The new Player Impact Engine introduces PlayStation VR support and improved collision detection to create a more authentic, intuitive and responsive experience on the go. Developed in collaboration with EA SPORTS and Sony, the revolutionary PIE will be featured in many FIFA Experience mode challenges, such as ‘Ultimate Team’, ‘Career’ and ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’.

FIFA 18 will also receive numerous gameplay and technical improvements, including the introduction of more than 60 improvements to the gameplay, AI and engine.An Italian man has gone to trial accused of making and dispatching what the court deemed were ‘threatening’ messages to the head of the defence ministry, Ilarion Melia.

The messages, sent by letter over a period of two months, were to a tune, “Don’t get involved with me,” and “I’ll get you,” prosecutors claim Melia received just before the man was to be tried in the case.

The Italian court in Milano said the man used to work for the ministry as an interpreter, the court heard, and also made another threatening communication to a friend of Melia.

The trial was held in secret.

Italian media report the trial judge did not allow the case to proceed in public.

Melia is the head of the ministry of defence, and a member of a political party, the PDL.

The man was accused of making and sending letters addressed to Melia’s home address, and at an office the PDL had rented in Rome, on July 3, July 31, and August 27, of 2013.

Melia has not responded to the messages.

The trial of the man, from Ortona in the region of Lombardy, is expected to continue for a month.Scottish schoolboy asked to speak at dole-out

A Scots schoolboy has been asked to speak at a dole-out for the community.

Gary Kennedy, a teenager from St Andrew’s, Glasgow was given the opportunity by Rest House, a homelessness charity which supports three Glasgow-based schools.

Gary also wants to travel around the world to meet people who are homeless or in need.

The charity, which has three schools on its books, said Gary could inspire those on the dole.

Gary, a member of the charity’s school outreach team,


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • The most authentic and comprehensive FIFA experience ever!
  • New direction, updated game engine and improved game play.
  • An all-new FIFA on-field experience:
    • Focus on your game: use in-game cues to dictate when you need to press a button.
    • New player behaviour: react to and sense the intensity of the game with more responsiveness and changes to AI.
    • A smarter opponent: more challenging to beat, harder to beat, and harder to master.
    • New through-play through ball movement.
    • An experience that never stops:
    • An all-new FIFA Soccer experience for PS4 – an instanced match engine powered by all of your PS4 devices.
    • Opponents sense each match like never before.
    • Epic through-ball dribbling: make the most of those fantastic FIFA technique moves
    • Subtle off-the-ball intelligence that gives a real-time feel to your movement.
    • Unpredictable and creative passing:
    • The pitch is even more intricate – no two matches will ever be the same!
    • Access to over 100 players at your disposal.
    • New way to play FIFA on-the-go:
    • With FIFA Ultimate Team mobile, play by yourself or with your friends anywhere, anytime!
    • Total control over the player you want to experience the game as.
    • Complete new coach features:
    • Full management system complete with game kits, stadiums, clubs and sponsors.


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    FIFA is a global phenomenon that is enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels throughout the world. As the best-selling sports game franchise with over 250 million players, EA SPORTS FIFA has introduced more gameplay features and modes than any other sports videogame in history. FIFA continues to set the pace in innovation and technical development, with this year’s installment bringing innovations such as personal skill rating, the new Transfer Matchup feature, World Class Player features, and new FIFA Ultimate Team game modes.

    In FIFA, you can play the game as yourself or as one of your favorite soccer stars such as Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Eden Hazard and, of course, David Beckham. From the pitch, into the stands and even on the practice field, join the passionate world of FIFA and play like you mean it!

    Every FIFA game improves on the previous release with greater accuracy and more realistic touches. Experience the game’s richest level of interactivity and immersion with the new 3D match engine powered by Revolution Engine.

    FIFA games have been the #1 sports videogame for 10 years in a row. Every year, gamers around the world dive deeper and deeper into the FIFA fantasy universe, creating their own player and team leagues, swapping jerseys and uploading their creations to YouTube and Facebook.

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    The new FIFA series features a deeper, more innovative gameplay experience, plus an improved AI system, more customization options, and improved ball physics. Online improvements enable fans around the world to connect and compete in real time and share their progression. The all-new Be A Pro mode gives gamers the opportunity to live the dream of becoming a professional footballer, then take their career to the next level with updated Pro Skills and Be A Pro Vision. FIFA ’22 also boasts the largest roster ever of new real players and legendary footballers, including Inter Milan’s star midfielder, Andrea Pirlo, along with new faces such as Chelsea goalkeeper, Petr Cech, Barcelona starlets Javier Mascherano and Sergio Busquets, and leading Black Stars stars like Salomon Kalou and Michael Essien.


    Match Engine: Revolution Engine 3.0 features an all-new 3D match engine, bringing to life the ball and players in greater detail and creating an immersive, authentic game experience.

    Improved Match AI: The latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, the game’s expert computer-based player with unmatched intelligence and player emotion, has been


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    The Ultimate Team is a new and social way to play FIFA Ultimate Team. Create your dream squad of the latest football stars from across the game, playing on brand new gameplay features including Trade Winds and Create a Card. Engage your friends and win rewards in the new FIFA Ultimate League. By progressing through the league by matchday you can unlock rewards in the form of club branded clothing, transfers and more.

