If you are a regular computer user, it is most probably that you have dozens of accounts on numerous websites. Remembering them all is a hassle, especially if the passwords you are using are different and respect the recommendations of security experts. That is why using a password management tool is a must for anyone.
A simpler password manager 
Unlike the popular names in this software category, Password Manager Lite provides an overly simple application to store passwords, one that you could easily place anywhere on the desktop to have one-click access to your credentials.
The application is designed to help you store all the passwords and login information in a single place. In other words, it creates a password vault that you can use to store login information to various webpages.
Add website credentials in your personal vault 
Its small main window displays three fields that you can fill in, namely the website URL, the email you use as username and the password. These three fields form an entry and you can add as many as you want to Password Manager Lite.
Please be aware that the application cannot parse three combinations in your passwords namely #x#, *x* and @X@. An error will occur if you try to store passwords containing one of these sequences of characters.
PIN-protected password database 
As expected, the vault is itself password-protected. Its content is encrypted using the 3DES algorithm and stored locally in a text file.  
You just have to remember a custom PIN code o access your password database. Please make sure you enter a PIN number that you can easily recall, as there is no way to recover it. Once you enter the correct PIN, you should be able to navigate through all the entries using the arrows within the main window.
A plain password vault application 
The keyword to Password Manager Lite is simplicity and ease of use. It creates an encrypted database to store your passwords, protecting it with a PIN. On the downside, unlike more popular password managers out there, it does not allow you to create other types of entries, such as notes, personal information, contact lists, journal entries, and so on. However, if you are looking for a straightforward password manager, this one will do.









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The simplicity of the application is the main advantage it offers. It has a small interface that only displays the three fields you need to fill in to enter a new entry. It relies on a 3DES encryption algorithm to protect your sensitive information.


Password manager applications are not immune to malware and viruses. You should keep that in mind before deciding to use this software. That being said, it uses a simple PIN to protect your vault content. This value is hidden from you and you should not lose it.

Password Manager Pro ( Free)

Description: Password Manager Pro is a free text-based password manager, primarily intended to act as a keychain. You can organize your passwords into hierarchies of “vaults” – similar to how you would look up a file in Windows Explorer. The software supports passwords stored in both UTF-8 encoded and plaintext text files. It supports most popular passwords related searches. Among the features offered by this password manager are:

Online Password Guide: The software presents a table on the screen listing every single password you have.
Online Dictionary: Type the password you want into the editor, and the software will create a synonym for it.
Online Dictionary Search: Type your password, and the software will provide you with a list of synonyms.
Online Phrase Finder: Type your password into the editor, and the software will provide you with a list of relevant phrases.
Password Reuse Checker: Get a list of all the websites that use the same password for several accounts.
Master Password: A randomly selected, strong master password for all your passwords.
Advanced Password Generator: Creates hard-to-crack passwords with a large variety of words and characters.
Offline Password Generator: Generates a random password list of your choosing.
Password Comparer: Checks whether your password is secure against a list of the most popular weak passwords.
Password List Generator: Generates a list of all your existing passwords.


Password manager applications are not immune to malware and viruses. You should keep that in mind before deciding to use this software.


For those who are using Windows you can use KeePass Password Safe, here is a video tutorial:


To add a new password in a.txt file and save the whole entry you can use Notepad++.

Ctrl+H – find/replace
Add “password” and save

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Password Manager Lite Key Features:
Password Manager Lite uses a standard security concept in which the primary database is a text file. This file is encrypted and protected by an eight-digit PIN or Password. 
You can choose from up to 10 different Password for security reasons. Password Manager Lite uses complex encryption methods with special rules for each password.
The cleartext password can only be retrieved using the Password. An ‘Available’ message will appear on the Password field.
You can add up to 10 different websites URLs and Email addresses. Password Manager Lite limits you to a maximum of 200 entries for security reasons.
Unique for Password Manager Lite, a ‘Vault’ function provides you with an extra layer of security. Once you enter your Password for the Vault, Password Manager Lite adds an extra layer of protection using a three-part password where you have to enter the Vault Password, Password Manager Lite Password and a retry code.
Once you enter the correct Password for the Vault, Password Manager Lite will not accept any further entries until you are finished with your current entry or changed the Password.
You can provide different PINs to each of your Password fields and use them with the ‘Vault’ function.
Password Manager Lite in various countries:
※ Subject to the present compatibility among countries※ “Password” – Password manager is a generic term. In Korea and Japan, it is called “Google” or “Naver”.※ “Google” – Google Korea is a Korean trademark. Google Korea Inc. is headquartered in No. 103 and 103B, Yeongdo-Gu, Incheon. [ja]
* Mac OS X Lion and higher 
* Windows 10 and higher 

* Mac OS X 
* Windows 

I feel sorry that I don’t use this software, but I hear too many horror stories about it. It has a lot of basic functionality and is easy to use. It is a functional app that does a good job. If you’re looking for a simple, free, basic, and easy to use password manager, then the Password Manager Lite is a good choice.








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Simple, easy to use application.
Plain password vault application.
Allows you to store only one website per entry.
Stores passwords as plain text.
The World’s First and Easiest Password Manager.
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What’s New In?

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This is a great utility for your home PC that will allow you to create a private browsing session and speed up browsing. It provides an additional layer of security for your Internet activity. This software will protect your personal information and help keep your online web activity private by offering privacy options.
The program is free, and you can use it for as long as you want without being charged for services.
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-The program is free, and you can use it for as long as you want without being charged for services
-Protects your personal information and privacy with strong encryption
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