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New Fantasy Action RPG For the PC

In the game, you will assume the role of a strong and unique character that awakens to fight as the guardian of the world with the aid of the powers of the Elden Ring Crack Free Download, the power that was sealed away for 100 years. With the powerful magical powers of the Elden Ring Serial Key, you can purify the corrupted land of the Lands Between, and defeat the three powerful and evil Elden Lords.

New Fantasy Action RPG by White Rabbit

Developed by the skilled development team that has previously worked on games such as the popular IOS franchise The Flame in the Berserk and MapleStory, and the Fantasy War online game by Red Entertainment, the fantasy action RPG Elden Ring is highly anticipated.

“This game provides an entirely new sensation and fresh fantasy experience.”

– Red Entertainment President Seung Hyun Kim

“The gorgeous and graceful music by arranger Seung Hyun Kim will undoubtedly draw you in.”

– Gaeunseok Jeong, Sound Design Director

The saga: Resurrected from the remnant magic of the Elden Ring, a powerful and unique magic has awakened. You will face the Elden Lords, three powerful and evil immortals who have invaded and corrupted the Lands Between. In the midst of a great war, you will assume the role of an armored knight known as the Anima, a skilled warrior, or a spell-casting sorcerer, and set out on your first journey in the Lands Between.

The Characters:
The Anima is a powerful knight who has awakened as an embodiment of the mighty power of the Elden Ring.

(male or female)

Her stats increase as the Power of the Elden Ring is awakened.

(2 classes)

■Male Player 1

The brave and hardworking knight.

(Armored Warrior)

– Sword Slash Arts

– Many Action Skills

– Threat on the Front Line

– Move Quickly and Active

– Strategy for Online Battles

■Male Player 2

The strong and robust knight.


– Summon the Battle Cat

– Highest Attack, Defense, and Magic

– High Combat Potential

– High Resistance to Adversity

– Strategy for Offline Battles

■Male Player 3

The versatile sorcerer who uses magic arts.



Features Key:

  • A World Full of Filling Sound with beautiful melodies.
  • An Audio Drama that truly brings every scene to life.
  • A Vast World Full of Excitement.
  • A Variety of Dungeon Types, Locations, and Monsters of Every Description.
  • The Dynamic Skill System, which allows the player to develop different skills at their own pace.
  • A System That Supplements Multiple Play Styles.
  • Technology: PlayStation 4

    PlayStation 4 is Sony's next generation console that is scheduled to be released in February, 2013. Now that its release date has been announced, it is time to look at the technology behind this console, especially at the memory capacity. The PlayStation 4 is the first console to use a graphics processing unit (GPU) from Nvidia's powerful Nvidia Tegra® K1. The K1 is a powerful super-computing engine that enables high-fidelity graphics and processing. Its power comes from the large number of transistors that it contains. This is 10 times more than an Android device that is similar to a conventional PC. A large GPU means that the PlayStation 4 has the capacity to process large amounts of data. In other words, its graphics and physics engines are better equipped than those of conventional consoles.

    The PlayStation 4 contains two controllers, each with a DUAL SHOCK-like feel. The PS4 will have an 8-gigabyte (GB) hard disk drive and 500GB hard disk drive. The hard disk drive capacities can be expanded using a USB flash drive. The operating system is stored on the hard disk drive, while games and other apps run on the flash drive. The flash memory is called 'Sega Drive Online';. The capacity will be capped at 32GB. Memory cards of this size will be used to expand the memory.

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    In ELDEN RING, you have the power of the righteous warriors and the weapons of the divine beings. Rise from the Tarnished, the sinful evil that descends from the mortal realm. Your only purpose in life is to rise to become an Elden Lord.
    1. Your avatar appears as an NPC on the map.
    2. You can move around a free area freely while speaking with other characters. However, you cannot communicate with enemies. (Conversation with enemies is possible in the online mode.)
    3. You can enter a dungeon, keep the relics inside, and examine them.
    4. You can use weapons, armor, and magic by checking the equipment table.
    5. Characters can learn special skills and receive a level-up.
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    What’s new:


    In addition to the online play, “First Party Games” are also under development which will launch in the game on May 27th, 2018. Through the online connection player can play cooperative gameplay only with other players of the same sex regardless of platform.

    Main Features

    • A fantasy with depth.
      • Plenty of content- requiring only a one-time purchase-
        • Encounter creatures and gather rare treasures such as Bodhi Stones- items that have been unearthed by players for an extremely low price- to trade.
          • A vast world with unique environments,
            such as a vast dungeon and a forests widely spread in from the beginning of the game.

            • In addition to main scenario, players can experience side quests that relate to the main scenario and discover minor story-like elements.
              • A wide variety of enemies are present.
                • Many different party formations with different tactics and techniques are present.
                  • Formations that mix in and match characters within the same party are allowed.
                    • All parties can directly communicate with each other and form into advantageous battle formations.
      • Easy to use.
        • With a straightforward system and intuitive controls,
          players can easily enjoy a unique fantasy RPG experience.
      • Cooperative gameplay:
        • While playing as a duo, you and your partner can cooperate with each other from a distance.
          • In contrast to battling in a group, you simply have to press the fast forward button to quickly perform cooperative actions such as teleporation in a solo game.
      • An online element that supports offline gameplay.
        • By forming a party, you can directly connect with other players and play together.
      • Peaceful games that let you safely enjoy an online experience.
        • Though online play can be temporarily paused, it is impossible to loot items from other players while paused.


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    A game full of ups and downs, of which strength, courage, and intelligence is your greatest weapon. Develop and climb up the ladder to rise as an Elden Lord!
    How to play the game
    ◆ Players start off as “Tarnished”.
    ◆ Players raise their level via participation in special events.
    ◆ Through activities such as battles and character/weapon/spell upgrading, players can unlock the door to the “Elden Lords” zone.
    ◆ Collect New Items and evolve your character.
    ◆ Players will find themselves undergoing a thrilling adventure…
    ◆ Enjoy an exhilarating journey as you control your character and fight!
    ◆ The action takes place in the Lands Between, and players will encounter new dangers that have never before been seen in the fantasy RPG!
    ◆ A large amount of new content is included, including new games, puzzles and item descriptions.
    ◆ Enjoy the thrill of a new fantasy RPG in the “Elden Ring”!
    ◆ *Not available for Mac users.

    You can change the player name, the girl’s name, the monster’s name, and other parts of the game so that you can make the game more fun.
    You can modify the default settings to make it easier to play.
    If you get stuck, please search the net for the game, and the forums will tell you the answer.
    If you’re having any problems installing or playing the game, ask here first!

    A game full of ups and downs, of which strength, courage, and intelligence is your greatest weapon. Develop and climb up the ladder to rise as an Elden Lord!
    How to play the game
    ◆ Players start off as “Tarnished”.
    ◆ Players raise their level via participation in special events.
    ◆ Through activities such as battles and character/weapon/spell upgrading, players can unlock the door to the “Eld


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  • Try to select Direct3D9 as a video card and run the game to get wow experience.
    If he complains about the absence of DX Accelerator, please install it to your computer.

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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    OS: Windows 7/8/10
    Processor: Intel Core i3-2120 or better
    Memory: 4 GB RAM
    Storage: 30 GB available space
    Graphics: Intel HD 4000 Graphics
    DirectX: Version 11
    Network: Broadband internet connection
    Sound: DirectX compatible sound card
    Additional Notes:
    The game is only compatible with the following editions of the Xbox One:
    Basic – The Xbox One “Basic” edition is our recommended entry-level console.


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