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Engine Emissions Diagnostic Device software error – lenovo ideapad yoga x and windows 7 Aug 16, 2015 Tech Tool MicroPod POD 2.0 Onboard 2.0 6 GHz Wi-TECH Diagnostic and Communication Center sTec. wiTECH/UPADTECH POD 2.0 is a free software for your PC or laptop. With the 2.0 version of the POD software, you can fully take advantage of all the new features that the POD has to offer. . 1. Download POD 2.0’s installation file using the button below. . 2. Double click on the downloaded setup file to start the software installation. Oct 25, 2019 Before Installation: Disable Antivirus Protection: For all versions of POD 2.0 save the file on the Desktop at the location d:\program files\wiTECH Diagnostics Software\POD 2.0. By deleting POD2.0_UPADTECH_DATA from the desktop, you will allow AutoIt to run on your PC. You will then need to restart the PC before you attempt to install POD 2.0. . Aug 02, 2019 MicroPOD V.1.1.1 has a problem that requires a registry edit to fix. Please follow the below steps to fix it. 1. Save a file named reg.reg to the same location as MicroPOD V.1.1.1 2. Run reg.reg to open the “Windows Registry Editor” 3. From the file menu, locate the key “HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WiTECH\Micropod\1.1.1\1.1.1” 4. Click “Edit (M)” 5. Locate “IniData” 6. Right click on the “IniData” box and select “Delete” 7. Press OK to save and exit the Windows Registry Editor 8. Open the reg.reg file you saved earlier and at the end of the file enter the following: note: the system error number is listed at the end of the string that follows the Edit number “0xc0000409” Simply save the file to the same location you saved the MicroPOD V.1.1.1 and run it. If it runs

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