As the divine power of the world seeps into Rygoth, nothing can stop the spread of evil. However, a group of brave young people are fighting back through a legendary action RPG.

There is a place called The Lands Between. It is a vast world where dream and reality overlap. A world that is shrouded by darkness and tainted by sin. There is also a power known as the Elden Ring, which has maintained the balance between good and evil. The world beyond The Lands Between is a dream whose harmonies become a battlefield. Only the Elden Ring can fight, and only those who have accepted the warm light of the Elden Ring can prevail.

The Lands Between was once a pristine world of grand mountains, grassy plains, and cloud-covered skies. However, a dark shadow fell. A mystical guardian’s spirit entered Rygoth and bestowed an ancient power. When the true meaning of the power was revealed, a voice fell, and sin was born. Thereafter, other ancient myths, religions, and legends about the power emerged from the abyss of the cosmic world.

These stories are the lifeblood of The Lands Between. They have been passed down in countless tales from the beginning of time. Their legends are told in the dark lands that Rygoth casts its shadow. The Lands Between is rich with diversity. The Elden Ring is “to be able to work together to bring about a great battle against evil.” The land where The Lands Between is born, Rygoth, is a great, unyielding, and boundless world. There are four legendary warriors called Elden Lords who are the heavenly guardians of The Lands Between. A one-on-one fight to slay the darkness that blighted Rygoth has already begun.

The worlds of dreams and nightmares lie in wait. It is time to begin the Elden Ring tale.Archive for the ‘Politics’ Category

In an effort to warm the cockles of the millions of Americans who bought Donald Trump’s “I’m rich and can do whatever I want” megalomania, our hero is today reneging on his written pledge to four Republican senators to actually staff his administration with some competent people.

Donald Trump’s possible pick to head the Environmental Protection Agency, Myron Ebell, has served as director of the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Center for Energy and Environment for almost two decades.


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Players from all over the world can connect directly and go online once a week.
  • Tame and pick up monsters and other players via the quest map.
  • A private online world where you can go anywhere with your friends and battle on a limited-time basis.
  • 15 playable characters. Choose from over 30 different class combinations and combine your stats to create your own class.
  • 3 playable races: Humans, Elves, and Dwarves.
  • Massive overworld world. Numerous sights and sizes await you.
  • A fully playable character progression system, including bonuses for advancing to the next level and unlocking new classes. Any player can take on the role of an Elden Lord, regardless of their in-game experience.
  • Customize your class and character, such as the appearance, strength, and weak points, using the unique class option system. This feature also allows you to choose the starting class when creating your character.
  • Joining partners online and in-game with the Dynamic Duo button.
  • Enjoy fast and highly-responsive MMO gameplay without the lag.
  • Fun and exciting multiplayer. Battle the others to be the best in your class and enjoy the thrill of high-end action.
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