Instagram is one of the most popular and widely accessed online mobile photo and video-sharing, social network services of our generation. As we are sure you know, Instagram's functionality is only 100% accessible via mobile devices. This said, you cannot upload photos to Insta directly from your computer but you can do almost everything else, such as view your Instagram feed, like, comment and share posts via the official web app, accessible from any modern web browser. An unofficial Instagram client for your computer If you find that accessing the aforementioned web app with the help of your browser a bit counterproductive, then you can try this unofficial Instagram desktop client named Instatine. In a few words, Instatine is an Electron-based piece of software that is basically a wrapper for the Instagram web app that offers you all its functionality but directly from your computer's desktop. Evidently, upon first launching the utility, you are required to log in using your Insta or Facebook username and password. Once logged in, you will be greeted by the same interface you are used to, if you have ever used the web app, but fitted within a ultra-simplistic main window. Uncomplicated workflow The functionality is almost identical, with a couple of small exceptions. For starters, we should point out that you can copy the link to the exact page you are currently visiting or quickly refresh its content by accessing the View menu. Additionally, and probably even more important, you can visit the previous pages you have accessed thanks to the 'Go Back' options, that is just as easy to reach from the same menu. It is also worth mentioning that all the previously mentioned actions can be performed with the help of keyboard shortcuts. For example, 'CTRL+L' copies the link to the page you are currently visiting, 'CTRL+Backspace' helps you go back a page and 'CTRL+R' refreshed the whole content. Your Instagram feed – out of your browser and directly on your computer's desktop All in all, while it may not bring a whole lot of extra functionality, Instatine is a useful application dedicated to those that want a quicker way to access their Instagram feeds without having one more open tab in their web browsers.







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Instatine is an unofficial Instagram desktop client. It’s Electron-based Windows software designed to improve the social photo sharing experience, offering you all the same things you can do through Instagram’s official website. Instatine Features: View a user’s profile Viewing Instagram profile is one of the first things you need to do when visiting anyone’s account, to get a quick view of their activities, photos and more. Instatine allows you to do so, without the need of opening a browser tab. Search for accounts While the official Instagram lets you search for accounts, Instatine has a dedicated section in which you can use the search bar to quickly find someone’s username. “Like” a photo Just like you do with the official app, you are able to “like” a photo you are viewing. Comment a post Just like the official web app you are able to comment. Following a user You are also able to follow a user. Delete a photo Just like the official web app you can also delete a photo. Instatine 2018 License Key Features: Let’s take a look at the features we found in this package: Accelerated Aesthetic Allows you to change the interface color. Auto-Layout This feature lets you display the application in a particular mode, so you do not have to worry about it anymore. Collection Follow Keeps you informed about the new photos, videos and comments posted by your favorite people. Copy Profile Link The ability to copy the link to the page you are currently viewing. Customizable Theme Allow you to change the colors and appearance of Instatine. Hide Settings This feature allows you to hide some settings. Lazy Loading This feature allows you to load pages without showing them, as soon as they are available. Network Info Enables you to see information about the network you are using to download Instatine. Notifications Provides you with optional notifications. One Shot Allows you to capture a screenshot of the entire web app on a single photo. Pop-up Blocker This feature allows you to stop pop-up windows from showing up. Speed Allows you to add your own colors and interface. Timer This feature displays a timer at the top of your Instatine, so you 2f7fe94e24

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“Instatine, a lightning fast Instagram client written for speed and simplicity. Instatine launches instantly and you can do every action you can do from right from your desktop. Instatine is designed for speed and for those who want to save a step when using” Minimum requirements: – OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 bits or 64 bits) – CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo or faster – RAM: 2GB RAM – HDD: 30 GB free space – Graphics: DirectX 10 compliant In addition to the standard installation file, the application comes with a new feature ‘Sign in with Facebook’, which lets you select your current Facebook account and automatically login using it instead of the Insta one. To make full use of this functionality, you need to have used the Facebook Login button at least once. Furthermore, this feature is only available for the web version of the app. Instagram feature list: ✔ Supports direct access to the Instagram web app. ✔ Stream your Instagram feed by default on any computer, tablet or mobile device. ✔ Support for all mobile devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry. ✔ Your Instagram password never appears in the client. ✔ Supports all social actions (share, like, comment, follow, unfollow, following) in the exact way you do at the web version. ✔ Favorite your favorite Instagrammers. ✔ Import and export photos from the “Photo Library” ✔ Copy the link to the page you are currently visiting and share it. ✔ Go Back (or Forward) to previous pages you visited using the keyboard shortcuts CTRL + R and CTRL + L. ✔ View your latest Instagram comments and likes. ✔ Manage your subscriptions to stories from any computer, tablet or mobile phone. ✔ Switch between landscape and portrait modes. ✔ See your photos in Instagram grid view. ✔ See the profile of your friends. ✔ View your recent locations. ✔ View your trips. ✔ Your history of Instagram. ✔ View your “Moments” feed (published feed). ✔ View your Location History ( Music Discovery). ✔ View your Music Recommendations. ✔ Manage subscriptions to anyone. ✔ Mute/Unmute any of your followers. ✔ Share

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Some say that Instagram is the best social networking site to introduce to a friend. One of the most useful features of Instagram is that your profile can be viewed only by those you are friends or your friends have added you. If you want to access your Instagram from any other social network you can get access to these photos only if you know their username or if the photo has been uploaded to an account you have access to. Instagram Explorer is a desktop application which is much simpler to use than itself. It gives you access to any Instagram account you have access to and you can search and browse posts more easily than on Features: – Every features of Instagram are in this app. You can upload, share photos, videos, and stories. – Filter, like, comment, and you can like other people’s photos. – Share photos on Instagram – Browse people’s photos on Instagram. – Also you can easily search your favorite Instagram accounts. – Use actions. You can like, re-post, and comment. – You can also organize your photo, videos, stories, and more. – You can create your own profile and upload photos in seconds. – You can share photo via any social networks. – Support all languages of Instagram. – Integrated with all android and IOS smart-device. – Your Instagram password is not required. Download Instagram Explorer: Previously, it was only possible to download Instagram videos via the official Instagram app for mobile devices. After updating to the latest version of Instagram on Android, it is now possible to also download and share photo and video from the smartphone version of Instagram in a way similar to the desktop version. Once again Instagram has developed a useful app for its millions of users, that enables not only downloading via mobile, but also videos via mobile devices. You just need to open Instagram app via your mobile device, and open the videos you want to download. By opening the above menu, you will then be able to select the video you want to download. Once that is done, simply tap the Download button, and a notification on your mobile device will confirm that you have successfully downloaded the video. You can then share the downloaded video to other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., or upload the video on your instagram account. About

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NOTE: The recommended specifications below are subject to change. If you have a configuration that deviates from these recommendations, please submit a bug report in the respective forum. Nvidia GTX 900 series and older: GeForce GTX 760 GeForce GTX 780 GeForce GTX 980 GeForce GTX 980 Ti GeForce GTX Titan X GeForce GTX Titan GeForce GTX Titan Black GeForce GTX 970 GeForce