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Well, even though this game does not feature multiplayer, it is a very entertaining game. Each individual game can be played for quite a long time, as the tension always slowly builds up. The players know each other, and you must also work together to beat the enemy. The setting is fantastic, because of the era of the World War I. It seems like you are playing this in a big-city environment. You can freely move around, and the city is filled with many enemies. You do not know who is friend and who is foe; therefore, you must also be careful. It is also an advantage for the player if you want to make a lot of money. The control consists of two arrows on the screen. Both are used to control the gun. Normally, the first arrow is used to aim and the second arrow is used to fire. However, the player can only fire a rifle if he or she is on top of a building.

You can play with a friend, and you can also play on the same computer. The only difference is that you can play together on two different computers. The game must be installed at the same time, which you must also communicate with the other player. This process does take a long time, as you cannot just start playing right away. It is not possible for the player to wait until the process is completed. You must play directly, if you want to enjoy this game. The game consists of nineteen missions with in-game bonuses. You only start the second mission, but the special bonus. Start the second mission, and you see that the player you controlled in the first mission has joined in the second mission. This game features three different difficulty levels, which are normal, hard, and insane.

The normal difficulty is not really difficult, but the game is a bit too easy. However, the hard difficulty is the hardest, and the insane is as insane as in the title. If you choose a normal difficulty, you may get bored, as you will find yourself to be a bit tired. But if you choose insane, you will be thrilled.

The special bonus consists of three different types of weapons. First of all, you have a machine gun, and you can shoot people even if they are near. Second, you have grenades; you can throw these at the enemy and destroy entire houses. Third, you have the sniper rifle, which you also can aim. But unfortunately, you cannot move at all, as you are to destroy the enemy


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