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The lands in the East are settled by humans and monsters, the latter called Orcs. Humans and Orcs have lived in peace for hundreds of years, and many people have retired to the peaceful lands in the East. But the lands of the East are too peaceful for the Orcs. They have been living in hope for a long time, and now they dream of conquering the lands and ruling as the lords. Among the Orcs are a certain number of Orcs that have been chosen to be masters. They are the most handsome, the most powerful, and the most cunning in their race. Meanwhile, a noblewoman from the human town of Saltfield received news of an impending massacre of her people at the hands of an Orc raid. She herself had dedicated a portion of her own life to fighting the Orcs. In response, she sneaks out of Saltfield disguised as an orc, and she captures the three commanders. She then escapes and sends them back to her home town to say that she has captured the three Orc lords and that she will punish them severely. The Orc Lords, who were seeking revenge and power, can not help but seek their doom. In order to change the fate that awaits them, they choose to join the human town and serve as bodyguards for the noblewoman. Joining the noblewoman was a desperate idea, but the Orcs did it nonetheless, and now they have the ultimate goal of becoming the rulers of the lands of the East. WE REPRESENT THAT THERE ARE NO REASONABLE PROBLEMS RELATED TO THE LANGUAGE. LIKE, WE WANT TO SEE YOUR COMMENTS. COWRE THE COWARD, AVAILABLE IN ENGLISH. YOU CAN SUPPORT COWRE THIS WAY. We plan to keep releasing new information about Elden Ring game. [Visit the website]Q: Alternatives to jQuery.load() I have a site, which uses jquery-1.7.1-mobile-pagecontainer with jquery mobile 1.0.0-rc2. When the user clicks on a button on the original site, I want to use jQuery.load() to redirect the user to another page. The problem is that, with the version I have, it doesn’t seem to work. The code I’m trying to use is: $(‘#link’).


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • An Action RPG Full of ExpansiveWorlds and Compelling RPG Elements.
  • Customize your Character.
  • An Epic Drama Full of Secrets and Sidequests.
  • <
  • ******************************************************* Clarifications for this release *******************************************************>>
    • Battle Monsters.
    • Actions you are equipped with, will be applied to each monster as usual. For details on actions and consequences of equipped equipment, see the Equip Guide.
    • Mechanic Arts Skills.
    • Class Skills that have a skill level of AT most in this class will increase the level of a skill upon completion of training.
    • Selective Participation System (SPS).
    • During this previous period, users who completed the 5th Defeat Instance of “Belzerg Blazer” obtained the data that this engagement event has been implemented on this update, in the “Character” section. (i.e. a certain rating will be obtained for select actions and statistics) After the update, upon completion of another instance, the previously viewed data will be updated in the “Character” section.
  • Combat System.
  • You can now obtain EXP (Two types: Normal EXP and Drop EXP).
  • You cannot acquire EXP from monsters outside of Guild Wars.
  • EXP can be acquired by defeating monsters and defeating bosses.
  • EXP will be gained based on class and profession.
  • The amount of EXP acquired will depend on the amount of experience a player possesses.
  • Active skills will cause EXP to be increased. The rates are as follows: 15% for Rose Blades, 25% for Green Battle Expert, and -50% for Expert Generalist.
  • Active skills can be used to increase the EXP gained.
  • Using a staff will cause 15% of EXP received to be lost.
  • A Staff cannot be used if a player’s level is higher than 20.
  • You can obtain EXP from Class Training. Classes EXP Training is different from the EXP gained from


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    What’s new:

    <About Tennenbaum Games>

    We are a small company which was established in 2014 in Kyoto. We are dedicated to create unique and deep games, based on the intellectual property of the Creative Alt School. For example, we have discovered something new in the fantasy saga (which had not been told in a series of novels) and developed a game to tell that story with such elements. In the future, we hope to change the way people play fantasy games.

    Tengenbaum Games Inc.

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    System Requirements:

    Mac OS X 10.8 or later Intel or AMD dual-core or multi-core processors 2 GB RAM HD video card: 1024×768 screen, 32-bit color Windows OS X 10.8 or later Steam version: Dual core i3 or AMD APU i3 or AMD A6-Series i3 or AMD A10-Series