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VolumeTouch is an easy-to-use and practical Windows utility that replaces the classical volume controller in the system tray area and provides users with extra options to seamlessly adjust the computer’s volume level. It does not come packed with complex features or configuration settings, which means that it can be figured out by all types of users, even newcomers in the software community. Accessibility via the system tray The setup procedure takes little time and minimal user assistance. At startup, VolumeTouch creates an icon in the system tray area to replace the regular volume controller. Select a hotkey and mouse mode By opening its context menu it is possible to open the volume controlling and sound recording tools of Windows, adjust the audio properties (playback, recording, sounds, communications), select a key combination for tweaking the volume quicker than normally, as well as pick the mouse mode between wheel scroll, vertical and horizontal mouse position. In addition, you can change the tray icon skin, mute the volume via a hotkey (cannot be changed), as well as disable VolumeTouch instead of exiting it. There are no other noteworthy options available here. Evaluation and conclusion As expected, the tool does not put a strain on PC performance, since it runs on low CPU and RAM. There were no kind of issues in our tests, as it did not hang, crash or pop up error messages. Although it is not particularly feature-rich, VolumeTouch is simple to use and gets the job done. Opinions from the Community After a long day of a 3-4 hour stream, I have found my blind spot. … Now comes the part where I shamelessly copy paste the link from the OP, and advertise my product and why it should be bought. Just see that his link is all over the Google. And that he wanted to take the “shortcut” of just posting the link. The Power Volume Interface (And Thump! Inc.) We have been working on VolumeTouch ( to be a more refined, new Volume Interface than the ones you find in Windows Vista and Windows 7. VolumeTouch is dedicated to volume management. It replaces your volume controller in your system tray, which gives you a quick and easy way to access your volume controls (and recording) on your PC at the push of a button, even while in the middle of a three-hour streaming event. It’s meant to be

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This program lets you control the PC sound volume using the same hotkeys as in other sound players. The tray icon may be replaced with a custom image to make it “more different” and to give it its own style. Most freeware! All our freeware applications are ad- and spyware-free! To find out more, please visit our freeware page. Thanks! No information about the developer, author or website is available. The only information the author supplies about their software is the description and screenshot found on the www.freeware.cz website. The author offers a 4-Star rating with a comment that the program works properly. We’ll recommend software here that we have tested and know to be of good quality. The software is commercial freeware unless stated otherwise. All software in our catalogue is 100% ad and spyware free, own license and free of charge, and does not contain any form of malware or virus. If you like and want to show your support to the developer or your appreciation for their hard work, you’re welcome to do so. Thank you very much. We are a website for freeware and shareware applications that is based in the Netherlands. In total our catalog contains over 3000 individual freeware and shareware applications available for Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.12 Amazing GIFs From ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ At the end of every Marvel movie, there’s always a scene that moves the plot along, and everyone gathers to celebrate the film’s conclusion. And for the next year, they’ll talk about the epic battle, and all the things they’ve seen — along with the coolest GIFs. Now, finally, we have the GIF that will put them in their place. The scene that inspired this GIF came in the final moments of Marvel’s The Avengers, when the credits rolled, the credits were on the screen, and that’s when Banner hopped on the jet, snuck in and tossed a bag of coins onto the screen. The Iron Man was waiting for him — then Hulk jumped out, straining the ink cart. While it’s hard to image Avengers 2 gifting us that same GIF, we hope it’s just as fun and epic.Andalucía en México: una marea verde de la que se conoce como el río Hispano Conocido como el Río Hondo de México, el 2f7fe94e24

