This is the portable edition of Free Internet Window Washer, an easy-to-use application which can automatically delete web browser and system traces, along with other unnecessary data found in some applications.
It enables users to clear history browsing (a feature which comes in handy when sharing the PC with multiple users) as well as to recover space on the HDD.
Since installation is not a prerequisite, you can drop the program files in any location on the disk and just click the executable to run.
It is also possible to save Free Internet Window Washer to a USB storage device or other similar removable unit, in order to run it on any machine without previous installers.
An important aspect to take into account is that the Windows registry does not get updated with new entries, and files are not left behind on the hard disk after removing the program.
The interface is made from a simple window with a plain layout, where you can get started by specifying the types of items to delete, from the “Wash Settings” area. They focus on Windows (e.g. recent documents, temporary files, menu order cache, MS Office), browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Netscape) and various apps (e.g. 7-ZIP, ACDSee, WinRAR). It is possible to include custom items as well.
Before starting to clean files you can view the total entries and size for each selected area. Other options of Free Internet Window Washer let you view history and disable apps which automatically run at system startup.
As far as program settings are concerned, you can set Free Internet Window Washer to autorun at Windows boot, delete without confirmation, verify a user-defined password when running it, overwrite cleared files up to ten times, run scheduled tasks and clean at system startup, as well as assign a master key for hiding browser windows.
We have noticed a minimum CPU and RAM consumption during the utility's runtime. It is very responsive to commands and carries out a cleaning job rapidly and error-free. Apart from the outdated interface, Free Internet Window Washer should please all types of users looking for a fast and effective cleaning tool.


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Portable Free Internet Window Washer 3.6.1 Download

Free Internet Window Washer Features:

Powershell, Bash. You can clean files in PowerShell(64bit) or Bash(64bit)

Bypass Windows 10 Safety features

With 7zip, Winrar, Winzip, WinISO, w7 etc.

Auto RUN or Auto Start at Windows Startup

Multiple languages supported

Not for home use, not for data security

Clear Internet Explorer, Windows, MS Office, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Windows app cache, recent documents, temporary files and more

The PC games which are not yours may cause errors if the game disk or hard disk data is dumped into the recycle bin. This is because the recycling bin is set to delete only the files which have the same user name as the executable.

The repair utility is unable to repair the damaged registry entries if you have not backed up the files in the boot partition.

If you have a lot of important data that you don’t want to lose, you should use the backup/restore feature of Free Internet Window Washer to back up the files before you clean the system.

Free Internet Window Washer Removing Wizard is an easy-to-use software tool that offers a fast and user-friendly way to scan and scan individual or multiple items for the presence of unnecessary, junk and temporary files on the hard disk drive and remove them. The utility can also easily identify and remove the temporary Internet files, Internet recycle bin files, startup programs, IE Favorites, bookmarks and Windows browsing history. The program is built with a clean user interface, which is easy to use even for those who are not that familiar with Windows operating system.

Please be aware that if you want to remove the unwanted files by this utility, you should be sure that you have the enough free space available on your hard disk drive. There are many other ways to increase the hard drive space if you do not want to perform a system clean up. You can try to shrink the partition using tools like Clonezilla, WinPartition, Carbon Copy Cloner or Partition Magic.

The utility is designed for Linux/Unix users, and it works on the Linux/Unix based operating system such as Linux, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, etc. Thus, in order to run Free Internet Window Washer on the Linux/Unix platform, you need to have the preinstalled package of GNU tools, and you need to download and install the GNU/Linux version of the

Portable Free Internet Window Washer 3.6.1 [Win/Mac] [Updated-2022]

Free Internet Window Washer is a portable tool designed to quickly clean up Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and other browser caches and records.

Additionally, the program can free up space on the hard disk and can even delete browser histories for all the selected browsers (IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera).
If you want the program to delete more than one browser history at the same time, Free Internet Window Washer enables you to select which part of the browser you want to clear.
It is easy to manage your browsing experience by easily adding, removing, and rearranging your favorite applications (WinRAR, WinZip, ACDSee, 7-Zip, Peapod, Mail-Startup, Winre, etc.).
Additionally, it is possible to make the program autorun at Windows start, automatically clean when you log in, display a password dialog at startup, verify a user-defined password when running it, or set it to run at system startup.
As for the settings, you can define the order of listed areas in the program, assign a master password for hiding browser windows, select which browser windows to delete, specify apps that should run at the system startup, and much more.
You can also set the program to delete the selected items without confirmation, overwrite cleared files up to a certain number of times, overwrite cleared files up to a certain time, keep one screenshot from each computer of your network, and do many other actions.
Free Internet Window Washer icon is extremely small and looks neat. The program helps you to clean your browser, system and applications. When it runs, you can see the list of items to remove and the total size of each one. Every item is checked and categorized. You have the choice of launching the program at Windows startup or not.

