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An easy-to-use software that allows you to control your computer using a MIDI device. You can fully adjust your computer using a USB keyboard or MIDI controller. Launching MIDI Hotkey Portable is easy, just unpack the archive and run the exe file. You can easily change to any program you want to control, including a mouse, launch the recorder or launch any Windows application without having to open and close the desktop. You can configure several useful functions to your USB keyboard or MIDI controller, such as switch to play, pause, stop or record a track. You can make use of presets stored in the folder to control your device with the desired key (just change the program launcher to the program of your choice and create presets for each program you’d like to launch). MIDI Hotkey Portable Options: The installation process is extremely easy, just unpack the archive and launch the executable file. Once launched, you can choose to launch MIDI Hotkey Portable from the desktop or simply put it into your Favorites. You can now launch the application by simply double-clicking on it, or changing the program launcher to MIDI Hotkey Portable’s executable. There are several ways to configure the application: • Using the main window’s control, you can change the program launcher to launch any program you desire. • Pressing the F2 or F3 keys lets you launch presets stored in the folder. • Pressing the F5 key lets you configure the newly installed device in the Control Properties dialog. • Pressing the F6 or F8 keys lets you control the device using its default settings. • Pressing the F7 key lets you set the device as the default computer input/output device. • Pressing the F9 key lets you switch the device to the Default Windows Input/Output device. • Pressing the F10 key lets you set the device as the default device for opening the Common Controls. • Pressing the F11 key lets you set the device as the default in the System control panel. • Pressing the F12 key lets you load the device into the control panel if it’s not present there. • Pressing the F13 key opens the Help window. MIDI Hotkey Portable running in a window (click to enlarge): In order to use the controls on a visible window (such as desktop or taskbar), you must set the application to run in a window. You

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The application consists of a single screen. Simply press the Alt key and the MIDI Hotkey Portable will be activated. – MIDI Hotkey Portable allows you to receive input from any MIDI device, including USB keyboards or MIDI controllers. In other words, it enables you to use the “hotkey” functions of your device or controller to control most of the functions of the computer. So, how much fun is that? – MIDI Hotkey Portable allows the configuration of USB keyboards and other MIDI controllers, even if the device does not have controls to configure it. For instance, you can change the MIDI channels, the chord mode or the effect settings of a MIDI keyboard. – It gives you the possibility of replacing the various keyboard commands – usually the escape (ESC) key on a keyboard, the note keys or the function keys – with MIDI notes, therefore configuring MIDI hardware to control your operating system. The expansion of the user interface of the note keys and other functional keys gives you a more complete control over the computer. – The sustain pedal and the play/stop buttons are also expanded and are designed to work with the MIDI hardware of the keyboard or controller. – You can also work with the settings of the audio device, using MIDI notes and even replace the standard audio commands. – With the MIDI Hotkey Portable, it is very easy to change the behavior of the computer depending on the MIDI hardware connected to the computer, whether it is a keyboard or a MIDI controller. – The MIDI Hotkey Portable program is the most flexible software solution that lets you change all the functions of the computer using a MIDI device (a USB keyboard or a MIDI controller). – With MIDI Hotkey Portable, you no longer need to go to the MIDI settings and select a specific MIDI device. The MIDI Hotkey Portable software program will be activated when you connect to a computer. Even if the device that you are using does not have a dedicated MIDI channel, it will be possible to map its keys to a MIDI note. – MIDI Hotkey Portable maps the controls to the normal key or button on the keyboard or controller, and configures the expansion of the user interface of the note keys and other functional keys. MIDI Hotkey Portable Main features: 1- MIDI Hotkey Portable allows you to receive input from any MIDI device, including USB keyboards or MIDI controllers. In other words, it enables you to use the “hotkey” functions of your 2f7fe94e24

