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saraswatishishumandirprayerbookQ: How to auto increase the number I would like to start an auto increase the number with a range of numbers from 1 to 5. Is there any solutions for it? I used struts1.0 A: Create a constant with a counter public static final int COUNTER = 1; public static int getNextValue() { return COUNTER ++; } Use the constant in your Action class public ActionForward execute() { int number = 1 + getNextValue(); // do some stuff } DRDO inducts seventh batch of Wing Commander-9 FCR personnel A seventh batch of personnel of the Integrated Test Range, DRDO, Goa inducted their training at the Government Sanctioned School on Sunday. More than 40 students will be trained this month. The students have a wide range of training. They included the students of Basic and Pre-requisite Courses of Centre for Research in Rock Mechanics at Pune and the General Studies course of the Centre for Advanced Studies at Hyderabad.Q: Modifying the library reference in Excel VBA I am trying to load a lot of charts in a spreadsheet. The sheets have the following reference. The names of the graphs varies a lot. The only constant part is the first part. The reference that needs to be edited is the one that is starting with ‘DPA’ I am looking for something that will give me the graphs in the sheet and I will modify the reference and run the macro. I tried going through various suggestions, but none of them worked ‘DPA.Charts.DBApp ‘DPA.Charts.DBApp Sheets(“PEP”).ChartObjects.Add(210, 40, 540, 360).Chart.ChartArea.Format.Line.Width = 0 None of them worked. A: If you change your code like this then your macro will load all the charts onto the sheet called “PEP”: Dim cht As ChartObject Set cht = Sheets(“PEP”).ChartObjects.Add(110, 40, 540, 360) cht.Chart.ChartArea.Format.Line.Width = 0 Note that the reference should be “DPA

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