Even if you manage to hide important files and folders in sophisticated directory structures, or through default Windows features, it doesn’t mean they can’t fall prey to others. Unfortunately, there’s no way to add a password to folders without third-party components, but you can rely on specialized applications like Folder Guardian to get the job done. Lightweight and easy to use What makes it an even better security solution than the name wants you to believe is the possibility to use it from a USB flash drive, thus making it even more difficult for others to know the reason why a specific folder can’t be accessed, or find out how to unlock it. However, you do need to make sure that .NET Framework is installed on the computer you use it on, because it was built on this platform. As the name suggests, the application’s main targets are folders, but you can only lock a single directory at a time. Loading one is pretty easy, and only requires you to use the built-in browse dialog for selection, or writing down the path. Sadly, dragging it over the main window has no effect, and there’s no context menu integration. Lock folders with a custom password In addition, Folder Guardian requires you to specify a password to use in the encryption algorithm, so make sure to remember it if you ever want to use the files again. Moreover, the application can also make a backup of files, just in case you do happen to forget the password. The reverse process is pretty similar in steps you need to follow. A different field needs to be filled in with the directory path, while a different password field asks for the security key before it can unlock the folder. What’s more, there’s no other way to unlock a directory without using the application. To sum it up All things considered, we come to the conclusion that Folder Guardian manages to live up to expectations, providing a quick and efficient method of locking folders that contain valuable data. Although it can’t be triggered from the context menu, you can keep it safe on a USB flash drive, with the process taking only a little while to finish.









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Conferring strong security to folders and passwords is what Folder Guardian has been developed for. It makes it easy to prevent unauthorized access to your files by everyone but you. It provides no less than 4 features and 8 customizable options. With those, you can store or even shred data for back-up or even throw away the contents if you wish so, while leaving just the folder intact. How to use Folder Guardian? To be used, the program needs.NET Framework installed. Firstly, you’ll need to load the folder you want to protect. This may be done by browsing for the location manually in the file explorer, or you can simply write down the path directly from the main window. Don’t forget to make sure that it has a Windows permission of 775 or higher. In either case, simply click on the right mouse button and select “Folder Guardian”. A window will appear with a label, “Folder Guardian is loading…”. Once it is loaded, you can view its options from the main window. Once loaded, you can quickly set your protection options by choosing “Security”, “Restore” or “Shred.” You should choose the option you want to have immediately after loading the folder. Note that, unlike the other two, it cannot be changed while the folder is loaded. To protect the folder, simply create a password. You can use a custom or one from the list of set of pre-established passwords. Note that any folder can be protected by using a unique one. To de-protect it, simply type a password in the fields and click on “Decrypt” button. Note that the other options cannot be changed before the decryption. Wrapping up Folder Guardian is one of the many security software that excel at protecting files. The only thing you can do is to either burn them into a CD or move them to a safe location. It would also be beneficial to consider alternatives that are known for strong encryption technology. It is important that you come across programs like Folder Guardian for Windows and decide whether you would like to use it or not. It will come to your rescue when you are able to hide and lock important folders, ensuring that no one can access them, unless you give them the right key. Creating a customized password is actually pretty straight-forward. If it were only that easy

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Folder Guardian can be used to quickly and efficiently lock folders or simply provide passwords to them, even if they are in the same directory. Safe files and folders from other users, with no need to fuss with installation, setup, or any other complications. Keeping your screen on even after your computer is locked is a good idea, but is there a way to quickly and safely do it? If so, this app will save your day. When is your computer locked? The software allows you to specify how long your computer should stay on, once your computer is locked. This can be done under either a set schedule, or at particular hours on a daily basis. The settings are saved, so you can easily go back to them. This feature alone makes this app pretty useful. How to quickly turn your screen on after the lock screen appears If you ever lose track of your computer, this simple tip can help get it back on track, and ultimately help you when troubleshooting. Simply press the Windows key, the letter “R”, and the number “2” at the same time. This should activate the “Run window”, the built-in utility used to search for programs. Looking for a way to see your remaining camera battery? Digital Camera Battery Monitor is the app for you. Though you can measure the remaining charge using a dedicated software solution, Digital Camera Battery Monitor lets you see it in real time. Just connect your device to a PC, and download and install the app. Battery indicators and remaining charge Now that you have the device connected, you have to select the right icons in the window and select the “AtoM” plugin. Digital Camera Battery Monitor is pretty straightforward in use, and works with a wide variety of devices. It may not be the most exciting app ever, but if you’re looking for something simple and fast to help you monitor your battery, it’s the perfect solution. Wondering how to get access to your SD card? Not a huge deal, just create a password to access it. There are other ways to access the files, but none as easy as this app. Storesuite is an app that can be used to create custom app passwords for devices like SD cards. How to create a password to access files on your SD card Go to the Settings app, then access Device Manager. Select the icon that looks like a flash drive, and tap on 2f7fe94e24

