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A fantasy action RPG, which will be released in February 2017. Experience an action-packed, dynamic battle system in an ever-changing world, where you can freely develop your own character as you adventure, learn the secrets of the past, and fight to change the destiny of an entire world, with another player or otherwise. In a constantly changing world, you fight an overwhelming number of enemies by using a variety of weapons. Become an Elden Lord by destroying your enemies and collecting the fragments of their runes and weapons. The more fragments you collect, the stronger you will become. You can customize your character by freely combining a huge number of items, acquire new items through dungeon exploration, and develop your character and fight using a vast array of skills. THE STORY A rebellion has started among the people, and a powerful force of peacekeepers from the south has begun fighting for control of their land. In order to obtain the power to stop their people from dying and bring about justice, the Elden Ring, an organization with a millennium-long history, awaits the day when they will be born again. * 【Premium Service】 * Battles after the “Download” are exclusively available to those who download from the PlayStation® Store! * Online features, including Conquest Online and Matchmaking, are restricted. * Features specific to online play are not guaranteed. * PlayStation® Plus membership (sold separately) is required to play online. ©2017 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. (“SIE”). A Zenimax Software Company. All rights reserved. SIE, SIE logo, and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe are trademarks or registered trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. and its subsidiaries. RELEASED ON: February 17, 2017 ** Please follow us on Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news, updates and behind-the-scenes FALLEN EMPIRE II: REVOLUTION Special Information ** ^\ The game is for the Playstation®4 computer entertainment system. Content is subject to local laws. *IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER FOR BACKGROUND INFORMATION OF FEATURES/INFOMATION* This game and app content is available only in countries where its use is permissible. [1] *Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of Nintendo Switch is 39.99 USD in Japan. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is publisher�


Features Key:

  • A vast world where multiple play styles coexist together.
  • Unique and replayable online character experience.
  • Play with hundreds of others in a kingdom war.
  • A vast world full of exciting moments.
  • A unique, engaging RPG experience.
  • Summary

    On the 1st of September, a new fantasy action RPG based on the incredibly popular Fallout: New Vegas will be available worldwide, continuously streamed in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean from the official website: >

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    I’ve read the product information and came to this conclusion on my own. -My favorite is definitely the battle system. -The design is unique and is a class system where you choose what you want to make the most use of. -This is definitely shaping up to be an amazing game. I’ve read the product information and came to this conclusion on my own. -My favorite is definitely the battle system. -The design is unique and is a class system where you choose what you want to make the most use of. -This is definitely shaping up to be an amazing game. A shame I am a bit late to the party,but I do not know what the hell I missed. The game is AWESOME. [Creepy cool – 9/10] But I cannot even play the game since I can not reach the website(need to be high speed connection for that.) This game is so entertaining, it feel like I am taking part in the game’s journey as a true disciple. But it’s also so frustrating because I don’t know if I will ever be able to play it. (I hope to have time some day though.) I saw this on the website and I had to purchase it, it truly is a beautiful game. Everything looks great and I cannot wait to play it when I have the time. Amazing title, I can not wait to play it. – This game is an unique fantasy action RPG. – The battle system is epic and really touch my heart. – It’s seems like I am in a town that is a bit like Dragon’s Dogma. – The game itself looks great and if you have any kind of odd tastes or creativity, it’s time you should play this game. This game is fantastic. [Crazy fun – 10/10] You can create your own character. The battle system is really epic. The controls are a bit weird sometimes. The music is very atmospheric. I really want to explore this town. This bff6bb2d33


