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Just click the Download button below and you will be redirected to a third-party site where you can choose to download either a Windows installer (.EXE. SWF) file or a standalone installer (.ZIP.RAR.TAR).Environment / health

The World Health Organization defines health as “… the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

Air pollution is a major risk factor for health and developmental outcomes. A large number of studies have documented that exposure to air pollution can contribute to premature mortality, disability or impaired cognitive or other neurological development. It is also widely believed that pollution is a major contributor to the increase in rates of chronic disease worldwide. Exposure to air pollution increases risks of respiratory and other health problems.

Poverty continues to be the greatest barrier to a healthy life for millions of people. It is clearly in the interest of the United States, as well as the world, to improve the quality of life for poor people.

Current Community Action Plan

The Children’s Environmental Health Project (CEHP) supports an economic development and environmental justice campaign. The campaign is a collaboration with the coalition of communities in West Oakland. CEHP was formed through the partnership of the Law Offices of Sidley Austin, the Law Offices of David R. Knox and Dr. Robert S. Loeks.

In the past four years, the CEHP has:

Provided support to COAIA and CBE’s community-based environmental justice health studies

Provided support to the community health center

Developed a coalition of West Oakland residents for community economic development and environmental justice.

Worked with the community to develop a multi-faceted plan that includes environmental, economic development and a public health action plan.

Worked with the coalition to develop a “consolidated community development agreement” that is inclusive of West Oakland residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

Developed a community budget for the coalition.

Developed a strategic plan for the next four years.

Website for the CEHP:

[Knoll UnMult Plugin] for CS6.. Depth of field with Knoll UnMult by Jennifer Dunne.
Sverige Snygg – Kontakt – Belgien – Belgio「わがまじめでかわいい!」

2019年6月に発売予定のアニメーションソング「Oh My My My!」の新収録曲「てーきゅ~ぐれえうのおけえ!」が、発売予定日に初代がリリースされたのが日本では2020年1月8日、東京では2020年2月7日、となっています。


ポスターが披露された東京は現地時間に控えており、公式Twitterアカウントではポスターの販売のほか「Oh My My My!」のサポートコード販売が決定したなど話題もありました。

林健吾が演じた「Oh My My My!」シリーズのキャラクターを堪能できれば、