Lands Between

* What is Cracked Elden Ring With Keygen?

Elden Ring Serial Key is an action RPG unique to PlayStation®4 that presents an interactive story via the title screen. Created by Koei Tecmo Games, the company behind popular titles such as Dynasty Warriors and Fire Emblem, the Elden Ring Cracked Accounts world and its inhabitants are beautifully crafted from ancient legends.

* Game Features

◆ A Vast World Full of Excitement

Travel the Lands Between, the dimension where the worlds of the present collide with those of the past. Explore a vast and diverse world, where the thrilling events of many myths and stories are occurring. It is an exciting action RPG unique to the PS4 system, where you can find an extraordinary adventure, wherever you are.

◆ Create Your Own Character

Battle and adventure as a powerful hero with the ability to control over 300 years of history. You can freely choose weapons, armor, and magic, so you can develop your own character. Whether you’re a monster-slaying badass or a wise monk, raise your stats as you freely mix and match up to 8 pieces of equipment, and combine with the different types of magic you’ll find to develop your own strategy.

◆ An Epic Drama Born from a Myth

An epic drama in which the various thoughts of the characters in the game intersect in the Lands Between. You can control multiple characters, and fight against the monsters that are causing chaos in the Lands Between.

◆ Unique Online Play that Loosely Connects You to Others

The online mode provides asynchronous online play where you can directly connect with other players. In this mode, many of the events of the game will occur simultaneously, creating an online experience unlike anything else on the market.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Enjoy a rich and intense story unparalleled in the fantasy RPG industry
  • Customize your characters and take your combat and agility to a new level
  • Unlock the Trials and Mystery, and face difficult enemies
  • A comprehensive Action, Action-RPG where you can freely enjoy battle and strategy actions without dividing them
  • Explore the vast Lands Between, and engage in turn-based online combat with other players
  • Breakable Enemies and Endless Trials during gameplay
  • Take the Lead Role in the Lands Between from six Relatives
  • Elden Ring has been recognized as many awards from important Game & Game industry outlets:

    IAAPA (Japanese Game awards) – Best Online RPG Game of 2015
    E3 2015 – Console Awards – Best Artistic Achievement
    Game & Game 2015 – Best Artistic Achievement
    GamesCom 2015 – Online Game Award


    Elden Ring is slated for a global release on November 14, 2015. Watch Elden Ring’s stunning trailer below: