Before the introduction of HyperMotion, the FIFA simulation engine used computer vision data to control one single character. In FIFA 22, the engine captures and uses motion data from real players to control multiple characters on the pitch. This data contains a plethora of actions, such as sprints, turns, feints, cuts, runs, passes and tackles, from hundreds of players in thousands of frames.

Each player in FIFA 22 is “Superhuman,” and is more physically fit than you’ll find in real-life. Players may perform acrobatic footwork moves, sprint through tackles and constantly move laterally while players control their on-field positioning. We’ve even made sure that players have mastered how to use certain areas of the pitch to move more efficiently and remain more aware of their position on the field.

While it’s great to give players more control of their skill sets, it’s important to remember that FIFA games are still about creating an authentic simulation experience. To achieve this, we’re continually tweaking the physics of each player and the gameplay rules to ensure that each element of gameplay remains faithful to reality. For example, we have adjusted how the ball behaves to give it more physicality.

For more information about the in-game physics and gameplay rulesets, watch this video:



The majority of FIFA players know the thrill of watching a top-level player perform tricks and use specific locations of the pitch to their advantage. With the introduction of HyperMotion technology, players are given a greater ability to make specific areas of the pitch their own.

Each player has now been recreated in-game using a specific movement set for each individual player so you’ll get to know how each player moves and adapt your play accordingly.

The result? Players will be more recognisable to fans because you’ll get to see a vastly improved level of detailing in the player models. On the pitch, you’ll also notice a remarkable level of realism as you’ll see players with unique movement characteristics.

Take a look at how the player models in FIFA 20 look compared to the new ones in FIFA 22.


Alongside the new player models


Features Key:

  • 120 teams, 700+ customizable attributes, over 3,000 players, 25 teams in English Premier League and 3 leagues
  • Bring the joy of realistic-feeling trickery, crowd support, slick and majestic dribbling, and offensive thrust
  • Accurate physics-based shots, goalkeepers and new kill move.
  • Motion-enabled shadows, speed lines, and more.
  • Protect your team from crowd noise or whistling from your teammate’s shots.
  • International friendly, competitive, and head-to-head matchmaking modes.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team card packs.


Fifa 22 With Key

FIFA (fédération internationale de football association) is the world’s leading sports video game series. FIFA is known for its comprehensive and authentic football (soccer) simulation, involving an array of real-world clubs and players, and for sports gameplay features such as player performance/visual attributes, tackling, and goal celebrations.

What is FIFA Ultimate Team?

FIFA Ultimate Team™ (FUT) is a new way to play with friends in FIFA 21. Put together a virtual team of players that reflect your real-world abilities and let your friends challenge you to put together a dream team.

What is the FIFA Series?

The FIFA Series is a flagship videogame series distributed by Electronic Arts, Inc. Released annually, FIFA is the world’s leading football (soccer) videogame series, creating new experiences each year. Every FIFA title to date has featured a clean and easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls that are perfect for newcomers.

Be A Pro: The Journey

A soccer player’s career is a nonstop journey of competition and achievement. Each year, gamers are introduced to a new generation of talented players who set out to reach stardom. Experience a series of training and competitive matches that will build your skills as you master the essential skills, and ultimately, succeed as a professional player. The journey of Be A Pro includes full career management, training, regional and global tournament competitions, and player attributes and upgrades. It also delivers an extensive graphical representation of the beautiful game in FIFA.

eFootball PES 2019

A celebration of the game that started it all, Pro Evolution Soccer brought the beautiful game to life with a keen sense of style. Experience what is arguably the most authentic football (soccer) videogame on the market, with soccer gameplay that will take your breath away, and unparalleled controls that make PES one of the most accessible sports games on the market.

eFootball Manager 2019

eFootball Manager 2019 brings the football (soccer) gaming experience into an era of new social experiences and technological innovation. Experience managing your club from a variety of perspectives, by day, week and season, tracking your team’s development and using a host of in-game features to manage your team to success. Play in individual matches, against computer teams and in friendly and official matches using the classic interface.

FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile™ is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. FIFA Mobile


Fifa 22 X64 (Latest)

Create the ultimate team of real-life stars, build dream teams from the ground up, and elevate your gameplay experience with FIFA Ultimate Team. Equip your favorite players with authentic-looking kits, and take to the pitch to prove your worth on the world’s biggest stage.

Intuitive Career –
Coach your team in pre-defined seasons, or create your own, and compete in challenging online tournaments for more rewards. Build your dream squad from a collection of real-world players, and create your own stadium with stadium builder.

New Player Experience –
The way you play will be reflected in your stats in Career Mode, with your dribbling, dribbling control and passing accuracy all analyzed to provide a new player experience that personalizes your gameplay style. A new give and go method for creating and controlling your short passes with new contextual controls, further enhance ball control and helps new players gain a better understanding of the game.

With FIFA 22, all new player faces have been reinvented using state-of-the-art technology and our animators have made the famous faces, including Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Neymar Jr, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and more, look even more realistic.

We also gave an overhaul to the broadcast and commentator packages to deliver a more immersive experience, and a range of other enhancements have been made to the gameplay, depth of game-play, physics, and gameplay experience to ensure that this is the FIFA that fans of all ages want to be playing.


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