventory
Inventory or rent control, it’s all one system!
■ The merchant account is paid upon use.
■ You must have an existing account with an existing merchant account to use the payment system,
however, you are free to send us a credit card from our website for that purpose.
Please contact us to get a free merchant account account or if you have any questions.
■ Scanning file size is limited.
■ Multiple Company check-in/out, etc. is not available for the current version.
Hotel Pro Version 3.0 – Must Have:
■ You must have a Windows 8 or later computer to use Hotel Pro.
You can run our application on other operating systems but not recommended.
■ Web browser must be Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari, or Chrome.
■ Java JRE 6 is required.
■ Java Virtual Machine is required.
Hotel Pro Version 3.0 Beta:
■ You must have Windows 7, Vista or Windows XP with SP1 installed with Internet Explorer, Fire Fox, Safari or Chrome.
■ Windows 7/Vista – Service Pack 1 is required.
■ Java JRE 6 and Java Virtual Machine is required.
■ Java 8 is required.
Hotel Pro Free download:

Hotel Pro Webinar:

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Hotel Pro is a professional hotel, motel, B&B management software solution that provides the following features:
■ Reservations, Walks-ins, Arrivals, and Departures
■ Inclusive reports of revenue, occupancy rates, room rent, and much more
■ Manage visitors via visits, phone calls, and room charges
■ Upcoming tasks, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly reports
■ Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports
■ Postimary management report
■ Continuous with call accounting software that maintains detailed accounts of guests’ long distance calls.
■ Call accounting software includes:
■ Call recording and call accounting
■ Call management
■ Call report, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly
■ Calls per room charge
Hotel Pro’s Features:
■ Automated Hotel Management Software:
◦ A full set of features is available to you in just a few clicks of a mouse.
◦ Contact Management Software:
◦ All guests in one place
◦ Direct Billing Software:
◦ Accurate bills to your clients
Hotel Pro’s Manual:
■ Main Menu:
■ Enter by clicking on “Enter New Hotel”, “Enter by category”, “Enter by room”
■ Maintenance Menu:
◦ Reports:
■ Daily Report
■ Weekly Report
■ Monthly Report
■ Yearly Report
Hotel Pro’s Usage:
■ Hotel Pro is designed to make your life easy when it comes to managing your hotel/motel.
■ As a hotel or motel owner, you can utilize this reservation system by managing your stays and communicating directly with your clients.
■ Guests will also be able to send you messages in the application if they wish to.
■ With an outstanding payment system, you can receive payments in cash, check or credit card.
Hotel Pro Quickstart Guide:
■ Download Hotel Pro and install the software on your computer.
■ Access the application through your computer.
■ Begin managing your hotel/motel.
■ The software consists of a built-in tutorial on how to manage a hotel/motel.

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■ Fully Graphical Interface
■ Powerful Features
■ Reports Can Be Made, Export To HTML And Excel.
■ Unit Opened Close To Calendar Year
■ Searchable By Name
■ International Support
Hotel Pro Features:
– Rooms
– Features
– Reports
– Activities
– Calls
– Nodetails
– Statistics
– Items
– All
– Locator
– Building
Hotel Pro Pricing:
$495 – US
$695 – CA
$795 – AU
Additional Features Included:
An HTML report is included
Telephone access is included
Hotel Pro Activation
Log in to the Software by entering the Serial Number or License Key.
Click on the “Update” button and you are good to go.
Watch a video on for assistance

License : ISMS License – License is free for use within a business where hourly
payroll of less than $100,000 is not involved. However, if a business is paying
hourly payroll rates for direct payroll or has hourly rates that are
substantially higher than $100,000 per year, a physical copy of the ISMS
version 3.0
license must be purchased.
Hotel Pro Pricing:
HotelPro has two versions:
Hotel Pro is the basic product. It is the most functional and will accommodate
most operations. All features available in all versions.
Hotel Pro Plus is the deluxe version. It has all features of the basic version
plus a few additional bells and whistles.
Hotel Pro Plus Features:
Hotel Pro Plus
Hotel Pro Plus
(In addition to the features Hotel Pro includes)
AutoHotelProPlus auto-reassign
In-house access to reports
Can assign to users to view
Can have staff view by default
Can have reports be only viewable by staff
Can generate invoices
Gets image from web or local
Makes it easier to update pictures
When you want to close, don’t
Payroll calculation
Installation service
Bug fix reports
HotelProPlus/HotelPro is a better choice for a medium sized operations of between 20 to 1000 rooms.
HotelProPlus/HotelPro is the better choice for larger operations as

What’s New In?

Edit Rooms, Move Guests, Receive Payments and much more.
Hotel Pro has been out for over 6 years and it has grown to be one of the most used hotel management products in the market today. Hotel Pro is compatible with any web browser – it doesn’t require ActiveX, Java, Silverlight or Flash. Read more or Download

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System Requirements:

– Minimum System Requirements – Processor: 4 GB of RAM,
– 16 GB of available space on your hard drive,
– OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8,
– Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8 GHz or better
Windows Vista/7
Windows Vista: – Windows Vista is not supported for creating all-new game worlds. This includes creating landscapes and other non-game objects. – All existing game worlds are fully compatible with Windows Vista. Vista: – Vista is not supported for creating all-new game worlds.