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For those of you who have been waiting for Elden Ring, you can now enjoy fantasy adventures in the Lands Between…

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its all about how much you put into it

It’s amazing the difference you can make with just a little push, a little effort and a little guts.

A huge thanks to the owner and to Thomas for giving us this amazing opportunity and for making it possible. The highs were amazing, and for a moment you forget why you’ve come to a race. You forget all the preparation, the hurt, the pain, the exhaustion that makes you a little insane. All of a sudden you forget your journey, the race and all the hours spent training, racing, trialling bikes, mixing gels, eating, sweating, drinking, the commitment, the struggle, the pain, the shortness of breath and the sheer anger of racing at your best. And for just a moment you are on the edge of a precipice of total happiness.

You are relaxed, you feel comfortable, you feel like you are in the right place.

A few hours later you drop into a big story, you hear a rumour, you see a tweet, you listen to the radio, you read the reports, you hear somebody say something or to be honest most important, you FEEL something, you get inspired, excited, you feel a buzz, a rush. You are drawn to the action.

It was so easy to push ourselve to 10 minutes faster, harder and stronger than we had been for the last 10 hours. It was so easy to go to work that evening with a smile on our face.

We stuck to our recovery plan from the previous week, eating a recovery gel, drinking a recovery drink, eating a recovery bar, drinking a recovery drink and laying down for an hour before going to work. The previous week our recovery wasn’t as intense and we didn’t do so well, but it was just as effective.

And I’d be lying if


Features Key:

  • An Old Mist-Traveling Story: A Tale of an Elden Lord, Awakening Alive! The fantasy RPG follows a story of an old mist-traveling only Elden Lords who return alive from the afterlife to revive the undead.

  • Unique graphics with 3D Depth: The most interesting dungeon architecture in the form of branching paths. A vast open field with dramatic narrow hallways. A multitude of wings and a thick roof.

  • Visually beautiful scenery: An oversize 2D character class with retro charm. The sound design appropriates to the game’s setting to provide rich auditory sensations.

  • Rise, Tarnished: The world of the Elden Ring unfolds as you develop your character, which consists of 2 parts, body and soul. The development process of the tattered souls is tracked, and the resurrecting techniques are constantly found out.

  • A vast world where open fields, thick forest, and a dungeon are seamlessly interwoven: The approachable world has a wide open area with an abundance of farmland and dense mountains. It’s full of dramatic scenery. Dungeon and town settings and architecture are all unique.

  • Create your own character: Freely interact with the game’s character system. Customize the appearance, equipment and skills that you equip, and think like a new person through deep thinking.

  • Character development based on your play style: Class-based character development that is free of standard stat flows. Attribute balance is kept in mind, and while the amount of basic attributes differs, the distribution is adjusted to achieve synergistic interactions.

  • Move in various manners across the vast fields, intricate hallway, and dungeon: A variety of manners for you to move across the world, such as flight on the air, and locomotion on land, in addition to movement in the dungeon with equipment.

  • Visually challenging action RPG: Featuring visually rich and diverse battle fields. Still a large part of the action RPG, such as the rope-dangling main attacks are also supported.


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    -HONORABLE MENTION- – 8/29/2013 – 2:15pm

    The new fantasy action RPG game,“Rise, Tarnished and be guided by grace to brandish the power of the Elden Ring Activation Code and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between” has been released on the 27th of September 2013. -Snip-

    This game took my breath away and was full of excitement. It has a beautiful world, and graphics are great! -Basedawolf-

    The graphics are good and it’s very colorful and flashy. The music sounds good and fits the game. -AkuRay-

    The soundtrack for this is top notch, having both the music and the voiceover combined with the concept of this game is very solid. -CGMeester-

    A cool action RPG game. What starts out as a fantasy world with awesome quality art and music brings you into a fantasy world where battles happen. If you like fantasy like I do you are going to fall in love with this game. -Uchi-

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    The worlds in this game are alive. I thought this game was very well put together and I was really surprised by how many things I could do in the game. In addition to that, this game was well made, the battle stages and controls were both very well done. I felt very confident in battle even though I was still a newcomer to the game. -u-

    This is an excellent gaming experience that will keep you entertained for a long time. -Cyber Pooka-

    Not only is this fantasy world easy to understand, the controls and features are also very easy to use. This game is a very good buy for those who want to create their


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    How to play ELDEN RING game

    • Grow as a character in the five paths that you can choose from.
    • Experience an intense battle as your character grows.
    • Explore the Lands Between and meet other players in a gameplay community.
    • Achieve or surpass your own goals.
    • Complete your Achievements and gain Golden Weeds as rewards.


    ■ What should you know about this game?
    Rise, Tarnished is an action RPG game of fantasy, where you can freely customize the appearance of your character, and create a fun and strong character. In addition to the excellent party management and intuitive gameplay, it supports a feature called “Class Gameplay,” which makes it easier to quickly level up and become stronger as a warrior, mage, etc., and is a key element of the online play. In short, Rise, Tarnished is a game that you can enjoy while gaining glory and building yourself as a strong character.

    ■ What will you see as the main objectives?
    1. Join the online play.
    Rise, Tarnished supports the asynchronous online play which allows you to feel the presence of others. Players can directly connect with other players in the same world, and you can travel together to the various dungeons. You can fight to defeat enemies and gain items together and trade.

    2. Go on a journey of epic adventure with a variety of characters.
    Explore the Lands Between and meet other players in the online play. As you explore the game, encounter other characters who can lend you a hand and advice, or even help you reach the ultimate goal.

    3. Grow as a character and create an even stronger character.
    Create your own character and raise him or her in the five growth paths.
    Enjoy the freedom to choose your character’s class, and grow your character along the five paths: Strength, Perception, Magic, Title, and Charisma.

    ■ How do you grow as a character?
    As your character grows, he or she will gain strength, accuracy, and skills, and also unlock new combat skills, magic skills, and even combat and magical abilities. You can raise your character’s strength, perception, or quickness through the physical training system. You can develop your character’s magic power, or your accuracy, quickness, or perception through the magic system. You can increase your character’s title power or charisma through the title progress


    What’s new:

    Updates and Details:

    • New light Adventure Chapter with over 100 quests (Chapter 31-32) released
    • Plot goal, quest reward, and new items added to the [secret] blue door quest (Chapter31-32)
    • New quests added to [secret] 6 thoroughfare quests
    • New characters added
    • A number of improvements added.

    You can download ENIGMA SOLUTIONS XZ_v0.4.xml or read the release notes for the details.

    Fans can also try the previous version of the game ENIGMA XZ_v0.2.xml.

    Finally, the Screenshots containing ENIGMA XZ_v0.2.xml can be viewed

    Oddosphere: The Dungeon


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    Elden Ring gameplay walkthrough:

    Elden Ring Overview:

    The game’s story is made up of plenty of different perspectives of reality and reality itself. There are levels, plenty of characters and complications. You’ll experience open fields, vast dungeons and two massive battles, among other things. You’ll also get to experience a ton of different situations throughout the game, such as hiking in snow, riding on a train, learning a language, and escorting a girl to a certain location. As you explore the world, the action will take you into towns and villages, where you’ll experience the delights and perils of life in a world dominated by magic.

    One of the most exciting things about the game, for me, was the fact that it was first unveiled at MAGFest 2017! This is quite an interesting event, as I don’t usually follow video game news; I only tend to get interested in things if there’s no news at all. However, one of the first thoughts I had was that the game was featured alongside other major games such as new consoles, games from the past, and new games from currently-produced games. It was like getting a unique glimpse into the future, as well as the past, and imagining all of the characters and settings in the game, both from games developed long ago as well as games that are still being produced. It was awe-inspiring to say the least.

    The setting of the game revolves around life in a world dominated by magic. As such, the story revolves around a few different things – such as fantastical creatures, battles, and a certain Witch’s kidnapping of an innocent young girl. It’s an anime-like story, and the adventure takes place in a place known as the “Lands Between”.


    How To Crack:

  • Unrar and Install
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  • New Features for this Game:

    Zombie Mode Achievements are here now.
    Start a new game and press a, then X on the security key, you will enter zombie mode.

    Haunted Graves:
    Kill the boss with a normal attack.

    XP Boosts:
    You will receive x3 on this achievement.

    Crowning Achievement:
    You can choose a crown and apply it to the name of your character.
    Your name will be Asael or Siphiel.

    Collect Rewards:
    You will receive treasures and in return you will receive korin (sometimes nile).

    HP Boost:
    Increase 300 HP will help you in the quest.

    The Lost Land:
    A new land, with neat design and things.

    The new Elden Ring style:
    Modder support is here:

    Major Changes:

    New Character Creation:
    Choose your gender: male or female.
    You can also freely choose your hairstyle, haircut, skin color, and face shape.
    You will see the comments of other users on your character.

    Change of Character Size:
    You can choose your size: small, medium, or large. You can also choose your weight category: light, medium, or heavy.

    The new Camera:
    The camera will automatically follow your character, making you want to travel, exploring, and discovering to new lands!
    You will also be able to see your equipment clearly!

    Buddy System Support:
    You will be able to recruit friends and have fun


    System Requirements:

    1. A high speed internet connection to download the game. 2. Minimum specifications of Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent processor, 1 GB RAM, at least 300 MB of free hard disk space.
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