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A basic knowledge of AutoCAD will help you with any software-related tasks, from simple drafting to advanced workflows. AutoCAD 2019 is one of the most efficient, powerful, and feature-rich CAD packages available today.

AutoCAD is a desktop application used in the following industries: Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Healthcare, Industrial / Manufacturing, Landscape Architecture, Landscape Planning, Landscaping, Plumbing, Structural, and Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV

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Drawing Information

After the CAD application is launched, the user is presented with a screen showing the various drawing tabs and drawing groups. The drawing tabs are for the various sections of a drawing. A drawing can be organized into groups which is a way to relate drawings together. Also, the user can select a particular drawing tab. The drawing tabs are as follows:
The main drawing area is where the user views and manipulates their drawings.
The Properties panel is used for settings which control the look and feel of the drawing.
The User Preferences tab is used to customize the application.
The Model space window displays the 3D view of the drawing in perspective, orthographic, and isometric views.
The Footprint window displays a 2D representation of the drawing.
The Contents panel is used to organize drawing components into groups.
The Utilities panel is used to show/hide utility panels and actions.
The Edit panel is used to make alterations to drawing components.
The Drawing Browser panel is used to load, view, and export drawing components.
The Perspective Camera panel is used to view the drawing as viewed by the camera.
The Properties browser is used to view and configure the Properties panel.
The Reference Browser is used to load other drawing components.
The Computer Browser is used to load other computer-related components.
The Help window provides information about the drawing and the objects on the screen.
The Options window is used to configure all of the drawing settings, including options that affect the performance of the application.

One of the key features in the design of the Windows Interface is to “separate work and data” so that the user can focus on the work (the drawing) and not on the computer’s operating system. This is achieved by using tabs in the drawing window for areas of work (e.g. the drawing view, model view, etc.) and areas for data (e.g. project history, preferences, etc.)

When the user makes a selection, a command is sent to the CAD application. This is reflected in the status bar at the bottom of the window. The status bar is shown as follows:

Status Bar

Key features of the status bar include the following:

Opening/Closing (Ctrl+T) – Open the current document.

Help (F1) – Open the Help window.

Main Tab (Ctrl+M) – Open the main drawing window.

AutoCAD Activation Code [Updated-2022]

Open Autodesk AutoCAD as an Administrator.

Press the Generate and Save keys.
Save it as a.cfg file on your desktop as “Autodesk Generator” in the text format.
Run it as a.cmd file to save the keys on the registry.
When finished, you can delete the registry keys and close Autodesk AutoCAD.

For more information, look at this article:

Usage of the Generator Keys

The generator key will generate a PDF file that can be saved and used as a reference.

The file contains information about the reference, the different layers, the dimensions, the tolerance values, all parameters of the reference, and a quick reference of all the units.

The PDF file is generated in the.pdf format. The file is not a part of the Autocad software, but is a separate file for use with Autocad.

The PDF file contains a set of additional files.

Autocad Key Setup: Autocad’s generator keys are installed automatically with the Autocad 2016 product.

Ticket System Generator: For ticket system.

Autocad Data Generator: For autocad data.

Dimensions Generator: For dimensions.

Point Generator: For point.

Direction Generator: For direction.

Spatial Measurement Generator: For spatial measurement.

Text Generator: For text.

Rectangles Generator: For rectangles.

Angles Generator: For angles.

Tables Generator: For tables.

Bookmark Generator: For bookmark.

Line Generator: For line.

Polygon Generator: For polygon.

Circle Generator: For circle.

Circle Inspector Generator: For circle inspector.

Rectangles Inspector Generator: For rectangles inspector.

Polygons Generator: For polygons.

Polygons Inspector Generator: For polygons inspector.

Circles Generator: For circles.

Circles Inspector Generator: For circles inspector.

Curves Generator: For curves.

Curves Inspector Generator: For curves inspector.

Lines Generator: For lines.

Line Inspector Generator

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Animation mode and multi-viewer:

Re-purpose your drawing as a movie or a movie-like sequence of drawings. Attach additional drawings, change the view, and transform your work into a video. (video: 1:15 min.)


Create sketchy drawing styles that include your drawings and additional layers. Assign one of your sketchy drawing styles to a layer and build on it to create your custom sketch style. (video: 1:15 min.)


Choose the format you prefer, whether it’s PDF or PostScript, and open up your drawing in a PDF or PostScript viewer. (video: 1:18 min.)

Draw more safely, too.

Use safer techniques in the Precision and Shape mode. (video: 1:16 min.)

Auto Save.

Save your drawings automatically, where you want them to be saved and when you want to save them. This lets you save your drawings when you least expect it and eliminates the hassle of creating new drawings every time you want to save your work. (video: 1:22 min.)

And much more.

See all AutoCAD features in one place: Learn how AutoCAD 2023 uses a new drawing system and design tools that can save you time and effort and help your designs reach new heights.

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