> Elden Ring (hereafter referred to as the game) is a fantasy action RPG that will be released in Japan on June 12, 2018 for PlayStation 4.
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Elden Ring is a game where you rise as an Elden Lord. Tarnish your body and receive a wisdom that allows you to become an Elden Lord.
> How to Play
“In the Lands Between”, an extremely large game world full of unexpected situations, is a fantasy action RPG that moves to create a living world that you can experience. As you travel through the vast game world, your goal is to strengthen your body to become an Elden Lord. However, enemies called monsters that inflict damage slowly appear along the way. That is where you must focus on combat strength to beat these monsters.
> Your Personal Story
You are a young, ambitious adventurer who travels through the Lands Between. Your mission is to become the strongest warrior in the world. You start the game as a commoner, and after accepting a quest, your strength increases. You are able to explore the world without sacrificing your strength, so that you can acquire new skills and equipment. However, as your strength increases, your body begins to taint from the wear and tear of battle. To prevent this from happening, you need to confirm the path of the Tarnished to confront the lies of the past.
> The Fateful Path of the Tarnished
The path of the Tarnished is a path that you will travel in the Lands Between. On that path, you can freely raise your strength by fighting monsters. If you have a high strength, you can cross through the dangerous mountain of a group of monsters called the “Council of Elden.” After that, you can challenge a dragon called the “Kil-hah,” and obtain an item called the “Aura of Courage.” That is the way you can obtain power to become an Elden Lord.
> Rules
ATK: Power Attack
-Attack boost.
-Special attack that raises your power when used while running.
DEF: Defence
-Defense boost.
-Special attack that raises your defense when used while running.
RCV: Recovery
-Restores your strength when you use these while standing still.
LIM: Limit Break
-Changes your special attack for a short period of time.


Features Key:

  • No IAPs: The content of all of the games in the series and the library are included in one package, allowing you to build a complete RPG fantasy experience without additional purchases.
  • Single Player Mode: Enjoy the memorable action RPG single-player mode in front of a TV using a controller. You can easily take on quests that appear naturally with every play.
  • An Epic Drama: A story enriched with a sense of curiosity from the beginning to the end. In addition to the In-Depth Tutorial, there are various other 2D animated cutscenes to know the background and story of Tarnished, and a complete packet of select dialogue for you to enjoy.
  • High Quality Graphics: All graphics are drawn with hand-drawn animation, and the polygons of the various enemies, weapons, and items have been optimized for high-quality that satisfy your eyes.
    Drink Your Noodles: Some scenes have a sense of uncontrollable horror, and naturally eat any food you come across. You can enjoy a bit of life in the fantasy setting of Bleak Falls Barrow, immerse yourself in the action, and sense endless drama in the dialogue of Bleak Falls Barrow.
  • Character Customization: Earn different attributes from every monster and enemy defeated. Equip a variety of weapons and armor to develop your character as you see fit. Play your role to impress the high elf and turn into a Hero.
  • Autosave: You can continue playing in a safe environment without interruptions. In addition to a resume option, each world, chapter, and game can be saved at will.
  • The official Bleak Falls Barrow blog

    Nintendo Switch version coming February of 2018


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    ”Full of epic battles, interesting mechanics, and a unique story.
    The quests and items created by the game designers are absolutely amazing.
    The graphics and sound are gorgeous.
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    ”In the beginning, the designs were a little too cartoony and unrealistic. The progression from this to the real world was a slow and steady one, and made for a great experience. It helped that I was able to go through the game solo, since it was designed to be more of a single-player experience. The player is given the freedom to create their own destiny, whether it be adventuring solo or with a party.
    ” -[Pocket B] “The gameplay is fast-paced, and the battles are glorious. Your character wields a weapon with a wide variety of effects, which may range from pushing attacks to providing a shield or directing a spell.
    “There are tons of enemies to take on, and battles are fun. A few of the battle techniques will really challenge you, such as casting a spell while your character is under heavy attack.
    “A unique feature of the gameplay is the Focus. You will be able to focus your character using items. This focus will enable you to unleash a powerful attack in a timely manner.
    “The dungeons and storylines each have a bit of an epic feel to them. The game even has a class system, which allows you to play through the game with your main character or as an NPC.
    “I really liked this game, and I will definitely be continuing on with the story even after I complete it once.
    ” -[Eiden Notes] “I really loved this game. The characters and world design were amazing, and the story was especially riveting.
    “I would really like to see more online play and a continuation of the story. It was really great and I am sad it will be over. ”
    ”Tarnished” game reviews:

    ”A relaxing, calming experience that will leave you satisfied with the easy-going nature of combat. It’s evident that very little time and effort was spent on the game, as it was mostly bare bones.
    ” -[Diamond Dollar] “Overall, this game was just plain fun. When things get tough and combat systems are explained, it manages to grab your attention.
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    (1) Event Space [Official Site]
    (2) Hero

    Hero : A Warrior who fights against the evil powers of the Abyss to protect the world.

    • Your Growth in the Hero’s Life

    The event space allows you to change the appearances of the hero, explore the world map, complete quests, and slay monsters.

    (1) Quests

    Quests are stories of characters that travel with you in the world and reach their goal.

    (1) Adventurer

    By completing a quest, your character will be able to explore the world map and defeat monsters, and eventually earn new skills and abilities.

    • The Fight between the Hero and Monsters (Quests)

    Throughout the game, you will have to delve into a variety of monster tribes. You will often be placed in various battles against them.

    There are a lot of strategies for fighting the monsters, and in order to know them, it is necessary to travel around and seek out their weaknesses. (Quests)

    • The Action RPG with a Soundtrack of Spectacular Orchestras (English Tracks)

    • High Quality Sound

    The game is arranged so that the theme music changes based on the action in the game.

    Explore in the Forsaken Fortress (Eastern Continent)

    Explore the Lands Between, and find your heart’s desire.

    In order to grow as a Hero, you will have to go to the Forsaken Fortress. In the Forsaken Fortress, you can find a variety of powerful weapons, armors and magic items.

    If you equip the Rare Item (The item is very powerful, and the more you have, the stronger you become), you can instantly become stronger.

    Explore the world map and reach your goal.

    (1) Exploration

    In the Forsaken Fortress, you can explore the world map, and even travel to the Forgotten Fortress.

    You can also dive into the dungeon map, and explore the Lava Caverns and other maps.

    (1) Dialogue System

    The dialogues with NPCs will give you good advice and increase the EXP that you gain from a quest.

    (2) Create Your Own Character

    You can freely combine the weapons, armors, and magic that you equip. In addition, you can develop your character according to your play style.

    (3) Monster Tribe


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    How to play offline:

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    How to install ELDEN RING game:

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    How to play online:

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    4 or more USB slots
    Minimum RAM size: 32 MB
    Minimum CPU: 650 MHz
    Minimum HDD: 8 GB
    Minimum Graphics: Geforce 6200, Geforce 8800 or Radeon HD3200 series, ATI X1550 or Intel Extreme Graphics 2 (Integrated GPU)
    Minimum CD-ROM: 2x standard CD-ROM drive
    Minimum Sound Card: DirectX Compatible Sound Card
    Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me
    This is a game based on the Quake3 game engine. It is easy to install