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Category:Films with screenplays by Nicholas SparksAs I was commenting to Gary Wilton, and, I think, to Joe Wilson, this writing is in part an expression of disbelief at the “official” story we have been told and a lament that someone did not play a more constructive role in the S&S session. The latest conspiracy theory I have encountered is that McClellan, the VP of the house, was fed false information by S.R. Pelletier, the R Member. Having either read or heard this, I would ask anyone who adopts it to do some careful reading into the agenda of the R Member. Here is a Wikipedia link:

I have listened to some of the R Member’s speeches (for example, Transcripts of the R Member:2008 and Transcripts of the R Member:2010) and I have come to the conclusion that Pelletier is not an idiot. His speeches are consistently, carefully crafted and delivered. In particular, I am struck by how much time he spends on the importance of keeping the Speaker and (presumably) the Chief House Whip (e.g., Energy Policy Committee; Energy and Commerce; Rules; etc.) informed of all major committee decisions. Also, his speeches consistently include what he sees as a running theme: Thank you to the members who support the R Member. Thank you to the media for keeping the speeches and other R Member communications out there. Thank you to S&S for putting up the transcripts of the House. And, most of all, thank you to the Members of the House.

I also think that Pelletier’s speeches show that he is thoughtful and aware of the public discourse. He does not take advantage of any points of opportunity, nor is he afraid to confront the Speaker with a point of order against the Chief House Whip. Note that he personally said “Have you given any thought to the consequences of this??” in response to the Speaker’s statement regarding

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The Notebook (2004) (Blu-ray) | Dvd Review and Rating
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