1. Your Progress
In the world of the Lands Between, you will be given the chance to grow into a hero with your own unique story.
2. Character Customization
You can freely develop your character as you like. Use the RPG genre fundamentals, such as raising the weapon attack, raising the defense, or raising the character level.
3. Explosive Multiplayer
Connect with other players and fight in real-time multiplayer battles.
4. World Connexion
Cross a vast world with seamlessly connected open fields and giant dungeons.
5. Vivid Game World
A vast world full of excitement.
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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • A change in style.
    A change in the system.
    The fantasy action RPG genre as we know it is being reborn.
    Elden Ring features new action RPG elements, such as online and solo play,
    and attracts players who enjoy realistic characters and unique storylines.

  • Place yourself in the mouth of the Legendary Monsters
    Hybrid fantasy, action, and role playing games – the character’s appearance, size, and skills are rendered in 3D, but the user interface and general play remain in the 2D style familiar to RPG fans.
  • A cinematic journey that has an epic feel.
    A huge map that takes the open world RPG to an unprecedented level.
    Walkable maps with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs.
    Challenges that are nothing short of heroic that hone your skills and await you!
  • Branding Your Legendary Lord
    Using an action RPG to compose your brand and share your history with other players.
  • Features of the Elden Ring:

    1. Place Yourself in the Mouth of the Legendary Monsters
    2. The largest online scale in the world
    3. Bind all your actions in the game into skills, items, and frames
    4. Take your custom character and the frame you bind them to on a journey.
      Watch the story unfold as you go.
      Non-stop content and a speedy experience.
    5. A world of warriors, barbarians, hot blooded men, and cold blooded beasts!
    6. A whole new method of playing RPGs with the addition of online and offline play.
    7. Amazing item drops to give you your fortune.
    8. Innovative fusion skills that make their use a pleasure.
      A wide range of super easy to perform unique and special attacks requiring no preparations.
    9. A magnificent story and scenario.
      Touching flashbacks and a tragic past make you feel the drama and emotions of the story.
      You will not be able to put the story down.
    10. Graceful and beautiful character design


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      “RPG SPIRITS are once again running rampant in a story that I’m surprised took so long in the making… The game is the first RPG, or rather, first RPG game in a long time that makes me want to reach for my bag of tropes to classify it as, and my hand is never in it for that. There are other genre games out there with an RPG edge that would be a better comparison, but I can’t think of one that I’d be more drawn to, and that’s the coolest thing of all.”

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      “The design of the world is stunning with an unmistakable high level of polish, but what sets the game apart is its plot and design choices. It’s just so well-crafted.”

      – Yamamoto, Frissir Studios (YouTube)

      “If you’re like me and you want to meet characters like Patricia, Beatrice, and Tom, an RPG should probably be your first stop.”

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      What is an Elden Lord?



      Elden Ring With Product Key Free Download (April-2022)


      Welcome to Tarnished Heroes, an action roleplaying game that is immersed in the most dynamic world. We hope you enjoy your visit to Tarnished Heroes. This game is completely free to play!

      * Registration is closed *

      How to Play

      * This app uses in-app purchases. Access to features within the game may be restricted after you purchase or access additional content.
      * Player progress including levels, weapons, equipment, and skills are automatically saved so you can continue your game later. The player progress can be cleared at any time.
      * Before you play the game for the first time, please make sure you have a connection to the internet, and go through the tutorial.
      * If you encounter any issues while playing, please contact the Developer Support Center on our website. You will be able to download files needed for help, and we will provide instructions for all configurations.
      * If you encounter any problems, please contact the Developer Support Center on our website. You can download game files and resolutions on the Tarnished Heroes website.

      Game Contents

      1. Character Creation
      2. Character Customization
      3. Weapon, Armor, and Stat EXP System
      4. Game Modes
      5. Journey through the Lands Between
      6. Online Play
      7. Game Over
      8. Email and Social Network Features

      1. Map Search
      2. Map Editor
      3. Quest Records
      4. Map Battles
      5. Character Records
      6. Character Editor
      7. Inventory
      8. Recipe Search
      9. Skill Listing
      10. Website
      11. Feedback

      1. Request for a Friend
      2. Join Friends
      3. Share Friends

      1. Renowned Action RPG Combat
      2. Phases of the Game
      3. Weapon, Armor, and Stat EXP System
      4. Game Modes
      5. Movement
      6. Job Changes
      7. Experience Points
      8. Skill Leveling
      9. Character Balance
      10. Character Growth and Evolution
      11. Job Battles
      12. Character Special Skills
      13. Customizable Graphics and Various Effects
      14. User-created Content
      15. Story
      16. Game Over

      1. Tutorial
      2. Skill Listing
      3. Weapon, Armor, and Stat EXP System


      What’s new in Elden Ring:

      Coming to iOS and Android!

      29 Sep 2017 14:14:48 GMTVamuya recap 10.1 Chapter 10: gameplay intro Will the Legendary Lord be able to succeed or will his struggle through the Trials that exist within the World of Fire end with a death on stage?
      Vamuya Recap 10.1 Chapter 10: gameplay introduction
      Author: Saria Mythical Figure
      Content: Narration
      Album: Chapter 10
      Published date: 29 August 2017
      Total views: 1,048
      Have you been curious to see what we are doing inside Fireside Games?
      There are still many mysteries waiting to be exposed, and we have high expectations for this play you have just experienced.
      Let’s recap what is happening in this chapter!
      Inside the landscape of the story, alongside other player characters we meet a very special one. He is one of the most typical and familiar characters, the Legend!
      How will the Legend encounter his destiny…?
      And what role will you have in this ultimate adventure?
      Let’s find out…
      Fireside Recap 10.1
      New Things to Discover
      World map
      When you choose this chapter, Fireside will present a map of the lands between the World of Fire.
      Its view is displayed from the perspective of the Characters.
      The stages are readily known from the maps of the other chapters.
      From one stage to the next, map design will change.
      Illuminant that changed
      You can know the name of the map in your quest list.
      Chapter Switch
      The location of the stage is written on the bottom right-hand side.
      By tapping this location, the stage is automatically displayed.
      Instance of the Stage in Detail
      In this mode, map design and illuminant are displayed.
      A stage map is presented on the other side.
      Highlighted on Stage Maps
      Upon activating this mode, key


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