The game’s story is set in the Lands Between — a world between which there is no other world and which is surrounded by the Empty Space. The power to create begins here. DRAGON FANG A hero who has lived his entire life believing that the power he possesses is a mere illusion and a liability to him, comes across the words of a woman’s farewell letters, which ask him to “Trust in God, and strive for victory, because there is no escape from the beginning.” This is the first ray of hope he has found. He becomes determined to discover the truth. This is the start of his journey. This is the world of Dragon Fang. • An Original Story Moved Within the Soul of a Fantasy Game In “Dragon Fang,” you start your journey as a Paladin whose power is unquestioned. Your style of play is your own and your “data,” the knowledge you have gathered so far about the world and other people, is based on your decisions. As you move forward, you will become familiar with the world of Dragon Fang and come to understand other people’s thoughts. THE WOODS Where the world is a fantasy, and the Goddess of Battle is a woman. Where the power of the firstlings runs deep, and the cowardly act of fleeing gives strength to the brave. Where the forest is a sanctuary, a place to test your valor, in the midst of a battle. THE CARVED WORLD A world where the landscapes and events are rich in detail and history, where there are many more people that you meet, and where the battlefield is a land of intimacy. You can understand the feelings of others, and cast a powerful spell that has an impact on the actions of their characters. The world of the Carved World is a world of peace and magic. BLOOD WITCH A world like none other, in which the bond between the player and the character are deeply connected. With the opening up of the freedom of choice in the creation of the character, and the diversity of the relationships you share with others, you may find it difficult to navigate this world. FEATURES [1] A TALL WORLD – Open world with continuous field and underground environments with complex and three-dimensional designs. – High-definition graphics and beautiful landscapes are a factor in the experience of the game. [2] EXPAND TO THE FULL YOUTH OF THE IPHONE – Cover the full screen


Features Key:

  • Bold System – Branches You and Allies Every character in Elden Ring has their own path to favor, and you can gradually unlock additional attributes and individual powers that will increase your skills and improve your battle capabilities. You can explore the story content in the form of space where the heroes of Elden Ring battle alongside one another.
  • Fight and Battle – Adventure to Find an Elden Lord
  • Battle other players and emerge victorious in the online matching modes in order to accumulate honor points. Keep the honor you gain in other players account and enter them into the online story.
  • Game Features – Fantastic art, Intense battle, Worthy rewards
  • Key Features:

    • Emotional Elements
    • Gameplay that ・ Start fight with dozens of attacks You start the battle by having dozens of active skills and equipping magic. To finish the battle on a higher rank by executing a more difficult combination of combat skills with the power of the characters’ Awakenings. ・ Gather confidence to battle with the opponent that is a challenge with respect to the skills and attribute you have collected by taking part in PvP.
    • ・ Relieve in Seamless Fight Smooth online fight in comprehensive menu.
    • ・ Summon Team of Elden Ring Members to Battle
    • ・ Character Enters Battles ・ Work with the Team In battle, characters interact and team up for alliance to perform more efficiently and gain more merits.
    • ・ Split into 2 Groups • Elder Group Guarding for the safety of their party, this group is tougher than average. • Guardian Group Dependable support characters to the party, learn new skills as they grow. Help them become more powerful as their own Awakenings are increased.
    • ・Achievement system! ・ Earn from battling Earn points at each and every battle. ・ Earn from playing the game Earn rewards through quests, certain events


      Elden Ring Product Key

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      Elden Ring Activator (2022)

      **PC Version control:** -Connect your Steam account to the game in the Store, then click the ID “TGG” to activate the Steam Beta. -In order to become the ELDEN LORD, you will need to upgrade the game to version or higher. -If you would like to know the approximate time required for the upgrade, here is the guidance. **Download Game:** -In order to reach the ELDEN LORD, you need to download the following game files. -10GB of free space (approximately) (> You can change the game files by following the instructions in the READ ME after the download. -Internet Connection (> 300Mbps, or >64Kbps) **Areas that are available in the beta test:** -New Playable Character: EDEN (also referred to as the ELDEN LORD). Edens are the protagonists of the Lands Between. At this point, they are currently quite open to you (in other words, Edens can be played relatively freely). -Swap Item UI: You can swap items freely, such as armor and weapons. -Playable Character Window: While it has a closed function, you can make it into a medium sized window. -Customization interface: Customization widgets, etc. -Change Character Decoration UI: You can customize the character’s appearance by changing its appearance colors and decorations. -Change Gem UI: You can customize the gem UI. -Map Slot UI: You can change the interface of the map. -Shop UI: You can purchase new items. -Map UI: Create map configuration with the “new map” function. -Map Data: You can customize maps. -Create a map file: You can create a map using a map editor. *PC: -Find “data\tmp\steam\0E7C6A28\0E74A25A\controller.fdb” in the “ESP5V2\E74A25A\0E7C6A28\game\data” folder. –


      What’s new:

      Dangers Linger in the Woods and Ruins.

      Fighting Monsters and other Challenges. A large, dangerous and varied world. Monsters vary greatly in strength, so it is very dangerous to venture in the unknown. Known varieties that you can play as include monsters that can reduce you to half of your life, and high-level monsters that can cause a status effect to other party members.

      The forest and ruins can be dangerous areas for you. You must be careful, as enemies can lurk in all parts of the world.

      Dangers are randomly generated, so even if you are careful, there may be situations where you are betrayed from behind. Therefore, it is important to be prepared.

      Roguelike elements. The game has a certain type of the action RPG with a roguelike element. Threats are randomly generated every time you start the game, but there is a certain amount of content included in this randomness. You may need to repeat the same areas in different ways until you find the right solution for troubles you find.

      Online elements. Have you ever felt the thrill of getting to something you thought was impossible? Have you ever been to a dreamland in one game, but wished that you could make it come true in another? I want to create a dream, I want it to be somewhere out there in the world. The dream is the adventure in the Lands Between.

      The Lands Between are a kind of temporary, fluid undefined world for you to experience. They are wild, and where the sun cannot reach, there is endless darkness. All that is left is your imagination.

      You can assume the role of a hero, but, if you are under a certain age, you cannot assume the role of a Blackhole. However, by exploring the Lands Between, you could find a scene that allows you to be the Blackhole and sink down into the Earth.

      You will be able to experience the thrill of being a hero.


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