Key Features: – Introduction to the Lands Between Through “1 Game” and “2 Game”, explore the Lands Between and assemble the support of the Elden Ring Crack. – Experience a New Fantasy Action RPG Play the game and start building your unique fantasy world. – Customize your Custom Hero Play the game and become a hero who does great things. – Develop your Story in an Epic Drama A multilayered story that is told in fragments. – Completely Reimagined UI with “3D” Rise in a rich and three-dimensional fantasy world. – A Rich World & a Deep System Explore the world and increase your power. – Asynchronous Online Play with a Variety of Content By connecting with others, play exciting and unprecedented games. – Pure Action RPG Features A Pure Action RPG where the gameplay has never been this exciting before. – Special Techniques with Elden Power Through each character, who becomes the leader, defeat enemies while leveling your character. – Strong Bonding with Other Characters In “1 Game”, a place where everyone belongs, relationships are formed. In “2 Game”, a place where you can change yourself, friends are strengthened. – “3D” Battle System with “Depth and Dimension” The battle system where you battle with your sword in 3D. – 3D Map with “Parallel World and 3D Warp” Play with a rich fantasy world, becoming a storyteller. – Auto/Switch between X-Mode (Characters Only) and Y-Mode (World Map) The map can be displayed easily by a single button. * X-mode (Characters Only): Player-manageable X-mode, Solo play with just your character. * Y-mode (World Map): Player-manageable Y-mode, Play solo on the entire world map. * Anyplace System: Player-manageable Anyplace System, Assemble up to two other characters at an Anyplace Site. ◆ Please check the system requirements for accuracy. * It is possible that specs may differ depending on the configuration/computer, country or environment of where the player is playing from. DEVELOPER: Evegotech, Inc. PlayLink: “indie game creator” Evegotech, Inc. is a studio in Santa Monica


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Pure content without pay walls.
  • High quality art & animation like a traditional RPG.
  • High-def graphics up to 1080p.
  • Different and varied combat according to your play style.
  • Multiple classes in each server for great synergy with other players in the same team.
  • Special world development that lets you draw from and build upon all the games in the Elden Ring series.
  • Easy access to a variety of content.
  • Free access to the beta test servers.
  • Enjoy online and asynchronous communications with other players.
  • Disconnect your client to take a break from a long battle.
  • Features: