The Legend of Broken Sword The game is an action RPG that lets players freely walk around the lands between the mythic fantasy world of the Gods and the realm of the People, experiencing countless story lines. Through its diverse contents and its unique concept of open exploration, the game has attracted a wide variety of players from all over the world. Colman and Bill Nighy are both up for best actress in the land this year. But the Oscar could be all for nought if “The Favourite” doesn’t get a nomination. The Netflix prize-winner has been nominated for more than 20 awards including best picture, but could be heading for a shock snub. Olivia Colman (L) and Rachel Weisz at the Baftas 2017 The Favourite Netflix “I’m not overly optimistic,” Colman told the Radio Times. “They haven’t nominated ‘The Favourite’ for this year. They’ve nominated ‘Roma’ for best picture so I’m not holding my breath.” Dan Stevens, who stars in the film, is also facing a nomination shock. He plays Queen Anne in the biopic, which also stars Olivia Coleman, Emma Stone, Jason Bateman and Rachel Weisz. Lion gets the nomination Danish drama “The Guilty” has also been nominated for this year’s Oscars. The film explores the criminal case of a mother who was convicted of murdering her children, but later released from prison. It has been nominated for best foreign film. It is up against three tough competition – “Roma”, “The Favourite” and “The Post” – but this year’s nominations could be seen as light on both female and gay nominees. It is also unusual for a British film to make it into the best picture list. “The Favourite” is based on an Agatha Christie novel and is entirely scripted. It was directed by Yorgos (“The Killing of a Sacred Deer”) Livanidis and features some stellar turns from both Weisz and Stone, both who have been nominated


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • PvP
  • Collectable WarCry Weapons
  • Dynamic NPC Wishes
  • PvP System
  • A huge, very 3D world. The world of Arena Terminus will keep you on your toes and will challenge you to release your efforts.
  • Make Your Own Game Content: Customizable Interface with unique atmosphere
  • Define Your Own Character
  • Challenging Missions
  • Defeat Enemies using a variety of battle skills
  • Total War Experience, from the battlefield to town life
  • Optional Asynchronous Online Game
  • Offense and Defense Options
  • Turn-Based Battle System for Solo Players
  • Battle system


    You will be required to control all kinds of characters as you plod along your journey to Brimstone Peak… but you can change your class at any time!

    The battles of the game are more exciting when someone is on the attack, blasting away at enemies, while you are trying to hinder their progress.

    The guiding principle in class-based PvP battles is “keep your opponent on their toes!”

    The principles of a “distribution-oriented battle” are based on a “fight to the death!”

    Elemis Rod Music

    The combat of our game is so exciting that we want it to match the energetic tone of the Tarnished world. We looked at many music pieces from various composers, and finally found that the music played by Elemis Rod fit the mood of the game and its music.

    We hope you will enjoy the music of this game.

    A new society, called the Starfolk, has emerged in the Land of the Bare-Elven. As they believe the world to be different from reality, they will do anything to convince people that the world is a world of the wild.
    In a new fantasy survival RPG, experience combat, and delve into dungeons with a group of heroes as you try to protect a refugee girl from a terrifying invasion. ◆ an exhilarating fantasy adventure • a combat system that allows for a seamless switching between action and strategy
    Devolve into a monster by dying during battle and add an intimidating sense of danger to your character
    With an invincible opponent who cares only about bloodlust, you can win only by defeating them while avoiding damage. ◆ an original story begins with “the Cleansing Hyco” 5,000 years ago, the elven race was beset by the chaos of the Twisting Void. In order to save the people, they spread out into the lands surrounding the Twisting Void.
    In the lands were the elves had settled, a conflict erupted. The elves believed that the world was different from the one seen by everyone else, so they tried to convince humans that the world was a world of the wild.
    The humans believed and followed them, and wars continued until finally a legendary battle erupted. It was the “Cleansing Hyco.”
    This battle was an unending mass of high-speed, frantic combat, resembling madness more than a battle. • the


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