A new fantasy action RPG game is currently in development by Mobius Corporation. Mobius Corporation has been developing classic RPGs since the 1990s. The classic RPG, Final Fantasy II, was released in 1992. Mobius Corporation, which is now composed of employees who were members of Square (then known as Square Co., Ltd.), has garnered the following titles; Final Fantasy: A New Empire, Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Brave Frontier and Mobius Final Fantasy.

The Elden Ring game is being developed for smartphones and tablets. We will release the game to the general public in 2016.


You can find out more about Mobius Corporation and the Elden Ring game at the following links:


For any questions and inquiries, email the Mobius Games Support Team at

The Mobius Games Support Team answers questions sent in through the User Services Portail (

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Features Key:

  • Unique Structure
    For the first time in a fantasy action RPG, we adopt a complicated grid-based system composed of towns, dungeons, and a world map.
    We are putting players into a vast world full of overwhelming mystery, and we have a large number of interconnected features so you can unravel the story in various ways.
  • Progressive Type of Adoption System
    Players can get familiar with their characters in a leisurely manner. The story cannot simply explain the world by presenting the world map but uses easy-to-understand descriptions to teach users new elements.
    The world map is gradually expanded as players advance and be involved in the expansion of the cities and dungeons.
    The interactions among various elements are woven continuously, while many more elements will be added throughout the game.
  • 3D Graphic
    The 3D graphics are so realistic and charming you will easily fall in love with the game, providing first-rate picture quality and an atmosphere of awe and excitement.
  • Advancements
    Players can be more active and make their own play style more varied and gratifying. Exploration advances and develop your character to a greater extent.
    Players can raise the abilities of their characters while having fun in an adventurous, intense, and exhilarating game.
  • Installation Software

    • Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit)
    • Hardware Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-bit); Windows Vista/8 (32-bit)
    • Hardware Windows 7/8/8.1 (64-bit); Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit)

    Before using, read the Operating instructions carefully.

    Before using the game, please refer to the [Operating Instructions]( carefully.

    Change of will be disallowed!

    Before starting the game, it is advised that you change the account information (purchase once) of the game.

    Cancelled purchases of


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    “If you’re looking for a good fantasy rpg that’s new and fun to play, El Deri: El Es El Nuevo might just be it. It’s definitely a game for those that are seeking something with a bit more of a focus on action than they’re used to, but I did really enjoy it.” – Kotaku

    “Unlike most fantasy games, El Deri: El Es El Nuevo doesn’t feel like it’s trying to do too much – there are no classes, levels, or a whole lot of other things you have to deal with.” – Eurogamer

    “Players who want a fair challenge with just the right amount of strategy and just enough combat, along with a nice set of charming and goofy characters to play with, will find plenty to love here.” – Polygon

    “If you love fantasy role-playing games, then El Deri: El Es El Nuevo should be a game you should keep a lookout for.” – IGN

    “The developers at Amplifeeds are totally on top of their game, and the final product comes across as an incredibly well thought out, polished experience.” – GameSpot

    “El Deri: El Es El Nuevo is a fantasy action RPG with aspirations of epicness and non-stop brutality. I enjoyed the game, but I did find myself getting slightly distracted from the main story as I started to spend more time juggling my characters, buying the right gear for the upcoming combat encounters and seeing what kind of side missions await me.” – Polygon

    – Five things you’ll love:

    ・ An epic story with many twists and turns.

    ・ A fantastic soundtrack.

    ・ Impressive visual effects.

    ・ An impressive voice cast.

    ・ An awesome range of characters and items to choose from.

    * * *

    – A coming-of-age story where you have to make mistakes and suffer in order to become a mature hero.

    – Beyond The Lands Between : the story and events in El Deri: El Es El Nuevo are set in a different time and a different setting.

    – Adventurer Lord: The main protagonist of El Der


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    The Elden Ring has descended from the heavens, and spreads its power beyond the lands of Lugdunon to the Lands Between, which lie between the land of Lugdunon and the north of the Land of Mist.
    THE NEW FANTASY ACTION RPG. Rise, Tarnished, and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between.

    The Lands Between are a land where the legends and songs of Lugdunon hold sway. It is here that the lands of Lugdunon converge, and a trace of the old Elden Ring still remains.

    It is also here that the youngest sibling, who has not yet completed his training, is leading the Tarnished…

    ❱❱❱ ??? ???

    Ah! It’s a Dream…

    All the people of Lugdunon and beyond know the fables of the Elden Ring’s evil domination over Lugdunon during the Warring States Period. The time has come, however, for the new Elden Ring to spread its power throughout the Lands Between.

    You were born under the blood moon, so your soul is both ferocious and free. You are the new Elden Ring brought forth by its blood moon.

    At the moment when the blood moon starts to appear, the Elden Ring will spread its power.

    In order to face the danger, you must develop your skills and summon your strength. You must embrace the power of the Elden Ring and become an Elden Lord.

    The legends of the Elden Ring are taking shape…

    ❱❱❱ ??? ???

    The Tarnished

    The Elden Ring has been sending the Tarnished into the Lands Between at the behest of its master. In this sea of blood, there is no room for women or children. Even the female Elden Ring who became pregnant and gave birth must undergo this journey.

    It is said that only women can equip elven weapons.

    The six that were sent are traveling the Lands Between, carrying out their orders.

    In an old battered car, the six of them are traveling. And it is you who must protect them.

    (The six Tarnished)


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    “However, I’m unsure about this astral plane and I can’t travel there like that, can I?”
    “You mean you don’t know how to use power?”
    “Yeah that’s right! I don’t know any skills or magic at all.”
    “In that case, it’s better to learn it.”
    “Sorry, but I won’t train them!”
    “That’s probably best. Well then, you’d better become a master at defenses.”
    “I don’t understand….Sorry for being so direct,” Richard Durrett looked down at the supposed oncoming death with calm acceptance.
    “Your entire world exists in an astral dimension. You should be able to change the form of your body to suit your needs without training your skills – sense your enemies’ movements, see the terrain around you, detect obstacles, and engage them. Your body fluid, bones, and cells are all astral matter. It doesn’t matter if it collapses and burns away, the material still uses the same form.”
    “What should I do?” Richard said as he stroked his chin.
    “What does it mean to be an Ultimate weapon?”
    “In the 10th century, I left Edda’s Island and formed my own city. Before I left, the system of the resistance was unknown to the majority of people. At that time, before the anti-elven invasion of autumn, the society was rotten and unstable. It had been for more than a hundred years since the invasion of the elves – the resistance was formed and their goal was to protect the human race from the elves. In the beginning, a man named Deren Thorlands, a resistance leader, was the only one who knew of the’scientific’ method…and passed it on to the next generation. Some people protested that method, but Deren was the chosen one to receive the primordium. After he had been absorbed by another self in Edda’s Island, I was the only one left with the task of teaching how to use the power of the primordium. I invested every remaining bit of strength in the training, and prepared the system of primordium to bring forth a new creation – another Deren Thorlands. However, because I was an imitation of him, I didn’t possess his strength and I quickly died. I was reincarnated as an insect.”
    “Another Deren Thorlands, huh…”
    “Yes, Richard. It’s something that you should think about. He is your


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