Even though VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology is mainly associated with bypassing filters and unblocking geo-restricted web services, there are numerous other advantages such as enhanced security, online anonymity, the cloaking of your computer's IP address, and in some cases, even an increase in performance.
And, fortunately, there's no shortage of powerful VPN solutions out there, one of which is InterWAP VPN – a commercial app that promises to deliver all the advantages one can expect from a VPN service at a fairly decent price.
Why InterWAP VPN might be perfect for you
Besides the basic advantages such as improved anonymity and all-round security, InterWAP VPN brings forth with a few other noteworthy assets. For example, there's the fact that this is an unlimited VPN service meaning that there are no bandwidth and speed restrictions.
Opt for the newer version, and you're also provided with a very nifty fail-safe, "kill-switch" feature. What this does is it automatically disables your computer's network card in case the VPN is disconnected. This, of course, helps protect your online anonymity by making sure that your real IP is not revealed.
Robust VPN solution that's as novice-accessible as it is efficient
When it comes to looks, it's safe to say that this app is by means a standard in the industry, however, its compact, unassuming, and intuitive interface helps keep the system resource consumption at a bare minimum and, even more importantly, makes the app feel very unobtrusive.
It's also very easy to install and to get along with, as it does not require any type of configuration on your part. To actually get the app, you need to register an InterWAP account on the official website, or log in if you're an older customer, and download the installer(s) from the web-based Dashboard section, which is also the place where you can renew or activate your subscription.
Secure your web traffic and stay anonymous online with the help of InterWAP VPN
Taking everything into account, InterWAP VPN is a dependable and efficient VPN solution. It helps you remove geo-restrictions, improve your online anonymity and your security, all without any type of bandwidth and speed-related restrictions. Best of all, the pricing is pretty competitive.


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Download ✏ ✏ ✏ https://urllie.com/2sp1rY






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Please be warned that the installation procedure requires administrator permissions.

How to install InterWAP VPN on Android

Click to download the InterWAP VPN installer and launch it.

In the Install dialogue box click on the Accept button to install.

If prompted, you can accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the tick box.

Click on Start to install the application.

After the installation is complete, you will be prompted with the initial password that you will use to unlock the app.

If you have some problem while installing the application, then tap on the Next button to see the instructions to complete the installation.

How to install InterWAP VPN on iOS

Open up the Safari app on your iPhone or iPad device and navigate to

Tap the Install button to proceed with the installation.

If you get prompted to accept the terms and conditions on the App Store, then you can accept them by selecting the tick box.

Get your InterWAP VPN price discount.

Upon opening up the InterWAP VPN app, you are required to log in using your email address and the initial password.

How to install InterWAP VPN on Windows 10

Open up the Start menu.

Type the apps name in the search bar, and select the app, if it is found.

Double click the install icon.

Restart your system to launch the app.

How to uninstall InterWAP VPN on iOS

In the app list, tap on the Quick Start icon.

Tap on the Uninstall button.

How to uninstall InterWAP VPN on Android

In the app list, tap on the icon of the application you want to uninstall.

Tap on the Uninstall button.

How to uninstall InterWAP VPN on iOS

In the app list, tap on the icon of the application you want to uninstall.


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• Remove geo-restrictions while surfing the web
• Unblock geo-restricted services
• Prevent your IP from being tracked
• Be anonymous online and secure
• Enjoy the benefits of faster connection
• Protect your identity and online presence
• Automatically log off if the VPN connection is disconnected

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InterWAP VPN 2860

Secure your web traffic and stay anonymous online
Tighten security and anonymity on the Web without geo-restrictions
Unrestricted internet access
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Control your IP address
Secure your web traffic and stay anonymous online
Keep you and your information safe from anyone who might want to intercept and track your web traffic
Unrestricted internet access
Protect your network connections while you’re working from the office, or on your mobile device when you’re out and about
Tighten security and anonymity on the Web without geo-restrictions
With InterWAP VPN, you can secure your web traffic and benefit from advanced technologies that boost your online anonymity and security. When you’re at home, using your local network, and at your office, you can work comfortably and without hassle.
Addresses your biggest worries
Are you constantly worried that your internet connection might fall apart and prevent you from accessing your favourite websites, or are you concerned that your internet traffic might be intercepted and analysed by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? With InterWAP VPN, you get online freedom and a safe, secure, and anonymous internet experience because the app works with your existing network setting to ensure that your web traffic is kept safe even when you’re using your local network.
Unrestricted internet access
If you’re a business user, maybe you’re worried that your ISP might monitor your internet usage and track your online activities. With InterWAP VPN, you won’t face any of the concerns that usually plague business users.
Tighten security and anonymity on the Web without geo-restrictions
Some people assume that they need to pay for access to sites and services that they want to use. With InterWAP VPN, you can access these sites and services without the geo-restrictions that are imposed by your ISP.
Can’t access your favourite websites? Try out InterWAP VPN
Using your local network is often your best bet when it comes to accessing blocked websites, yet the presence of your home network might not help you get online. That’s because with your ISP, if they have visibility

What’s New in the InterWAP VPN?

InterWAP VPN allows anonymous and secure browsing on the Internet through a Virtual Private Network, protecting your data, web traffic, and hardware in your Internet café, hotel, office, and home computer.
Using the InterWAP VPN network, your device is quickly and securely connected to another InterWAP VPN server, a so-called Virtual Private Network Server (VPN Server).
Through this Internet connection, you are protected against eavesdropping, computer tampering and hacking, denial of service attacks, and viruses.
InterWAP VPN is part of InterWAP Secure Internet Service, a complete package of secure internet access services that also includes InterWAP Internet, InterWAP Firewall, and InterWAP Secure Email Services.
InterWAP Internet gives you a total secure internet access experience as part of the InterWAP Secure Internet Service.
This frees you from the burden of having to worry about your internet connection security.
InterWAP VPN is a secure service that has been tested and certified by an independent testing center.
To find out more about InterWAP VPN, please visit us:
InterWAP VPN Vendor Website
InterWAP Secure Internet Service Vendor Website
InterWAP VPN Software Overview
What is VPN?
What is a VPN?
Virtual Private Network
InterWAP VPN Pricing
What is VPN?
A Virtual Private Network (or VPN for short) is a dedicated network that is made available to other computers and devices that connect to it.
Think of it as a tunnel that is used to connect two places that are not directly connected to each other. The difference between a VPN and a regular local network, on the other hand, is that a VPN is accessible to a wider scope of computers and devices.
A VPN is set up so as to be completely independent and private, with no computer or device being able to access any information that doesn’t belong to it.
At the same time, users are also given the opportunity to surf the web, and to download and upload information to and from the service provider, all without any user-identification or personal details being shared with the rest of the internet.
Browsing the internet anonymously and using secure connections are two very important aspects of a VPN.
The ability to use a VPN also gives the user access to specific online services, such as geo-restricted ones that are only available in a specific country.
Setting up a VPN
Why You Should Use a VPN
How To Set Up a VPN


System Requirements:

Windows 7/8
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
An Internet connection
100 MB of free space in the default location of your game
How to Install:
Download one of the following options and run it. (Direct link)
Windows (2 GB)
Mac (2 GB)
Play the game by pressing the “Play” button above.
1.1.7 – Fixed a bug where blocks are impossible to interact with.