Elden Ring, released on Nintendo Switch™, PS4™, and PC in February 2018, is an action RPG with a twist, which is a fantasy adventure game that appeals to both old and new RPG players. The former charm of the classic RPG, the latter immersion of the action game, and the RPG and action game combined with the impressive high graphic quality, Elden Ring provides a whole new experience. Features: World Creation System A unique world creation system where you can freely create and experience new worlds! Explore Solitude A richly designed world with many elements, where you can freely create your own world using the world creation system! Create Your Own Path A totally different experience with the freedom to create your own path as you travel. Legendary Battle System A system that is based on a turn-based battle that features a refreshing “swipe” method, unique to Elden Ring. Variety of Combat Styles Various combat styles, including but not limited to, swipe, auto-defense, and scrolling.This invention relates to a method for surface treatment of metal sheets, and more particularly to a method for surface treatment of metal sheets which is accomplished by alternately applying thereto a first molten material containing a first additive, followed by applying thereto a second molten material containing a second additive. The first additive can be oxidized to the surface of a metal sheet, or the metal surface is protected by the first additive. The second additive can be a nucleation agent, or the metal surface is further treated or reformed by the second additive. There are many techniques for treating the surface of metal sheets which are used in industries as diverse as copper electroplating, metal casting, printed circuit, and alloy melting. “Black plating” has been the subject of many patents. Particularly the technique of black plating of steel is well known, and involves spraying on a molten salt, or a molten metal of the black gold family, or spraying on a molten nugget or black gold from a tuyere at a temperature above the liquidus temperature of the applied metal. Black gold, however, is a complex mixture of metals. It is not uniform. Due to its complex composition, its utility is limited because it is not easily dispersed or selectively applied. U.S. Pat. No. 4,765,851 to Earle et al. discloses a method of producing steel which is very dark. It


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Set the course of history:
    • Newly added Monsters added for the Story Quest!
  • New System to Change the Sphere of Destiny:
    • The Sphere of Destiny is a new system that lets you gain power from items, monsters, and the like.

    Fun Features: