The Elden Ring Game (hereafter referred to as the “Game”) is a fantasy action RPG that is the first to implement the new script technology (“Script-format Online Game”) developed by n-Space, Inc. (hereafter referred to as “n-Space”). The Game consists of three single-player modes that can be played offline and two multiplayer modes that can be played online or offline. In addition to the single-player mode, players can form a party with other players in one of the multiplayer modes and try to solve the story with friends or strangers. Players who connect to the online service through a browser will be able to play the online multiplayer modes. The game allows the unrestricted use of in-game items, such as items, furniture, and decorations. The character of the Game is a young man, Tarnished, who has been gifted a sword, which he uses to turn the swordsman, not only himself but also the people around him, into a hero. The landscapes of the game are located in the Lands Between. The Lands Between is a three-dimensional world where the continuity of time and space does not exist. It is a world that floats, and the lands can be freely manipulated. In the Lands Between, you can freely manipulate not only the landscape but also the realm of time and space (the characters). The time flows faster or slower depending on the change in the landscape. Characters can be thrown into a different world where their own character and skills have meaning, and the characters’ relationships can flourish. Multiplayer World The second Multiplayer World is a world that allows all players to see and interact. Players can connect to the network through a web browser to enter the world. Players can also access the multiplayer world by registering through an ELDEN RING Online Account. Online The first Multiplayer World is an asynchronous online world. Through an ELDEN RING Online Account, players can connect to the online services. In this world, players can play a scenario with a partner or play against a partner. Offline The first Multiplayer World is an asynchronous offline world. Through the “Offline” button, players can play the game normally and also play scenarios against or with friends who are connected to the service. ●Single Player Mode “Tarnished”


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