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Folder Guardian is a free, lightweight, and easy-to-use application that allows you to encrypt your folders, for added security. Due to its programmatic nature, you can arrange your passwords in any way you want, and it can be used to lock any folder for safekeeping. The folder protection is capable of modifying your Internet Explorer’s default settings, such as the history, cookies, and temporary internet files. Download Folder Guardian Best Folder Protector alternative apps Clever Disk Protector You can keep all files and folders safe by using the encryption and recovery features included in this cleaning application. While other tools might show you an intro screen and ask for your root password, you’ll be able to find out information and adjust all your options right away. You can easily lock any directory without any complications, and it’s possible to set specific permissions and actions for it. The interface is pretty simple, and only a few options need to be changed to adjust the program’s settings. However, what makes it such a powerful tool is its speed, which makes using this program a breeze. It can handle all types of content, but compresses files, and it’s possible to work on files as they’re being added, deleted, or modified. It’s an excellent alternative to the Folder Protector application, especially if you want to keep everything safe from prying eyes, and you’re looking for a solution that doesn’t cost you a dime. All of the features are really useful, but the recovery system is what makes this cleaning program stand out from the rest. Once you turn on this feature, you’ll get a message window that shows any items that can’t be restored. In this case, they’re usually removed or protected content, but you’ll have the possibility to search your whole system to find other files to recover. It’s possible to analyze files that have been deleted within a date range, and even more, you can specify which directory to search if you want to find any kind of content you can access. The program doesn’t provide a way to make a backup of your files, but it’s easy to store them in a separate location, or you can choose to have the application overwrite old files when it’s working on them. Download Clever Disk Protector Cody Keep every file and folder safe from

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Folder Guardian is the best solution for locking folders in Windows, protecting them from unauthorized access and keeping the files intact, even if they are hidden. An easy installation process in just a few minutes, thanks to the standalone installer. How It Works: Folder Guardian, a simple Windows tool from Systinternals, works completely without user interaction and without modifications to the OS. All that’s necessary is a folder to be protected, while a password is used to secure the files inside. The tool is available for free and works with FAT, FAT32, NTFS and almost any other Windows file systems. Tutorials Installing and Configuring PC Lite Computer It is great when PC Lite Computer is installed, as it provides lots of benefits to PC Lite Computer users. For example you can use it for an e-commerce site, an online banking site, payment processing site, or an inventory control site. In addition PC Lite Computer allows you to make the most out of your existing computer and to keep it running for a long time. When considering the cost of a certain computer, one of the most important things to consider is the price of the operating system. When it comes to Windows operating systems, the most commonly used windows operating systems are Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Today, we will be using PC Lite Computer to run Windows 8.1, the operating system which came with the PC Lite Computer we will be using. Before installing, let us set up the hardware and system configuration of the computer. 1. Adding Hardware A. If you own a docking station then make sure that the hard drive is connected to it when you power on the computer. B. Connect a USB keyboard if you will be installing software, using a USB mouse and an external monitor 1. Loading Windows 8.1 Software If you have purchased PC Lite Computer then the software that you need is already in the computer, If you have not, then you will need to download the software from our website. There is a free software that comes with the PC Lite Computer that can be used for the demonstration but you will be needing to have the full version of the software to make changes. 2. Activating the Software License When you install the software make sure you activate the product and click on the button of option 3. 3. Activating Windows 8.


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Minimum: OS: 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz or faster Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GHz or faster RAM: 2 GB (minimum) 2 GB (minimum) Graphics: 64MB, DirectX 9 64MB, DirectX 9 Storage: 12 GB free space Recommended: OS: 64-bit version of Windows Vista, Windows 7,