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“We are absolutely delighted to be working with very prestigious and world-renowned names like Intel and 2K Sports,” said DJ McIntyre, vice president of product development at 2K Sports. “It is a great privilege for us to have the opportunity to work with them to further enhance the overall gameplay experience for fans of the FIFA franchise. We have been working to make this partnership happen since the beginning of 2017, and we are excited to bring the hyper-motion technology to life for the ultimate FIFA experience for gamers, fans and consumers.” 2K Sports is also partnering with TRU, Athletico and Sportclash, and will distribute the technology to retailers through a new-to-the-FIFA franchise: FIFA Mobile. These suits, then, will allow new types of players to develop and use new abilities via Motion Capture, something the player movement mechanics in FIFA ’18 didn’t fully exploit. This of course isn’t the first time a more physically correct physics engine has been used in FIFA, and we’re already seeing some of the benefits of more realistic player models in its driving physics. We’re no stranger to Frostbite. The Frostbite Engine has been used to power a number of FIFA games since 2006, including its predecessor, FIFA International Soccer. And we’ve seen far more of Frostbite’s Dynamic Destruction System at work in FIFA 18 in some of the game modes we featured last week. FIFA now also has a new Frostbite Sports Physics Feature which is designed to account for the impact of collisions and tackles. The impact of a player being tackled has been refined in this feature, and the resulting “reaction force” has been implemented, as have the changes to the description of the player model on being tackled. The Physics Vision 2.0 feature, meanwhile, allows more accurate physics calculations. As with previous versions of FIFA, these calculations are based on the physics engine from the Men of War series. But there are refinements that have been made specifically for this year’s game. “Physically plausible reactions to player collisions” has been added to the description of this feature, and this now allows for more believable player collision responses. The use of motion capture data from real-life players has given the developers more accurate information about player deceleration and player model – and that means more accurate physics.


Features Key:

  • “HyperMotion” – the most authentic, realistic, and addictive gameplay in the franchise!”
  • Successful transfers include joint ventures, new negotiations, and even deals with familiar clubs.
    • New broadcast rules mean that you can view animated graphic highlights at any time on the pitch!
  • New construction and state-of-the-art graphics technology.
  • Return to the tactical Chelsea days, manage your squad in the market
  • Draft as a manager, create your own formations, and strategise on the pitch
  • Live in Premium Club World

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    FIFA Soccer was developed by EA Canada under the direction of Producer David Rutter and released in August 1991. Developed as a competitor to Konami’s Pro-Football League and on the heels of its phenomenally successful FIFA series of international soccer games, EA Sports’ FIFA Soccer and its sequel FIFA Soccer 95 won widespread critical acclaim and inspired an entire genre of sports games for the PC, SEGA Genesis, SNES, Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Sony PlayStation, and Sega Dreamcast. Since then, the series has grown to include numerous sequels on every platform, one of the world’s most successful sports franchises, and a continual parade of awards. Why did EA get into soccer? In 1983, in the midst of a recession in North America, EA sued MicroProse for making a game called FIFA Soccer 3. The object of the game was to score goals by kicking the ball into the opponent’s net. It received mixed reviews, but EA believed the title was stealing their thunder, especially since their own mascot was a soccer player named Alexei. The lack of legal action by MicroProse was a wake up call for EA. From that moment on, EA Canada was on the lookout for a game to exploit the vast potential in the booming North American soccer market. By 1991, that quest lead them to the EA Sports Football series which wasn’t really selling very well in North America, but was just starting to spread internationally. EA saw an opportunity and offered MicroProse a $2 million advance for their rights to release a “FIFA Soccer” game in North America. Subsequent offers to offer exclusive rights to FIFA’s naming rights were declined by the company. FIFA was a steal and EA offered Microprose money to help market the game outside North America as well. EA shipped FIFA Soccer in Europe in the summer of 1991. A quick cash grab in the US a few months later cemented EA’s hold on the global soccer market. EA had no real intention of getting into soccer when they released the game. EA was primarily interested in exploiting the international market where the game was a hit. They also owned the rights to the Pro-Football League game, which was made and released by Konami. FIFA was the only “FIFA” game at that time. EA likely never expected FIFA Soccer to succeed, particularly in North America, as it wasn’t designed to serve the North American market. The UK version of FIFA, bc9d6d6daa


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    €œBuild your Ultimate Team from over 300 players in the game, earn in-game rewards and compete against players in the online community.€ – Play with other fans in FIFA Ultimate Team – go head to head with your friends in online multiplayer. FIFA Trainer – Select and upgrade your players, formations, tactics, subs, and more. Customise your player’s lifestyle and perfectly manage your squad to make them play like champions. €“ Read the latest match reports, analyse player stats, and track your progress to improve your skills over time. My Career – Create your own player and design your own career to guide them through their professional football journey from youth football all the way to the top. The game is intuitive and easy to use and even lets you compete against your custom made player. Training Mode – Step into the shoes of manager, scout, trainer, fitness, nutrition, agent, and medical staff by managing your own football club. Pep Talk – €œPep Talk€ – Unlock the voices of managers from all corners of the world to give you a tactical insight into how they might advise your club. Key Features: New Player Class System New Player Classes: The new class system will allow players to be more flexible on the pitch, providing unique abilities that can only be found in The Journey to The World Cup. New Concept of Influence Influence Points: FIFA 22 now introduces influence in a more tactical manner with FIFA Points. This will allow you to focus on your squad, and make sure that it is comprised of the right type of players that you desire. New Player Career Rise through the ranks to attain your ultimate dream of playing for your country in FIFA 22.unto; ii) frânează unele procese de decizie a autorităților unor țări; iii) face numărul banilor disponibil pentru dezvoltarea regională. Cum a putut fi făcută viitoarea cadrul financiar pentru coeziune? Despre fondurile “Europa 2020” se discută de multe ori în țările mici. Într-o ț


    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • HyrboMotion! -HyrboMotion Technology was designed to put players back in charge of the soccer ball through “HyrboMotion” controls that react dynamically to player motions. It’s the result of more than two years of development with top FIFA pros in motion capture suits who helped to shape the single, most authentic and adaptable soccer-specific control scheme to date.
    • NHL 2K series -With the launch of FIFA Ultimate Team, EA SPORTS is proud to announce an exciting partnership with the NHL 2K series – the official video game simulation of the National Hockey League, as part of the growing EA SPORTS Pro league. The NHL 2K series consistently out-performs other sports video games, so you know you can trust EA SPORTS to deliver the very best gameplay in the NHL 2K series.
    • FIFA AM -FIFA AM has been completely revamped to let you dynamically personalise the look and feel of your ultimate team in real time.
    • Score Attack -Get the ball rolling and start scoring in Style. Score Attack emphasises speed of passing, shot creation and defensive play, forcing you to put your tactical nous to the test to break the chains against increasingly brutal AI.
    • Team of the Year -The Team of the Year and Team of the Season feature has been completely revamped. Customise your Team of the Year, then play out your own story in single-player or online matches. (in-game items and stat boosts also affect your Team of the Year).
    • MLS to UCLCON 2014 -Winner of the EA SPORTS FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 game of the year, FIFA 17 features the long-awaited UEFA Champions League final and the historic play-off semi-finals, complete with all 32 teams from the inaugural UEFA competition at BC Place in 2007.


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    FIFA is the world’s biggest and most popular videogame franchise. Featuring official clubs and players from over 80 countries, it is consistently rated the best football gaming experience in the world by hundreds of media outlets including: CNN, TIME, The Guardian, FOX and many more. FIFA is played and owned by millions of football fans around the world, with FIFA being played more than 2 billion times since the series launched. FIFA is one of the most played sports games in the world, and EA SPORTS FIFA is the official videogame of the FIFA series. FIFA is the number one videogame franchise of all time, and in FIFA, any team can win any game. FIFA is a global phenomenon, where every match, season and team can win. FIFA is more popular than any other videogame franchise. Take our latest global survey, and we found that FIFA is more popular than any other videogame. FIFA is a popular brand across the world. EA SPORTS FIFA is one of the most popular videogames globally and has recently been ranked as the top videogame worldwide by Google. Did you know? Soccer and football are the same thing. There are over 500 million people in the world who play FIFA. They call soccer football and play it in more than 80 countries. The FIFA family is growing. FIFA, EA SPORTS FIFA and EA SPORTS FIFA 18 are among the best selling videogames of all time. The evolution of Football. We have something for everyone in FIFA: whether you like the traditional FIFA or want to learn more about the game as you go, there is a FIFA for you. It’s serious stuff. FIFA is the most played football videogame. How many videogames have you played where you run around as a helmetless player? Play with the world’s best. There are more than 80 official clubs and teams from over 80 countries representing some of the world’s biggest teams and nations. It’s not a game about sports. In 2014, FIFA was voted the best game of all time and is now the world’s best selling sport game. About EA SPORTS FIFA 18 EA SPORTS FIFA 18 includes new additions like new control schemes and team lineups, award-winning animations, global superstars, and totally re-imagined gameplay, as well as improvements to the passing, ball physics, and ball control.


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    Not long ago, I reviewed Total War: Warhammer, which is now available for Linux. And in that review, I gave one of the most requested things, yet another Linux build, until now. In fact, I haven’t made any other Linux Total War: Warhammer build that is complete, but this build is, as it uses the Vulkan graphics API, which is the way of the future. Total War: Warhammer is a huge and ambitious game, the kind of game that you really can’t recommend to any Linux user who wants to spend time playing it. Most Linux