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Torrent Kundli Chakra 2012 Professional Crack

Most people just know about the traditional Indian horoscope system—which was based on a “tradition” which actually has no basis. kundli chakra 2012 professional full crack kundli chakra 2012 professional full cracked file kundli chakra 2012 professional full crack.
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Firebase -.replace() url encoding

I am having an issue with a firebase database.
I have a database of items, each item has a reference with a path, what I am trying to do is make a list from these items with their ref, so I use push() method in the for loop and get their path from the values property.
But I want to replace the commas in the url with %2C, so I use the.replace method, but this somehow does nothing to my paths.
If you have any idea about this please say it 🙂
const reference = firebase.database().ref(‘items/’ + id);

reference.once(‘value’, function(snapshot) {
snapshot.forEach(function(child) {
var path = child.key;
path = path.replace(