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Located in the Dungeons, Fields, and High-Ranking Dungeons.
• 3D Graphics with High-Definition Motion
A 3D dungeon, floor, and ceiling with high-definition graphics in a dark gray color.
• Great Combat and Gameplay
A first person view with a wide range of combat moves. A large variety of equipment to enhance the combat, as well as special skills.
• Immersive Storyline and Gameplay
The story will unfold before your eyes as you play, getting you to the experience the thrill of the battle.
• Endless and Evolving Dungeons
A vast and varied dungeon where not only the density but also the difficulty of dungeons varies based on the setting.


Explore the world of Pokémon.
• Attend a Live-Action Pokémon Show in Tokyo
In addition to a tour of the three main Pokémon distribution centers in Japan, this will be your chance to see and experience the world of Pokémon up close!
• The International Luck of Pokémon

Start from the beginning and compete against Trainers around the world in matches of battles.
• The World’s Most Popular Mobile Game

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A world full of interesting people and a city full of beautiful scenery.
• A New City in a Familiar World
A metropolis in a village-like city, full of rich histories and unique architecture. A place where nothing is ordinary.
• A City Full of People (and Pending Innocents)
A city full of life and different types of people (such as the famous) and a city full of beauty.
• A City Full of Excitement
A city in which the buildings are full of charm and the history is full of excitement.
• A City Full of Character
A place in which you can go anywhere at any time and meet anyone.


A world with all that the real world has to offer.

• Cutesy Story
Travel through a world with loveable characters in a cute story


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A Vast World
    There are no events separated by scene. The open-world environment is seamlessly connected, and you can adventure freely.
  • A Myth Born from a Legend
    While the battles in the past are living legends, new stories continue to unfold in the Legends Battlegrounds. After classifying many of the legendary units, the overall narrative of the battle is finally beginning to emerge.
  • Awakened Powers!
    The Lords of the Elden Ring have brought forth the powerful Omni-Rune, the Elden Ring Key, which awakens new powers for the characters of The Orb World.
  • High Quality Graphics and Sound
    Beautiful graphics and high-quality sound effects produce a very exciting offline and online experience. Also, many elements such as music, sound, and characters’ voices are planned for the offline version, and are currently being researched.
  • An Epic Adventure with Many Players
    In addition to the online cooperative experience, there will be a competitive mode where you fight against many other players and keep on playing for a long period of time. In this mode, you will experience things that you cannot experience in the offline cooperative experience, for example, players will be able to peek at your inventory and break your equipment.
  • Seamless Progressive Multiplayer
    Conversations and scenes in the offline multiplayer will progress as the series of scenes in the story continues.
  • Realistic Battles
    Fight against other characters with large numbers of soldiers, including fearsome dragon enemies that take control of the battlefield. Strong AI has been implemented from the outset.
  • A Campaign and Quest
    The newly added story will exceed the boundaries of just battling enemies together. By obtaining the worthy items that appear in the story, you can continue the story in your in-game party.
  • Create Your Own Character
  • Elden Ring Story
  • Awakened Powers
  • High Quality Graphics
  • High Quality Sound
  • Offline Cooperative Experiences
  • High Quality Game Flow
  • Realistic Forces
  • Realistic Characters
  • Realistic Battle
  • Realistic AI


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    アクションRPG 最新ファンタジー

    Protagonist: Mary

    The story:

    -20 Years Before A Great War.

    The time before the story begins is 20 years before the great war. At the time, boy named John left town, carrying a mysterious letter. A man appeared to John’s house and gave him a letter, telling him he could find the person in the next village if he followed the path of the letter.

    The path is the Lands Between.

    With a hero’s journey, John finally arrived in the town, which belonged to the Commander. He had lived here all his life. It was a sunny day, and John decided to rest here for the afternoon.

    -The Lands Between

    -In the Fields

    The fields of the village square were scattered. The town and each house was beautifully decorated and was well maintained. The roads were well maintained too, but they all had a feeling of homelessness about them.

    The Elgas also lived here. For some reason, they had once lived together in the town, and now they lived in the fields, where they tried to get some fresh air.

    Elgas, like humans, were simple people. They lived together so they could eat and rest in peace. Some were sad, some were lonely, some were in love. Because they did not live in the same village, they had no hope of meeting the other villagers.

    At noon, to John, the Elgas seemed happy. Their beautiful surroundings had a peaceful feeling. John felt excited about the upcoming adventure, and it felt good to have a sense of purpose.

    * The Order of the Legend:
    -The Order of the Legend was created under the order of a Princess. They aim to be the premiere knights in the world. The knight who had been selected to serve the order, an active bounty hunter, was named Robert. And he had been dispatched to gather materials at the request of the order of the Legend.
    * The Story of Robert:
    -He was gathering materials in an area that was dangerous, but there was not a single person around.
    -The footsteps he heard did not belong to


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    © 2017 Nintendo

    © 2017 Nintendo. All rights reserved. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo and all related characters and elements are trademarks of Nintendo. All third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Images via © Nintendo.

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