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    [Battle] ・Autumn Equinox ・Winter Solstice ・Spring Equinox ・Summer Solstice Battle is more appropriate to say when we grow old. Let’s go to battle. ・After a certain amount of damage inflicted on the enemy, ・if the HP of the enemy reaches 0, ・the enemy will be defeated. ・In the current battle, ・you can use the ability called “Clear Wind.” ・The clear wind can allow you to use several of your active abilities ・to inflict additional damage to the enemy. ・Using the clear wind can be done at any time, ・and if you use the clear wind by mistake, ・you will have to wait for the next use. ・If the clear wind is used for a certain amount of turns, ・it can be reset. The clear wind can be reset in the following instances: ・At the start of your turn, ・You enter a battle from the safe space. ・You used the full cooldown of a spell or ability ・You received an ability cast by another character from the clear wind. ・You did not use the rest of your HP. ・An NPC has attacked you. ・There are cases in which the clear wind cannot be used. ・You can use the clear wind until the number of turns reaches 0. ・You cannot use the clear wind if you have received a critical hit. ・When the HP of the enemy reaches zero, ・you can place the next attack to the enemy immediately. ・This order is maintained regardless of the attacks’ order that will be determined later. ・If the enemy can be defeated without any other attacks besides the order ・set on the first, you can use a confirm ability. ・After the confirmation, ・you can use an ability that has a chance to be used based on the round. ・If you use an ability that has a chance to be used based on the round, ・you can choose to place the next attack to the enemy immediately. ・If there is no chance to be used, ・you can place the next attack to the enemy only by using the confirm ability. ・If you confirm the use of an ability that has a chance to be used based on the round, ・you can use the ability at any time. ・Note: ・If you use


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    ■ New Applications

    1. Raid Battle Party

    The Raid Battle Room can be accessed through the built-in Raid Battle Panel. With a limited amount of party member (4), you can engage in joint PvE content with the other members.

    2. Raid Battle System

    Raid Battles feature a highly competitive PvP Raid Battle system that enables you and your party members to fight together in environment that intelligently adapts to each party member’s strengths and weaknesses. The optimal balance between offense and defense is crucial in PvP combat, but the system also has extensive countermeasures to keep the battle fair. To ensure a consistently enjoyable PvP experience, we have paid particular attention to the balance and response speed of all strategic elements.

    ■ Raid Battle Features

    • Each Raid Battle has a Master, 70 HP Raid Boss with a certain level requirement as its Key Skill, and Lvl 35 equipment and materials.
    • The Master serves as the intrinsic stat controller that determines the flow of the battle.
    • It is important to manage the character’s stat #ABC (Attack, Defense, and Creation) and to determine the balance of these attributes during the battle.
    • Masters can be learned from experience as well as leveled up through items rewarded in the Raid Battle. Master training is supported on one party.
    • Oversized equipment usually brings high offensive values, however, the master’s vitality is decreased, so offensive equipment can be ideal.
    • Defensive equipment can provide an advantage against wasteful tactics, and defensive items tend to be of lower value.
    • Each master has its own specific movement skills known as normal attacks. The left and right normal attacks have both front and rear attacks. This makes it easy to determine which of the normal attacks will launch. The attack that aligns with the direction in which the master faces will target the front.
    • Fields greatly affect the strategic balance of the battle. The battle is considerably diffcult when the surrounding field is used to protect your party.

      Download Elden Ring

      Dear user, if you want to install our game “ELDEN RING”, then download any game, by exe or iso file from our site! > Download by Click “Download” button bellow > And when the file is downloaded, just extract by WinRAR (All RAR files are unzip with WinRAR) > Then, It’s full and free! > Thank you! ELDEN RING OLD WORLD OF THE ELDEN RING, (A Path to the Power) The Elden Ring is a great godly power capable of rising and descending in seven regions or planes. Elden Ring is the link of the seven planes and the source of power to all the Elden. The other world now faced the destruction from the Elden Ring. How will the seven Elden Ring be saved from destruction. One of Elden Guard was chosen to restore the Elden Ring from the destruction. The Elden Ring is divided into seven regions; Plane of Blackness, Plane of Light, Plane of Chaos, Plane of Shadow, Plane of White, Plane of Silver, and Plane of Gold. Each region is under the rule of a different Elden Lord who are loyal to the Elden Ring. The powerful Elden Lord controls the region, along with his servants. There is a special item called the Elden Ring key (Elden Ring key), which the rulers of the seven Elden Ring and their servants use to enter the regions. When the Elden Ring key was on the altar of the great god, the power of the Elden Ring is most powerful. If you have the Elden Ring key and are attacked by an enemy in the region, then the event P1-02 Event will trigger. If the event triggers, you will leave the region and enter the next one on the map screen. If you have possession of the key, the whole world will be affected by the event P1-03 Event. How to start the game: • Save the area where you want to download the game • Click on “Download” button bellow. • After the download complete, then extract game to your folder. • Turn off your internet connection • Then, double click on your game • Follow the steps on the Main Screen (I recommend to play the game on hard mode) NOTE: • If you found a message “This game


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