MIDI Hotkey Portable

– Uses the MIDI Linux Kernel Driver to Control Your Computer (or Keyboard) – Make a USB-MIDI Keyboard/Controller a Standard Keyboard/Controller – configure Sustain Pedal, play/stop and record buttons – Using graphical interface (GUI) for the first time. – Very Easy and Quick to use. – Real time performance without consuming CPU power. – Can be executed in the background without consuming CPU power. – Quick to select the note key from the available notes list. – Supports MIDI note number 0 to 128. – Supports MIDI note number 32 to 127. – Also helps to get accurate MIDI notes on the selected MIDI device. – Supports Multiple MIDI devices simultaneously. – Ready to use with all types of popular operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Unix, etc. – Support: HP, DELL, IBM, and other computers. Publisher Description MIDI Hotkey Portable is a handy and reliable software solution that was designed to enable you to control your computer using a MIDI device like a USB keyboard (the musical type, not the typing type) or a MIDI controller. This is especially useful for those of you who compose music, master tracks or work in the sound engineering field, since you probably work with a lot of MIDI hardware and would prefer not having to use another type of device for typing or controlling your computer. The application can also configure the sustain pedal of the devices, the play and stop or record buttons, giving you a wider spectrum of possibilities in this scenario, by not limiting you to using only the note keys of your MIDI controller or whatever device you might be using as your keyboard substitute. There are many ways to benefit from MIDI Hotkey Portable’s capabilities. For instance, you can make recording easier by replacing some of the standard keyboard commands with note keys, but also launch various programs or even control the mouse. Installing this program on your computer is not necessary since it’s a portable app (as its name indicates) and simply unpacking its archive and launching the executable lets you use its functions entirely. MIDI Hotkey Portable Description: – Uses the MIDI Linux Kernel Driver to Control Your Computer (or Keyboard) – Make a USB-MIDI Keyboard/Controller a Standard Keyboard/Controller – configure Sustain Pedal, play/stop and record buttons – Using graphical interface (GUI) for the first time. – Very Easy and Quick to

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MIDI Hotkey Portable is a useful and reliable app which can be a very useful tool for the musician or the engineer. It allows you to trigger MIDI messages or to control your computer with your MIDI device, with no need for drivers, or any other extra software on your computer. The app only requires a USB device and can work with any kind of MIDI device from my MS MIDI driver or any other app like my MS MIDI server. If you’re using a USB device, your computer and your USB device need to be supported with this program. MIDI Hotkey Portable will replace default shortcuts from your computer keyboard or your MIDI controller with new MIDI triggers. And since it is portable, you can take it with you and use it wherever you go. This app has lots of possibilities, from simply launching programs like your favorite audio editor to controlling the mouse with a MIDI controller or launching your website like a DJ. By using any Windows app with MIDI-support, you can assign them to the app, so that you can trigger them with the app’s assigned MIDI triggers instead of the original shortcut keys from your keyboard. MIDI Hotkey Portable supports a range of MIDI devices, which might be connected using a MIDI Hub or MIDI interface. When MIDI data is received, the app will remember all the configured commands to the device and provide shortcuts to them. In this way, you will be able to execute the instructions of your favorite MIDI software by simply using the app’s assigned MIDI triggers. You can also use this to launch any app which supports MIDI, and where there is a MIDI-port available to connect it to. MIDI Hotkey Portable’s mapped MIDI devices are also saved on the computer, and they can be loaded when the app is restarted. Note Pad: MIDI Hotkey Portable is a Note Pad application, which means that it will replace the original shortcut keys on your keyboard to the ones that were assigned to the MIDI triggers. The shortcut keys are customizable by choosing how many of them you want. There are shortcuts for launching your favorite audio editor, in your favorite media player, to your favorite browser, to your favorite photo editor, to your favorite FTP server, etc. Or simply launch any program you want with a hotkey, such as a web browser, notes for your favorite audio editor, a picture of your favorite media player, etc. E-Mail: MIDI Hotkey Portable also has shortcuts to your email application, which are saved


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Microsoft Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 Intel® Core™ i5, i7, or AMD FX CPUs 8GB RAM Intel HD4000 or AMD Radeons HD5xxx, HD6xxx or later GPUs 16GB or more of available free hard drive space DirectX®11 512MB or more of VRAM What’s new? In this major update, the VR racing experience improves to meet the needs of new and veteran VR racers alike.