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VolumeTouch is an easy-to-use and practical Windows utility that replaces the classical volume controller in the system tray area and provides users with extra options to seamlessly adjust the computer’s volume level. MDT Release 14 is out & a major Release for Zorin OS, the operating system distro that is one of the most popular Linux Distros out there. A nice screenshot with the Zorin OS Thunar file manager and the options that you can choose from. Zorin OS Release 14 – ZorinOS.com ZorinOS_ScreenShot MDT Release 14 Downloads – MDT Releases A Russian Windows 10 Insider preview build was leaked over the weekend. The build number, 18203, is Windows 10 build 14393 and the most notable change includes VSCode’s addition to Windows Store. After the update has been downloaded, one must accept the terms of use before using this Windows 10 build. Microsoft plans to roll this build out to all Windows Insiders worldwide on March 27, 2019. Those on Android are not to be left out though as the build will also be made available for download through the Microsoft Android app store. Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 18203 | WindowsUpdate A new leaked Windows 10 build, version 18188 has been made available to testers in the Fast Ring only. The build number is 18188 and has been internally named as KB4543893. To get this build, one must have Windows 10 Insider Preview Build from the Fast Ring and be willing to make the Windows 10 Insider Program and download the KB4543893 update. This build fixes a bug in which the new settings and discovery in the Edge browser are not persisted after the browser has been closed. New Microsoft Edge Update Lets You Customize the ‘New Tab’ with More Apps #New Edge update released | WindowsInsider Gigya is the world’s leading social engagement platform, empowering people to make, share and join conversations around topics that matter. Its social news aggregation service, powered by a real-time social network, delivers the latest and most interesting content that is influential, local, and meaningful to its users. With Gigya, businesses can build awareness, monetize conversation, and personalize user engagement – all from a single platform. Public cloud service providers often offer a public cloud environment with security protections. The downside is that you are locked in and need to pay for a service that you might not use. On the other

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VolumeTouch is a free extension of Windows that replaces the conventional volume control panel in the system tray area. VolumeTouch can be started by clicking the VolumeTouch icon or with a hotkey combination. Users can easily adjust audio playback volume, sound recording level, as well as adjust system sounds. VolumeTouch can also be accessed via its context menu. Key Features: – Customizable hotkey combination allows users to adjust system volume using a different key combination than Ctrl and the volume down button. There are only six available hotkey settings. – Sound capturing tool helps users capture, record and edit sound. The user can adjust the following options in Sound Recorder tab: – Audio format to save recorded audio – Recording quality – Recording to record – Recording length – Recorder settings – Playback options for audio when recording – Volume control – Capture volume – DTMF tone – DTMF Capture – Transfer DTMF tone to an application – Capture Voicemail – FreeVoicemail is an application that can receive and play voicemails using Linux-based systems. The user can download the software via Softpedia Web site. – Audio configuration lets users set different audio settings for multiple programs, including: – Master volume – Input volume – Output volume – Input device settings – Output device settings – Playback device settings – Capture device settings – In addition, VolumeTouch can be configured with different sounds (device specific) and play sounds to notify you of selected events. The most common events are: – Alerts for incoming phone calls – Notifications for emails – End of selected recording file – Saving of the audio files to disk – Alerts for voicemails – Playing of a recording file – Start of a recording file – Playback of a recording file – Silent mode is a feature that can be used to disable sounds. Silent mode should be used for working on business-related programs that can make annoying sounds. – Enable or disable mouse wheel zoom to adjust volume (can be used with a mouse with a scroll wheel) – Mute the volume via keyboard shortcuts – Disable VolumeTouch instead of exiting it – Remove the icon from the system tray area – Clear all the volume settings – Backup / restore volume settings – Backup audio settings – Restore audio settings – Removes the icon from the system tray area – Set the tray icon skin – M


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Windows 8 Pro or later (64-bit) 8GB RAM 1 GHz processor 1280 x 800 display resolution Graphics card with 1GB dedicated RAM Internet connection with 1000BASE-T ethernet. DirectX 9 graphics DVD drive 50GB free hard drive space 60-70 FPS, 720p video output A minimum of 5.2GB available hard drive space for installation. Key Features: Automatically detects and reconnects to your home network when it loses