Azureus Stats Basic was developed to be a simpler version of my other Azureus gadget, it has no flyout and just shows current download and upload speed, aswell as amount of torrrents downloading and uploading.







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This small gadget is for people who do not need a more complex version of Azureus, all you need is a download manager and an up/download meter to watch your downloads and uploads. Some features: * Up/Download meter * Specify the time for which the stats are displayed * Automatic refresh rate * Simple, compact design * No flyout * Compact tabbed interface * Resolution independent (yes, the gadget is retina ready) * No need to be on the home page * Detailed statistics including bandwidth and packet loss * Times are displayed in the same unit as the ISP limit * Passive downloads still count * Uses the API to check if your ISP is blocking all ports * Displays information about the current bandwidth limit, if available * Does not need files for downloading * Configurable to show either parallel or sequential numbers * Uses API for updating, so you dont have to restart your browser * Uses no Html, so no page reloads * Works on almost all websites * Supports multiple servers * Supports multiple downloads * Supports multiple torrents in each download * Supports regex downloads The last version is still available at and still works well (apart from not storing your setting), but the openSUSE project has shifted to the new libtorrent system, which means its no longer possible to build a portable version without fixing all the stuff. Description of my Azureus base client is available here: Basic-Azureus.scss uses the following packages: * font-awesome-4.0.3 ( * jQuery ( * Resize.js ( * Bootstrap ( * uTorrent * Font-Awesome ( * jQuery library ( * ipd.js ( * postcss ( *.coffeekup.core ( *.coffeekup.theme-spritem

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Azureus Stats Basic Torrent Download is a simple Azureus gadget. It shows the current download speed and upload speed for torrents and the amount of currently downloading and uploading torrents. It does not have the flyout and tasksbar, so don’t mind that. It’s just supposed to give you current and past information for Azureus and other BitTorrent clients. Azureus Stats Basic Full Crack Features: * Shows current download and upload speed * Shows the amount of currently downloading and uploading torrents * Is translucent, so you can see the Azureus window underneath. * Very small size, but still as a gadget. * Has the needed permissions for the Azureus process and the Azureus status. * Icon included. Azureus Stats Basic Requirements: * Windows. * Just run, it’s a bit of an annoyance to try and get it to install as a gadget. * Azureus users who want the Azureus Stats Basic gadget. Azureus Stats Basic Help: * Click here to get help * Copy the addon.xml from the zip into your Azureus folder. * You must have the Azureus package (which is located at C:\Program Files\Azureus2) in order to install this gadget. VueScan Device Scanner is an easy-to-use system and document scanner, which can be deployed as an application or as service, and includes a scanning engine that can quickly scan and convert millions of files to PDF and more… PDFdroid is the perfect tool for everyone who wants to work with PDF files, be it professionals, personal users or students. You can see PDF documents from all popular Internet browsers on desktop, android and iPhone/iPad easily! The Microsoft Office 2010 Pathogen is one of the most widely used document converters for all Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista users. With Microsoft Office 2010 Pathogen, you can easily convert 100 documents in 1 second, up to 50,000 at a time. The new Silk Developer is a compact versatile tool with many features for creating and editing HTML, HMTL5, JSON and JavaScript, the designer interface is also very similar to Illustrator, which makes it very easy to use for both beginners An extensive feature rich professional PDF editor, PDF Assistant is faster than Adobe Acrobat, cheaper than Adobe Acrobat and simpler to use than other free PDF editors. All the capabilities that you have come to expect 91bb86ccfa

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Azureus Stats Basic is a simple gadget which shows the current download and upload speed, and how many torrents are downloading and uploading. It does not show the percent complete of the torrent files. You cannot change any of the settings directly. Instead, the settings are stored inside an XML file. When you start the tool, it loads the settings from the XML file. Azureus Stats Basic Features: So far the features I am aware of are: – Single instance – Based on the Azureus GPL source – Shows current bandwidth, download/upload speeds, downloads and uploads per torrent – 1 config file – Doesn’t require a flyout What would be nice is to be able to change the logo, change the font, and change the size of the current speed text. The config file could be better. I would like to be able to simply specify a location for the settings.xml instead of me having to edit it every time I change something. More is needed though! Changes: 1.2.0: – Config file moved to Azureus Filesystem. It can now be located in the same directory as the program or in any subdirectory. This allows to set a different location to read the settings. – Changed how the gadget is started. The settings are now read from an XML file. This allows me to make changes without having to change the code – New command line parameter: –path – New command line parameter: –config – Changed logging mechanism – Removed the old tooltips 1.1.2: – Updated the license. 1.1.1: – Fixed a bug where the gadget would not start if the Azureus Filesystem was not accessable. 1.1: – Changed to a new logging mechanism. It’s been modified to be much more loggable – Fixed a bug where the gadget would not start – Added localization support. The new localization files are located in the following directory: [Program Files]\Azureus\ThemeTools\azureus_stats – Removed the old logo. It’s difficult to find a proper logo – Updated the license: GPL – Removed the log entry about starting the gadget. It’s no longer needed – Removed the icon used in Vista – Fixed a bug where the torrents were not be showed when opening the file through another torrent program – Removed a possible security

What’s New in the?

Downloads / Uploads : Your current rate Paused : Your current rate Rate : Your average rate in Mbps in last 3 minutes. Paused Torrents : The number of paused torrents. Peers: The number of peers Active Peers : The number of active peers First Visit: The date your first session was completed in local time. Time Zone: The time zone your time is set to. Gadget Status: An indication of what is going on with the gadget Zip File: The zip you have just downloaded from Azureus Source Zip : The source zip you have torrent files downloaded from. Archive Size: The size of the archive you have just downloaded Statistics will show continuously. Statistics will update only when you press F5 or Ctrl+R, and statistics update every 10 seconds. Azureus Stats Basic Instructions: 1) Download, extract and install the Azureus Stats Basic gadget. 2) Right Click on the Azureus Stats Basic widget, click properties. 3) Navigate to the “Application” tab, and enter your Azureus URL. 4) For the “Application Name” input, enter Azureus Stats Basic, without the quotes. 5) Press ok and close the properties window. 6) Drag and drop the gadget to your desktop, or any other place you want. 7) If you like to have it shown beside your clock, or any other time you want it to appear, you can right click the gadget and select “Properties”, then “Customize”. You can change the size of the gadget from there. 8) You may have problems with your torrent’s remaining pause time. When pause time is 0, statistics won’t update. To prevent this, you should “Pause” your torrents before you stop torrenting them. You can see the source code in the “Website” tab, once you press “Open In Source Code” you will automatically be given download access to the source code. Note that I haven’t compiled this for either MacOS or Linux yet, and it is not working in it’s current form. My installation only works in Windows at the moment. If you have any questions about this program or how it works, please visit the website and report it here. Feedback If you have any comments or suggestions for improvements, please visit the feedback forum

System Requirements For Azureus Stats Basic:

Minimum: OS: Windows 7 / Windows 8 Processor: Dual core CPU @ 1.8GHz or equivalent Memory: 1GB RAM Graphics: 512MB DirectX: Version 11 Network: Broadband internet connection Hard Disk: 20GB available space Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible, and stereo 7.1 Recommended: Processor: Quad core CPU @ 2.3GHz or equivalent Memory: 2GB RAM