Free Internet Window Washer uses the following features:
• Cleans junk files from Windows, browsers, apps and other programs.
• You can choose to delete files more than once.
• Delete browser history with one click.
• You can select a file or folder and delete it.
• You can select multiple files or folders and delete them simultaneously.
• Allows you to take a screenshot after a cleaning.
• You can delete log files and automatic programs.
• You can run the program at startup or not.
• You can verify the password of the program.
• It cleans Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, and other browsers like Netscape, AOL

Portable Free Internet Window Washer 3.6.1 With Product Key Download [Latest-2022]

Free Internet Window Washer is an effective cleaning software which can safely and easily delete web browser history, temporary Internet files, system files, unused data in apps, emails, RSS feeds and more.
Free Internet Window Washer is very easy-to-use, you don’t need to learn a lot to use it, just double-click the file icon to start and you are all set.
Our tool is very fast in cleaning browser history, temporary Internet files, system files and much more. Free Internet Window Washer is safe and easy to use, it won’t delete any important data or create any unnecessary files.

Cleaning large amounts of Windows data has become far easier with Windows Housekeeper.
With this software, you can effortlessly clean temporary files, browsing history, installed programs, printer settings and many other items.
With its powerful functions and simple interface, Windows Housekeeper is sure to please a large variety of users, from casual users to computer experts.
Key features
• Clean all or single-app data in seconds with a few clicks
• Quickly clean and find common data like installed programs, browsing history and clipboard
• Clean browser history by date, time, file and web address
• Clean cookies, typed passwords, search history and more
• Create custom searches to quickly clean data
• Clean temporary files, system files, printer settings and more
• Adjust settings according to your preferences
• Support websites to update data automatically
• Clean any Windows registry item
• Displays detailed info and cleaners list
• Allows you to clean multiple items at once
• Display program context menu
• Remove uninstall records to hide program details
• Run scheduled jobs to clean after restart
• Supports English, French, Spanish, Russian and Hungarian languages
• Supports all Windows versions (including Windows 8 and Windows 7 x64)
How to Use Windows Housekeeper
Download Windows Housekeeper from the link below.
Install the program.
Double-click the program icon to run Windows Housekeeper.
Select the data to be cleaned (all, single app, or more) and click on the OK button to start cleaning.
When you are done, click the OK button to finish. You will get a log of the action performed.
From the log, you can find which items and how much space they used.
When you are done with the program, close it.
Pay attention to the version of Windows you are using: our program has been tested on Windows 10 and it worked

What’s New In Portable Free Internet Window Washer?

Windows Washer is a program that was carefully designed to automatically delete files from your hard drive, including temporary internet files.
It is not a registry cleaner, but it will help remove the clutter and junk files from your computer.
It is fast, easy to use, and takes all the hassle out of finding and removing the junk files from your computer. Windows Washer comes with a helpful built-in interface, so you can easily set it up to clean different portions of your computer on a regular basis.
You can get rid of temporary files, browser history and temporary internet files all in one go. You can set Windows Washer to run on system boot, to delete files without confirmation, or schedule it to run automatically.
Now, you can recover hard drive space. Just download Windows Washer to recover free space on your hard drive.
Free Internet Window Washer Features:
* Clean browser history, temporary internet files, and cookies.
* Delete browser history, temporary internet files, and cookies.
* Delete email files, temporary internet files, and cookies.
* Remove temporary internet files, cookies, and cache.
* Remove file browser history.
* Remove automatic startup programs.
* Remove history from Internet Explorer and Firefox.
* Remove system cache and free up space.
* Remove unwanted cookies.
* Recover hard drive space.
* Recycle drive and reclaim space.
Windows Washer
* Clean History
* Delete Login Data
* Delete Email Data
* Delete Temporary Internet Files
* Delete Temporary Files
* Delete Cookie
* Clean Cache
* Clean Password Protected Files
* Clean Password Protected Tapes
* Clean Temp Internet Files
* Delete Desktop
* Delete Scheduled Programs
* Remove Default Start-up
* Remove Startup Programs
* Remove Program Stuck on Startup
* Delete Internet Programs
* Delete Start-up Programs
* Remove Data
* Remove Updates
* Remove Black Market Stuff
* Remove Windows All-in-one Utilities
* Remove Online Utilities
* Remove Other Homegrown Apps
* Remove Email Crap
* Remove Pc Viewers
* Remove Remove Software
* Remove E-commerce Apps
* Remove Screensavers
* Remove Maintenance Utilities
* Remove Manuals
* Remove Demo Software
* Remove Three Dimensional Toys
* Remove Hidden Files
* Remove Photo Viewer
* Remove Other Specific Pc Apps
* Remove Security Utilities
* Remove Distraction Utilities
* Remove Languages

System Requirements For Portable Free Internet Window Washer:

Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
Windows v7 or later
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or later
Java Runtime Environment 6 or later (Mac and Windows)
Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or later
Google Chrome or later
Maximum number of players: 16
Minimum system requirements