    Real-Match Motion Technology –
    FIFA has always been about more than the ball – it’s about every facet of the game. FIFA 22 features Real-Match Motion Technology, bringing the speed, responsiveness, and overall authenticity of matchday football to life like never before. Optimised for the new generation of games consoles, FIFA 22 features 15 per cent faster tackling than FIFA 21 as well as new animations for ball control and saves, as well as improved AI during set pieces and attacking play.

    FIFA – Seasons –
    New and reworked, gameplay elements are a mainstay of FIFA’s unique campaigns. Now, with Seasons, these seasons can develop organically and react to your actions as a player and manager. You may be fighting for promotion or relegation, for a trophy or silverware, or just trying to win a few matches while having fun. It’s up to you to decide what the best approach is.

    Q4 2018

    SEND LARSEN TO TITLE CUTTLE – Pass, cross, shoot – Larsen, the most dynamic midfielder in the world, can do it all. He’s the complete midfielder with a ridiculous stamina rating, plus the pace and dribbling to put every opponent on their heels. And even with the loss of the iconic Michael Laudrup as its head coach, Barcelona are still the best in the world, and Larsen is an instrumental part of the team.

    COUTINHO’S STAPLETON SPIRIT – Coutinho and his enigmatic manager, Tite, are a pair of perfectionists with a shared obsession for detail. They both know what they want and they are very determined to get it. But even in this crucible, Coutinho is the dynamic and athletic player who always has the right move for every situation. His ability to change a match on the fly and then disappear into the shadows has to be one of the crowning achievements in the long history of Barcelona.



    What’s new in Fifa 22:

    • New Features and Gameplay – See the level of FIFAian mastery with the introduction of EA SPORTS™ Player Intelligence, where players make choices based on their ratings during matches. It’s now easier to play through the game, while keeping you grounded with context-sensitive information, assets and improving AI for both strikers and defenders.
    • Improved Training – AI train the talent of your favourite player like never before. As you perform moves, training can now be maximised for maximum progress. Improve your stamina, speed, endurance, and accuracy in training mode. Get your shot timing and makes right.
    • More Player Skins – Change your game instantly with a selection of new Player Skins from the following iconic and licensed NFL™ teams: New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, Cincinnati Bengals, Cleveland Browns, Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys, Denver Broncos, Green Bay Packers, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Philadelphia Eagles, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Washington Redskins. A range of new alternate player uniforms have also been included.
    • Increased Difficulty Levels – The difficulty of FIFA 22 delivers increased intensity to take on the Master League. From the World Cup to the Club World Cup, and games won or lost, the difficulty of the Master League has been tuned to provide more game chaos and unpredictability. Defend your turf or go on a rampage as you play the tough way in FIFA 22.
    • In Game Dressing Room Features – Buy and sell clothing in the Dressing Room, customise the look of your player using an easy-to-use, intuitive interface. Now you can create your own player nameplates for the ultimate personalised on-field look.
    • New Cinema Invites – When you watch a football match, there’s action, fights, goals – and then the off-screen fun starts. The new Cinema Invites include interactive action where you can react to shots, jumps and dives, flagrantly unprofessional scuffles and more. The excitement is brought to life with full licensed music from the NFL Films Archive.
    • Blizzard Leagues – Take on your team and all 32 NFL™ clubs with over 600 new game formats – including a unique weekly format for the NFL™ Chief’s Challenge and post-season challenges – so you can earn team prizes, new player benefits and face real opponents in a new game format.

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      Please note: the below footage is rendered computer generated and will not reflect player skin variations as in real life. Despite these limitations, the details and the sense of realism are most remarkable when compared with current-gen consoles. Check out the full comparison below.

      Launching on October 27th, FIFA 22 is the most complete entry in the series yet, featuring an all-new FIFA Ultimate Team™ mode, a brand new season of action and much more! The game also includes all-new functions and systems, such as making tactical substitutions on the fly, the ability to communicate with your teammates, and much more.


      New mechanics

      Motion control

      The precision of player control is the next step in evolution, with improved dribbling, precision passing, and goal shooting.

      Advanced Dribbling

      Players can now perform short passes and foreheads moves while dribbling, allowing for even greater creativity. New team-dribbling animations, including a sliding animation for runs into space, a more fluid kick, and improved feints, further increase the player’s ability to evade and control defenders. Players can complete long passes with sliding touches to pass or shoot on goal. Control the ball with new dribbling animations, including a sliding animation for runs into space, a more fluid kick, and improved feints. Better passing is now done with your eyes closed, an animation that allows you to quickly absorb the ball and pass it away, making it even easier to play that killer pass.

      Improved tackling

      FIFA 22 further improves on the current-gen’s tackling. Players can dodge and slide tackles to retain possession, more securely fall to the ground to play the ball or dive away from a dangerous tackle, and use the wall as cover for a defensive slide tackle in case they get caught. The ball carrier can now be tripped from behind.

      Improved Ball Carrier

      Players can steer the ball in a more realistic way when playing passes. They can be controlled using motion controls during certain passes, or they can use their feet to deliver precise passes. While receiving the ball, players can use motion controls to move the ball in a new way to get better control of the flight path of the ball. Players can now steer the ball in a more realistic way when playing passes. They can be controlled using motion controls during certain passes, or they can


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      Memory: 6 GB RAM
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      DirectX: Version 11
      Network: Broadband Internet connection
      Sound Card: DirectX 11.0 compliant (compatible with DirectX 11)
      Input Devices: Keyboard, mouse


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