But how does this process work, and what data does it capture? To find out, we asked HyperMotion Technology consultant and experienced football coach Rob Maskell, who holds a Master’s degree in Sports Coaching from Coventry University, to explain. This tutorial is based on his explanations. IMG_0004 IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 The human body moves in the same way as a rugby union winger. Think about the movements of a rugby winger. He cuts through the defence, accelerates to gain speed and then crosses the ball into the penalty area. Within the game, these movements are called ‘jog-and-run’, and the real-life data recorded at the match is used to reflect player performance in the simulation. The motion capture data collected is a representation of how the player moves, in more detail, but in a more subtle manner. By matching the player’s motions with the corresponding player action in the game, the data can provide a greater insight into what a player is doing on the pitch. For example, take a look at the following sample of images, which are all examples of ‘jog-and-run’ movements from a different player in a match: Kicking at the ball before taking it, dribbling at speed, turning and accelerating – there are endless ways that a player can move on the pitch. By using data in this way, playing modes can provide a closer insight into how well players are performing on the pitch. IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011 IMG_0012 IMG_0013 IMG_0014 The process by which the data is captured by the motion capture suits was explained by Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Digital Artist Systems, Gary Thorne: “By tracking players with various sensors in motion capture suits, it allows for players to run, sprint, turn, kick, shoot, fake, dribble etc in a controlled environment. This data is then written to server and processed by the engine in-game. Players have been able to achieve lower limb injuries after being placed in a stationary position for an extended time, particularly during a period of 3+ months in a training environment. We advise our players to stay active and


Features Key:

  • Introducing “HyperMotion Technology.
  • True Player Contract.
  • New contract system in Career Mode.
  • Rookies and a new draft system.
  • Closer inter-club play in Create-A-Club. Hierteams are more likely to get tangled up.
  • New fatigue-based injuries.


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Football (sometimes called soccer, gridiron or futbol) is a world-wide sport that is played by at least five billion people around the world. Some of the most popular teams and players are from the U.K., Germany, Italy, Argentina, Mexico, and Spain. The biggest and most important football (or soccer) leagues are the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, the Italian Serie A, the German Bundesliga, and the French Ligue 1. Football involves ten players on the field, but only four can play at one time. These four, who play a combination of offense and defense, are referred to as “11’s.” There are 11 players on the field at the start of each play, and eleven players are subbed out during the course of a game. The game of soccer is unique because players can catch a ball with their hands, their feet, and their head. For example, when a goalkeeper catches a ball with his hands, he can play it back to a teammate, kick it to a teammate from a distance, or he can throw the ball at an opponent from behind or over his opponent’s head. When a foot is used, the player catches a pass with his foot and can dribble the ball by playing it around an opponent. A dribble is often referred to as a “shot” or a “heel” or “roulette.” In addition, headers can be used as well. If a player presses his head against the ball and it stays there for a couple of seconds, the player can chip it. This is different from a “scored” goal in that there are four players who are actively competing for the ball at the same time. How is the ball controlled? The ball is square and weighs about 13 ounces (350 grams). It is very “sticky,” and players will try to push the ball with their hands, feet, or head. Players can form a line of passes with one another. For example, when a player receives the ball, he can play it forward to one of his teammates. He can also turn around and play the ball backwards to his teammates, or turn around and play the ball to an opponent from the other side. If a player wants to hit the ball with his feet, he can step out of the line of passes and give himself a slant with his feet. If the ball leaves a player’s feet, it is said to have been “cleared.” bc9d6d6daa


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U.S. Men’s National Team – Build and manage your own Ultimate Team of 16 players, then compete against others in Online Seasons and on the go in My Club. FUT Draft – Play up to 32 matches online in a season. Select your team, make your trades and start a match. Build your dream team by drafting real players based on your club’s previous performance in FUT Draft. MyClub – This year’s FIFA features a brand new mode called MyClub. Build your dream squad and dream stadium, get in the game and play matches, then find your way through the ranks to prove yourself as a pro. Compete for trophies and play in amazing stadiums around the world. Superstar Mode – Get personal with 90 international and club legends who are now playable, and enjoy the opportunity to create personalised player signatures, unique celebrations and more. Let’s Make History – Test your skills against World Records and smash them in a series of four new History Moments in FIFA. Hit the ultimate, try a new way of playing, make new memories for history and relive the moments in exhilarating detail. SERVICES & FEATURES Live the Ultimate Soccer Experience – FIFA takes the authentic “Beauty of Soccer” to a whole new level by delivering a fast, fluid and ball-perfect control of the game to each and every user. Always-on PlayStation Network infrastructure enables instant, always-current online gameplay. Great Soccer Action – New for FIFA, players can now use the Pass, Control and Long Shot buttons to shoot with their favorite footballs. New innovative gameplay mechanics enhance ball control, speed, and skill – all of which result in authentic, exciting and fluid gameplay – much more like how football should be played. Extensive Online Features – With the introduction of online play, FIFA Ultimate Team, MyClub and Pass, Control and Long Shot, now offers a fully integrated online experience for a more connected soccer lifestyle. The global community of more than 79 million active gamers with FIFA also now has the ability to travel online and compete in MyClub, MyClub Seasons and FIFA Ultimate Team, and play FIFA games together virtually anywhere in the world. Introducing MyClub – MyClub is a new progression and playing experience mode that allows gamers to create and play as their own brand and squad of Premier League or club legends. Create your own player profile and stay in the game at all


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