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TO THE AURAS WITHIN IS A NEW ACTION RPG GAME BY THE GODSEND CAST (Former) Developers, Runesoft. ONLY GETTING THE HARD COPY, ONLY GETTING THE HARD COPY BY BUYING MY GAME BECAUSE IT IS A HIGH-CALIBUR GAMES GAME. DEVELOPED AND PUBLISHED BY: High-Calibur Games, Ltd. CREATED BY: Ares Studios GENERAL MANAGER: Akihiro Shinozaki PRODUCTION MANAGER: Hiroaki Tabata SENIOR PROGRAMMER: Naohiro Hamato PRODUCTION MANAGER: Miki Ikeda Published by High Calibur Games, Ltd. on May 1, 2016 Developer: Ares Studios A copy of this product was sent to Gamechosers for the purpose of reviewing. ©2016 High-Calibur Games, Ltd. All rights reserved. ©2016 Ares Studios All rights reserved.B2,KGN-BLL1 and KGN-WLL3 cell lines established from primary bladder carcinomas and tissues. We have studied the growth pattern of two cell lines, B2 and BLL1, established from primary transitional cell carcinomas of the urinary bladder. The cultured cells exhibit an epithelial shape, and grow as clusters and as individual cells. The clusters are stable and they can be passaged for several generations. The neoplastic nature of the cells is indicated by the appearance of the same morphological pattern in the in vitro growth and the in vivo tumors. The tumorigenicity of the cell lines is further supported by the observation of the same pattern in the 3 secondary tumors and the in vitro growth in soft agar.Hey guys sorry for the delayed responses, I’ve been busy as hell this last month. But since I know you really need this, here’s a new map for everyone. I kept the pinestone layer that we have in the game, however i replaced the terrain of some lands with other nice grassy color. There are still lots of things to do and I really need more of your help in the art department. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. Stay frosty, Demonfire5941 2.29 ± 0.25 0.87 ± 0.06 *f*~a~


Features Key:

  • Action RPG The latest in E-ONLINE action RPG with a handsome hero. The guard-force known as the Tarnished Fleur will crackle with action. The god-king of the Lands Between has fallen, and the Tarnished awaken as guardians in order to protect the Lands Between from falling into the abyss. Take up their cause as an Elden Lord and challenge well-known monsters!
  • Endless Story with Many World Scrolls The story continues long after you save the Lands Between. There are multiple choices to proceed the story as you please. In order to make past mistakes go unpunished, you can play as an equal of the villain. Enjoy lots of fun as you progress!
  • Customize, Build, and Battle A dynamic upgrade system lets you customize the looks and stats of your characters. In addition to the great amount of magic and weapons at your disposal, you can be the fearsome fierce warrior, or a graceful silver knight, and go head to head with your rivals!
  • Online Multiplayer Features A vast online world where you can visit the dungeons and campaign area of your friends, etc. Quick character creation and easy socialization makes you feel connected.
  • Single Player Campaign Mode A unique story for the E-ONLINE action RPG, the single player campaign mode is a dark story where you encounter numerous obstacles and threats as you journey to protect the Lands Between. Tarnished The Wandering, an NPC servant of the god-king, is in need of your help, as well.
  • Both (VR Mode and 3D Mode) will launch in April
  • Works with the Oculus Rift and HTC VIVE
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