Timers is a time tracking program. It is located in the system tray at the bottom right hand corner of the screen, next to the system clock.
Timer features can be accessed by left or right clicking on the timer Icon.
This program allows you to set multiple stopwatch like timers. Each timer can be set to count up or down and the times can be saved.







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– Count up or down Timers Cracked Accounts
– Add stopwatch like timers
– Each timer can be set to count up or down and the times can be saved
– Shows the minutes, hours, days or weeks for each timer
– Option to hide the display of timer times
– Option to set milliseconds timer
– Option to choose the background color
– Option to choose a background image
– Option to auto start on clicking the icon
– Reset all timers button
– Recalculate time
– Can be pinned to taskbar
– Start, End, Reset and Recalculate buttons to right of time field
– Date and time can be automatically synchronized to the system clock
– User name and company logo can be assigned to each timer.
– Autorun of the program can be enabled or disabled.
– Schedule timers
– Ability to choose the interval between timer starts

What’s New
Version 1.1
– Added Color option for background color
– Fixed displaying two times in a row

The system restore point ‘System Restore’ is the very last point of time to restore the system in case of an error or virus attack. Thus it should be fixed even if the system is working fine.

Microsoft Windows Security Center is a very useful and powerful tool built into Windows Vista. It is a service packed with various useful features like:

It is easy to use. Just fire up the wizard and choose the protection type you want to apply to your computer and click Apply. You can also select additional users in case you need to apply different protection levels to different users.

You can also upgrade the service from within the service.

The Microsoft Security Center service as well as the other Vista features are secure by design and can be disabled by the user.

However, the tool can be useful in a few situations. When the program detects possible malicious activity going on in the system, it logs the information in the Windows System log. In case the user doesn’t want such warnings being logged, they can simply press ‘disable’ in the program’s main window.

Second, it can be used by the user when necessary. For example, if the user believes someone else has gone in and changed some settings without informing them, they can use the program to look through all the available settings.

It is also an extremely powerful tool for the user. For example, if it finds something unusual going on, it will alert the user in the form of a

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The free Microsoft® Office 2010 word add-in.docxviewer provides powerful text search and text recognition capabilities that are not part of the standard Microsoft® Office 2010 product. It supports OpenType™ fonts, keyboard shortcuts, and extended text and character formatting. With this tool you can view and edit OLE 2 embedded word processor (e-word) files and Microsoft® Office Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) files. The.docxviewer plug-in is part of the Microsoft® Office 2010 product.

Advanced Find is an extension for Mozilla® Firefox. It is a powerful free Find Usagemark™ (yahoo usagemark finder) and a powerful license manager.
Advanced Find features include:
1. A convenient search-bar at the top of the window to easily access the license manager, and a list of found matches below it.
2. A quick list of filtered licenses within the search-bar.
3. A list of found licenses within the search-bar.
4. Licenses can be quickly “uninstalled” if no longer needed.
5. The license (keyword) can be copied into the clipboard directly.
6. The license can be run in your web browser (in the course of searching).
7. The license can be run in a handy external program.
8. The license can be run in Firefox directly.
9. The license can be added to the Firefox toolbar.
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12. The license can be tagged to the Firefox side panel.
13. The license can be tagged to the bookmark.
14. The license can be shared with other people via social network tools (fri.eklov/advancedfind).

What is an URL shortener? Basically, a URL shortener is a program that allows you to shorten web links. In other words, it’s a bit like Bit.Ly or Tw.it. This allows you to shorten a URL without having to type the full address. This type of link is often used as a bookmark, for example.
But how does a URL shortener work? ShortenURL is a free URL shortener that can be used for a variety of tasks. It’s a very simple program to use, so the following

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Timers can be set to countdown. Each timer can be set up to count up or down. To speed up the counting a specific time value can be supplied in millisecond. All time values are shown in a human readable format.
To see the countdown a progress bar will be shown. At the beginning of a countdown or a stopwatch you can get additional information on the start time and time values of your timer by clicking on the small wheel next to the timer. Clicking on the wheel will display a small tooltip information window with the first and last time shown in seconds and the total time in the form of a human readable time value. If the timer is set to countdown the tooltip will show the time remaining if a stopwatch is chosen the tooltip will show the total remaining time.
Timers History and Action support:
Timers can be saved and show up again when started. Also the timer time history can be shown in the menu.
Timer Time history can be shown by clicking on the hyperlink in the menu or by clicking on the small wheel next to the timer.
The time history can be saved to a txt file and loaded again.
Each time you start timer, it will count up or down by one. This can be set with the ‘countUp’ and ‘countDown’ options in the menu.
Timer settings can be modified from the settings submenu of the menu.
Timers can be grouped by left or right clicking.
The menu of the timer can be used to show or hide this menu.
A real time or millisecond timer can be selected by right clicking on the timer icon.
If the time of a timer is set to countdown the count up time of the timer will be shown in the tooltip. This time is always displayed in seconds and the tooltip will show the zero second or millisecond.

Web Timer is an internet time/date log presenter/capturer. This program gives you the possibility to record, save and get the list of all recorded log and websites from a list of sites you specify. Web Timer can capture and log the log of up to 12 websites that contains: user name, IP, date, time, status of the record.
Web Timer description:
Web Timer is a simple internet clock, which saves all sites you visits into a log.
You will specify a URL list in the format of

What’s New in the Timers?

This is a very well programmed and easy to use time tracking and expense management program. It works with Microsoft Money and Microsoft Excel, but not as well with any other software.

Timer Classic Edition is easy to use and highly feature rich time tracking program. The main screen can be customized and fully personalizable. It is user friendly and has a lot of features.

The program allows you to setup employee time and you can attach an expense code. This allows for a user friendly way to track time and expenses. You can automatically clock in/out on your computer. You can also clock in/out on a timer and the time clock can be turned on automatically when the computer starts.

The main screen is made up of three panes. The left two panes show your time and expenses while the third pane displays more detailed information such as the timer settings, the money trail and logbook.

The main screen can be customized to your liking. You can easily add items to the main screen by clicking on its icon. Items can be set as icons, text only or as icons with text. Setting the items as icons only is always a good idea to save desktop real estate.

You can set the Main screen to remember your settings after a computer restart. You can also set the main screen to remember the last time you saved.

You can attach an expense code in multiple ways. First you can add an expense code to your employee record. You can then also attach an expense code to the time entry. If you don’t attach an expense code to the time entry the system can attach a default expense code automatically to that entry. You can also modify this behavior by changing the default expense code in the settings.

The time entry can be set to make it time and date stamped automatically. You can also leave the time entry to be manually time stamped. You can make it so that the time entry can only be clocked in once per day.

The main screen can display a running total of all time entries. You can only turn this on or off in the settings.

You can change the user interface language. This will be remembered on the next restart.

Item Description:

This is an all in one time tracking program. It has an internal clock, employee manager, expense manager, receipts manager and report manager.

Employee time can be tracked, recorded and analyzed with this program. You can use it to keep track of your employees time,

System Requirements:

Intel® Core™ i7 or equivalent
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA® GTX 970 or equivalent
Windows® 7 or equivalent
Internet connection
Hard drive space: 400 MB
MacOS® 10.11.4 or equivalent
Linux* OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Steering Wheel Displays:
Two (2) Sony eye-tracking displays
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