Half Life Text To Speech: Half Life
There are lots of free TTS synthesizers for Windows available to the public. Due to the open-source nature of these programs, most of them will be present on the Half Life Artworks website. The newer versions of these programs are probably available on some kind of download-sharing site. Half Life tts is a TTS synthesizer by Valve. Download it here.
Half Life Announcer Text To Speech
Half Life TTS Voice Bank
By Tony Horky
Based on the voicebank in SNES Half Life.
Voicebank uses SRD3 format.
License: The files are licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported. To use these files you must credit me on your site. I don’t mind if you want to copy them to your own server or to use as long as you provide credit to me on your site.
How To Do It
1. Download the SRD3 files
2. Upload the SRD3 files to your server, if you use my Site Monitor use the settings below (recommended) to place the files in the same folder as the other files in the site.
Download Links:

Voicebank v4 Download links can be found in the download section.
TTS Software
3. Download the following file and put it in the same directory as the other files. https://www.hellodanes.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/gipsbirt.pdf


TTS-based announcer inspired by Half Life’s announcement system. This project was originally written in 2013 when I was still learning python, so it’s a bit .
Mar 7, 2017
Or maybe it is one of you. 🙂
The source code for the ”’Announcer”’ can be found in the [ Half-Life Files].

12 May 2015
Using this text-to-speech engine (which is a separate program/app) I was able to make the text-to-speech… you know?

Jun 23, 2012
So I have been looking for a working TTS text to speech program. Then I came across a link to and found this app. I downloaded it. It was in english and it worked. I had some trouble identifying specific voices to use and you can choose the kind of voice (male, female, child, etc.)… I ended up choosing the Female account. It worked! I was able to upload a.txt file and just type in any words I wanted. It was very easy to use. But the sound quality was not that good and it had a very high pitch. The text-to-speech sound quality in the Half Life files is great! In fact, when I first downloaded the first.txt file, I couldn’t believe how clear and low-pitch it was. Even though the quality was not great the overall tone of it was incredible. I decided to take a look at the source code because I was hoping to be able to modify the source code to make the voice lower pitched and sound clearer. I ended up finding the.vo file of the announcer from Half-Life 1 and found the.vox recording I was looking for! If you look at the source code you will find some lines that you can edit to lower the pitch (see below).
source code:
VOX Example Text To Speech
Importing a.vox file in Audacity
Audacity Source Code

Sep 9, 2014
I have heard of people “splitting up” the text-to-speech program from their game’s announcement system (Black Mesa’ case). I can’t quite visualize what a TTS program needs in order to play