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MCC 98
MCC 98, also known as M.C.C., was a successor to the M.C.C. 64. The chips were designed to be as compatible as possible to the M.C.C. 64 to maintain backward compatibility, but with better performance. Memory size and game compatibility varied between both chips. The MCC is one of the only WCCs that uses an “M” for its model number (and not a 64), like the Aris M.C.C. 64, M.C.C. 65, M.C.C. 66, and M.C.C. 96.

M.C.C. 98 was an ISA card rather than a PC Card. There were 3 revisions of M.C.C. 98. The M.C.C. 98 was released on June 11, 1998 and discontinued in 1999.


Chip: M.C.C.
Memory size: 32MB.
Memory type: External Video RAM.
RAM size: 16MB.
ROM size: 22B.
ROM type: Built-in.
Sound: None.

Only one game on the M.C.C. 98 was released (Tetris), and was an exclusive to it. Tetris was released in 16-bit and 32-bit varieties; the sound chips made M.C.C. 98 incompatible with the 16-bit variety of Tetris.

Other versions
M.C.C. 10 (PC Card). This was a variant of the main M.C.C. card with an additional 64×16 character LCD controller which provided game and system information. PC Card.

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\??\Program Files\Encore_Electronics\ENLWI-G2.{012E6B5A-2EF7-4447-A735-B41F1A452B01}
Encore Lwi-g2 802.11g Adapter driver.. May 12, 2019
Official Encore Electronics ENLWI-G2 Drivers.. Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11.

Use the following commands in a command window to replace the currently installed driver with a new one:
Check for newer versions:

dir /x /s /a:d *.inf |findstr /C:”‘[DATE]:[VERSION]”

Install the new version:

for /F “tokens=2-3 delims==” %i in (‘dir /x /a:d *.inf’) do if %%i equ %j (set j=%%j) else (call set pj=%%j)
set i=%pj%
mklink /J “C:\Program Files\Encore Electronics\ENLWI-G2” “c:\tmp\enlwi-g2-%i.inf”

If problems are found, uninstall the old version:

set i=%i:~0,-1%
cd \\.\ROOT-MFG\ENLWI-G2\ENLWI-G2.{012E6B5A-2EF7-4447-A735-B41F1A452B01}
rd /s /q ENLWI-G2.{012E6B5A-2EF7-4447-A735-B41F1A452B01}


..\ROOT-MFG\ENLWI-G2 contains the installation files.
cd \\.\ROOT-MFG\ENLWI-G2 copies the installation files to a temporary folder.
dir /x /s /a:d *.inf |findstr /C:”‘[DATE]:[VERSION]”