Alter Screen Saver is an original picture switching screen saver. Every image will present itself like a bunch of dots of different sizes. From screen saver settings you can choose: ■ Pictures folder (avail able in full version) ■ Dots size or set size as random ■ Dots quantity ■ Picture stay time







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This is an original picture switching screen saver in which a picture will change according to your will and preferences. You can decide the size, quantity, and stay time of the picture. If the option is set as random, it will take the picture from the pictures folder. Select a folder, set a stay time and press the “Start” button. You can have more than one picture by setting a random option.Q: how to post into an object in jquery I am sending a POST request from my jquery to rest server like this: function postSubscription(id, parent) { $.ajax({ url: ”, id, type: ‘post’, data: { parent: parent }, complete: function (data) { if (data.status == 200) { } } }); } The problem is that I am receiving to the server the parent object like this: public class Subscription { [Key] public int Id { get; set; } public string Name { get; set; } public int ParentId { get; set; } public string EmailAddress { get; set; } public bool IsRegistered { get; set; } } but I don’t want to receive the parent id, I want it to receive the whole object into my database object I tried change the data in this way: data: { “parent”: { “id”: parent, “url”: “” }

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Alter Screen Saver Crack For Windows is an original picture switching screen saver. Each image will present itself like a bunch of dots of different sizes. From screen saver settings you can choose: ■ Pictures folder (available in full version) ■ Dots size or set size as random ■ Dots quantity ■ Picture stay time Also you can add the following visual effects: ■ Various 3D effects (blurred, dust, rainbow, tachyon, etc.) ■ Various color effects (desaturate, bleach, deminish, glow, transform, etc.) ■ Various effects (mutate, ribbons, spheres, prism, etc.) ■ Water drop, ball drop, puddles, snow, ect… Program features: – You can set the resolution of each picture (small, medium, large or more) – Different scale of each picture (for the same resolution – small, medium, large or more) – Ability to change the time of each image (from 1 second up to more than 24 hours) – Option to choose custom time of each image (to get random images) – Show next screen after custom time and location – Show the current image before switching – Ability to choose pictures from more than one pictures folder – Starting and ending of each image by using time (up to 24 hours) – Ability to choose different arrows and background colors – Ability to choose custom colors and background colors for each picture – Ability to choose the timing and location of each picture (delay or delay x by y) If you don’t want to loose your set image at the end of each picture, you can use shortcut keys: – ALT + TAB to show the current picture again – CTRL + ALT + TAB to set the picture at the beginning of the list If you want to set different time or location of each image, please use shortkeys like: [ALT] – TAB [CTRL] – ALT [ALT] – SPACE [CTRL] – SPACE [ALT] + [CTRL] + TAB [ALT] + [CTRL] + SPACE [ALT] + [CTRL] + SPACE [ALT] + [CTRL] – SPACE [ALT] + [CTRL] + TAB [ALT] + [CTRL] + 2f7fe94e24

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During screen inactivity, the animation of the screen saver. The most interesting feature of the visual component is the automatic cleaning of “blur” (a dirty picture as a result of activation of battery ■ Simple – Change all images ■ Advanced – Change up to 5 images ■ For each of them sets the attributes of the screen saver and the pixel quality ■ From 0 to 4 of images arranged in order of preference: see the screen saver in settings. ■ For each image can set the size of the dot, the size of pixels, the image stay time and a little space for description ■ Place the images in a separate folder or on the Internet ■ In addition to the above, Alter Screen Saver has the following features: ■ Over 100 pictures are available for instant download. ■ The simple interface allows you to choose an image and a way to get it ■ Easy and fast to make a presentation of your photos without using graphic programs ■ The images in the visual component are added to the resume. Alter Screen Saver Free Features: – Special: as the name suggests the screen saver, but in addition to the screen saver Alter Screen Saver Free have a lot of additional features, including: ■ Much More: one of the basic features of the visual component, quite useless in the free version, the additional package, but if you want to know what are included in this version package, you can read more detailed description in section Alter Screen Saver Features. ■ 128 very beautiful photos ■ Choose a set: set of 3, 5 or 8 images ■ Pixel quality: you can set the quality of the pixels for each image, and choose from 0 to 4 that is the quality of the image ■ Average size of image: set the image size, and choose from 1 to 3 pixels, and the size of dot, from 0 to 5: ■ Hilighting: one of the most popular features is the ability to select any parts of the picture (there are some other options, see the detailed description of the visual component in section Alter Screen Saver Features. ■ Double: even the slightest change in the size of the image or pixel quality, will cause a small magnification of the visual component and its simple interface. So even a child can easily

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■ If you want to see picture changing everyday you can use this screen saver. ■ Set the most important thing you want to see (for example, a picture folder) and have a bunch of dots changing their pictures. ■ Set the size of dot and its quantity. ■ You can choose the stay time of picture in countdown. ■ You can change pictures randomly every time you start the screen saver. ■ You can display dots size, dots quantity and stay time setting. Alter Screen Saver Install: ■ You can install Alter Screen Saver in your computer by clicking the “Install.txt” file. ■ Make sure that you don’t need any additional files. ■ Install.txt is a shortcut to Installer and you can see all things you will be required by the installer in the installer itself. ■ You can finish the installation with the help of installer. ■ The installer file name is “PCSoftGuardInstaller.exe” Please read Install.txt carefully. ■ It is very important that you uncheck all the items which you don’t need. For example, you don’t need any external devices you won’t use the screen saver. ■ You also don’t need any portable devices, for example, laptop. ■ Your computer should be not very young and not be stolen. ■ First you need to download Install.txt file and unzip the file with WinZip or WinRAR. ■ Choose a place where you want to save Install.txt and unzip it. ■ Then double click the Install.txt file which will open the Installer. ■ Read and understand carefully the installation instructions. ■ Please make sure that you are installing the right version of Alter Screen Saver. ■ You can install the most recent versions. ■ The most recent versions have more options in the form of screen saver settings. ■ So you should always read the previous articles. Alter Screen Saver Setup: ■ Once you are sure that you don’t have any previous version of the screen saver, You can follow the installation steps below: ■ Click on Start button. ■ Click on Run. ■ Type “Control

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MAC: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Processor: Intel Core i5-750 or equivalent Memory: 4 GB RAM Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 or equivalent DirectX: 11.0 Hard Drive: 4 GB available space Controller Type: Controller with HDMI port – Ad Free Gameplay – Free Game Updates – Original Game Soundtrack – Comprehensive Map Editor •