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Silverlight, Expression Encoder and Silverlight Streaming are sample controls for Silverlight that were developed for Microsoft Media Server. The Silverlight source code used in the sample was downloaded from in on October 30, 2007 and is available at Image defined in a tag is not displayed in Firefox, but displays in other browsers I have an HTML page with a field, that contains a reference to an image. This input is used by a Firefox extension that generates an image As you can see, the image is inside a tag. The problem is, that in Firefox, the image is not visible (no content). It is visible in all other browsers. The output looks like this Does anybody know, why the image is not shown in Firefox, but is shown in other browsers? A: Firefox 26+ has built-in support for SVG content. On pre-26 versions, it’s necessary to convert the image to an SVG and then back to the image. Example $(“#photo”).addClass(“img-rounded”); var img = $(“#photo”)[0].outerHTML; $(“”).attr(“src”, “file:///H:\Temp\foo.JPG”); $(“”).replaceWith(img); Q: At what point to stop giving skydiving lessons? I’m a primary and secondary skydiver – teaching at Skydive Newcastle. I’m currently in my 3rd month of teaching lessons. It’s been great but I’m running out of time to get to know the student fully. I’m wondering when is the right time to stop giving lessons. Currently I’m teaching students at 8 jumps a week but at what point do I make the decision to say’stop’? There is a lot that goes into it besides just jumping yourself. I do two or three jumps a week with students and I also give them their first qualification. We do one or two jumps a week in terms of

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■ Video.Show Cracked Version is a very simple example that streams real-time video to an HTML page and allows users to add and view captured video. ■ It’s built on top of Expression Encoder RTM that allows you to encode captured video in real-time and stream it to the remote page. ■ Video.Show relies on Silverlight Streaming to convert live video streams into streams of data for the remote page. ■ Expression Encoder RTM is now included with the Expression Encoder for Silverlight 1.0 application. ■ The video streaming to an HTML page is controlled using ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight streaming supports both HTTP and Silverlight streaming. ■ The streaming can be limited to keep the bandwidth low and to ensure the best streaming quality. If your app needs high bandwidth to stream real-time, users can set the bandwidth limit. ■ The page can be called with ajax web service to ensure it isn’t interfering with the real-time video streaming to the remote page. ■ Video.Show was developed for user-generated content. Video.Show also works with live, professional content. ■ Video.Show includes support for uploading and editing multiple videos. ■ Each video is encoded at a different frame rate. ■ Each frame rate can be encoded with different bit rate. ■ The background of the video can be set to grey, blue or no background. ■ The size of the encoded videos can be varied. ■ The width and height of the encoded videos can be varied and can be set to half of the original video size or the original size. ■ The sizes of the encoded videos can be changed after the encoding is complete. ■ The size of the encoded videos can be set in pixels, milliseconds, seconds or minutes. ■ The height of the encoded videos can be stretched. ■ The width of the encoded videos can be stretched. ■ The brightness, contrast and saturation of the encoded videos can be changed. ■ The brightness of the encoded videos can be controlled using H.264 profiles. ■ The contrast of the encoded videos can be controlled using H.264 profiles. ■ The saturation of the encoded videos can be controlled using H.264 profiles. ■ The width 2f7fe94e24


Video.Show is a sample that demonstrates usage of Silverlight, Expression Encoder, Silverlight Streaming and ASP.NET AJAX to create a video portal for user-generated content. This application was released in two phases: Phase 1 released in July 2007 and Phase 2 released September 2007. Building Silverlight Streaming Applications: We’ve just announced in our last Express 2008 Preview Video that Silverlight Streaming Applications are now available! The Expression Encoder SDK 1.0 RC has also been released for Expression Encoder 1.0 as a downloadable package. This is a the last Expression Encoder version we will release in-house. Silverlight Streaming: Silverlight Streaming is a new technique that allows for the production of.wmv files in Silverlight, without the use of an.asmv file. The.wmv output is created in Expression Encoder (formerly called Expression Media Server) and the resulting.wmv video is then streamed via the Silverlight Streaming model. Silverlight Streaming includes new features, such as lower bandwidth streaming, video switching for different camera angles, ease of use, uniform playback across devices, and streaming a webcam’s content. There are some restrictions on the level of video compression that Silverlight Streaming can handle. Silverlight Streaming is now supported in Expression Encoder. ASP.NET AJAX Video Portal: The video portal is a new concept that allows for the creation of a portal video management application that creates a webpage containing a set of videos in a variety of modes (e.g., thumbnails, video full-screen, video list, video player, video upload) and streams the content using Silverlight Streaming. This sample allows for the management of video content from a database. The ASP.NET AJAX Video Portal sample also demonstrates the use of AJAX for the creation of a video portal. AJAX is an asynchronous development model, where the client requests XML from the server and any application changes can be reflected instantly to the end user without reloading the entire page. The silverlight-url attribute has been deprecated since SL4. It’s functional only for clients running WPF. The current files for the application, including the web.config file are still supported.[Treatment of in-stent restenosis by percutaneous transluminal angioplasty with metal stent]. To investigate the clinical and angiographic efficacy of balloon angioplasty with a metal stent for the treatment of in-stent

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For Video.Show 1.0, you must have at least Silverlight 2 Beta 2. Video.Show 1.0 is a Silverlight based application that allows you to view, publish and broadcast your videos using Silverlight. You can also use custom encoding, P2P streaming and AJAX to create a video portal for user-generated content. On the ASP.NET side of things, Video.Show requires ASP.NET MVC 2, ASP.NET Web Pages and ASP.NET Web Application templates. For the front-end (client) Silverlight framework, you need the 2005 Beta 2 (Release Candidate for Beta 3 is available too).Q: How to implement url-style filtering in Zend Framework? I’m new to Zend Framework and I’m trying to figure out how to create a simple url-style filtering. Here is an example: and so on. Is it a good idea to create a custom route for this purpose? If so, how should I do it? Thank you! A: You can easily create your own route with custom request params, then you would need to parse the URL in the controller action. _Add_portal_content_Permission Assignor Manager

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