■ Action RPG Start with a generic character, and customize your character by combining weapons and armor, as well as use various magic techniques at your discretion. Feel like a real RPG hero! Enjoy the story of an epic fantasy drama created in mind from every perspective. ■ A Unique Online Experience Interact with other players and travel together in the game using the online function. Online action is actually a drama, not a multiplayer game. We also have an exclusive asynchronous online play. ■ RPG Style Character Improvement System Overcome fatigue to maintain your health and stamina, and increase your attack power and defense. Improvement of your character will be more effective depending on how often you participate in the online action drama. ■ Solo Challenge Prove yourself in the solo challenge mode. Your character will evolve, and your degree of freedom will expand in each new scenario. Prepare yourself for the adventure of your life. ■ Story Route Updates A story route update featuring another newly added scenario will be released every three months. ■ Online Play Difficulty Settings Adjust the degrees of freedom and mini maps of each scenario. ■ Powerful New Unique Weapons and Magic The new unique weapons and spells will power up the overall combat system and add greater depth to the game’s combat. ■ Strong Combination Patterns From the beginning of the game, a series of unique combination patterns will challenge you as you dive into online gameplay. ■ Online Improvements and New Scenarios Improvements to online play and the addition of new scenarios will be announced on a regular basis. Visit us at (2018/09/28) – Read more replies » I’m very glad to say that we have now reached the 1.0.0 release of the game! This is a huge milestone for us, since we have been working very hard to get here. If you would like to learn more about the game, visit the following locations in the game to get all the latest news, updates, and information. Official Website: Steam: Steam Store Page:




Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The first in the FATE (Fantasy Action RPG) series.
  • An epic journey in which you will adventure through the Lands Between.
  • A vast and countless world.
  • Visuals with unprecedented graphical fidelity.
  • Gorgeous high-quality graphics set in a dark fantasy world.
  • Bring back the sophisticated and terrifying fantasy atmosphere to a new generation.
  • New adventure every day!!
  • Exploration of the Lands Between in both solo and multiplayer.
  • Seamless transition from an unprecedented graphics work to the originality of the gameplay.
  • One of the most advanced systems in the FATE (Fantasy Action RPG) series.
  • Variety of enemies and weapons.
  • Adjust your skill level by various leveling up techniques.
  • Features:

    • 64 styles of character.
      • 4 breast size, 8 face style colors, 42 skin colors.
      • Intricate face changing process via pixel art.
      • 9 back sides depending on breast size.
      • Full face when the breast is small and the back side when the breast is large.
    • Edit and save various data of equipment.
      • Unique equipment effect differs from the standard equipment.
      • When it is worn on the body, equipment effect is shown on the character.
      • Allows easy disposal of the worn equipment.
      • Thanks to the equipment edit data and save system, the equipment can be freely developed.
    • Metal skills.
      • Uncover a new and exciting Metal Skill.
      • Personality in both portrait and skill.
      • Fully developed by a tactician who is actually one of the creators of the game.
      • Level up by continuously using a metal skill.
        • A raise cap is shown in the skills that can be learned


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          Please go to the following URL to complete the registration process: FAQ: Q: Are my saved data stored? A: Yes, they are stored in the game storage area on the Nintendo Switch system. Please be sure to back up your data to a USB storage media (USB memory stick or memory card) before deleting the game. Q: What is the data-free version of the game? A: The data-free version of the game enables you to start the game without making any data backup. Please only download and install the data-free version of the game if you don’t plan to download any game data at all. Q: Do I need to download data from the Nintendo eShop during online play, or can I play online immediately? A: You can play online without downloading any game data from the Nintendo eShop. However, if you plan to download data in advance and then play online, you must first download the data from the Nintendo eShop. Q: Can I play without making any data backup? A: You can play the data-free version of the game. Q: How can I back up the data? A: You can back up your data using the following procedures. On the Nintendo Switch console: Open the Home menu, tap the icon labeled with the word “Data,” and then choose Backup. You can also back up your data by using the Nintendo eShop software on a mobile device. On the mobile device: If you have made a game backup using the game on the Nintendo Switch console, you can back up data using the backup function of the app in which the game was saved. Q: If I have already downloaded data to the Nintendo Switch console, will it be overwritten? A: Only the data for the game cartridge on the Nintendo Switch console will be overwritten. Other data, such as data stored in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch console, will not be overwritten. Q: What is the data-free version of the game? A: The data-free version of the game is playable on the Nintendo Switch console (Switch Lite) and Nintendo Switch. Q: Will the games be available for download in the Nintendo eShop in Japan at the same time that I play the data-free version of the game?


          What’s new:

          Next-Gen Action RPG

          Unlock your power with the unparalleled action of next-generation gameplay. An action-RPG with the freedom to use any of a variety of weapons.

          “,1332 }, { “what”: “An Action RPG that provides in-depth character customization without the risk of system overload.”, “who”: “The Dayshift App”, “how”: “March 5th, 2021”, “when”: “”, “where”: “/Portal/Forums/TattleGame/”, “why”: “”, “howcan”: “We are looking for people to join us in making this happen.”, “howcanlinkedin”: “”, “hunger”: “/Portal/Forums/TattleGame/”, “hungerlinkedin”: “”, “rewardsource”: “Idea”, “rewardsourcelinkedin”: “”, “issuesource”: “Idea”, “issuesourcelinkedin”: “”, “taunt”: “/Portal/Forums/TattleGame/”, “tauntlinkedin”: “”, “team”: “We are a small but highly spirited team working on this initiative.”, “teamlinkedin”: “”, “project”: “/Portal/Forums/TattleGame/”, “projectlinkedin”: “”, “icon_url”: “/Portal/Forums/TattleGame/uploads/new/page_icon/icon_index/event/”, “image_1”: “/


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