Activator All Windows And Office – Re-loader Activator 2.1 Final


The Activator ActiveX control is a fully customizable mini-screen utility.
The purpose of Activator is to help you personalize your desktop.
You can have all your active shortcuts on the desktop activated by
just clicking a button and making a few adjustments. Activator can also
activate your normally hidden shortcuts so that they are visible on the

Activator runs as a desktop application or as a simple.
Activator is perfectly suited for anyone who needs a solution for the following
Save you time and energy by automatically resizing and maximizing your
If you run a lot of programs simultaneously and you can “shortcut”
to minimize the windows and maximize them in you.
Activator also has a system tray for easy access. Activator
is designed so that it can be used with any operating system.
Let’s take a look at what it does:

1. General

1.1 Optional Tray Icon
When you click the tray icon you can access the main menu of
Activator. Your shortcut program will appear on the menu.
The selection of the program corresponds to the item on the tray.
If there is no shortcut program on the menu, a virtual desktop application is.
The tray icon can be hidden when it is not needed.

1.2 You can start Activator from the tray icon.
It is possible to run the.

1.3 You can set the following options:

1.3.1 Load and restart the ActiveX.

1.3.2 Change the theme.

1.3.3 Change the Icon if not activated automatically.

1.3.4 Load the tray icon as default.

2. Start a shortcut program
When you click on the tray icon, you can start your shortcut program.
Activator can place an icon on the tray icon.

3. View all shortcuts on the desktop.
When you click on the tray icon, all shortcuts are shown.

4. Check if your program supports a tray icon.
If the program runs in tray icon, you can see the icon in the tray icon.

5. Change the tray icon size.
If you have the.

6. Close Activator.
When you click on the tray icon, close the Activator.

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