Guide the heroes of the Elden Ring Product Key to victory in this exciting fantasy action role-playing game.

Ever since ancient times, great battles have been fought. The Lands Between are abundant with different races, each with their own atmosphere. Many races came into being and vanished. The lands became a frozen wasteland and sunk into a cycle of a rise and fall. The famous names of human history are no different. The Nordic Empire in the north, the Aztec Kingdom in the south, and countless other human kingdoms in between flourished for years and turned into nothing in a short period of time. The player can easily become the leader of one of these kingdoms and take control of the lands. The Lands Between is also the place where the story of the Elden Ring begins, where many races and people struggle for the power to rule and to be remembered.

One of the most distinctive features of the game is the creation and management of your character. Although you can freely change the appearance of your character, such as skin color, hair style, and clothing, the equip skills and weapons are all determined by your class.
The basic skills and weapons are unified, and by leveling up your class you increase your statistics. You may create a class that suits your play style by combining magic and melee weapons.

You can also buy the equipment and abilities from the shop. The equipment, such as weapons and armor, is upgraded in the process of the battle, so players can obtain new items through the battle. You can use the equipment and abilities you want, and they can also be customized.
To use the skills of your character, you can not only play the turn-based battle, but also use the combo move to trigger special skills. You can play in the same way you play the event scenes in the fantasy movies.

Also, the online part of the game is so that you can not only have a sense of presence among other players, but you can also exchange trade items.


The Elements of Fantasy * Rich Fantasy Setting

A fantasy world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
– Field Map
– Dungeons
– World Map
– Wiki
– Questlog
– Quests
– Knowledge

The Power of the Fantasy * The Structure of the Fantasy Game

You can, for the first time in a fantasy RPG, personally investigate the dungeon and gain a sense of the difficulty of


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Casual and Wide-Ranging Games, Original Storyline
  • RPG-Vibe System: Equipped weapons, armor, magic, and character cards can boost stats. By conquering enemies, accumulate items, or using life/death cards, you can learn a wide variety of skills.
    You can spend in-game money for item upgrades, so you can upgrade your equipment, and spend time to grow your character.
    You can upgrade your characters and create your own character so that you can enjoy the feeling of fast progression.
    You can enjoy a unique world with its rich history and various locales.
  • Faithful and Faithless
    • A High-Quality Graphics Engine, with an Epic Cinematic Style!
    • Original Storyline, engaging content and interesting battles
    • A High-Quality Soundtrack
  • MMORPG Online Play
  • Recommended System Compatibility


    Up to 3.6GHz Core Duo CPU or greater) e., FX, FX Extreme Processing Core)(FX-6700)) or Core i7 CPUs)) | RAM: 4GB or more)

    The following components are needed to run the game © Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth1, and are not included in the box.....

    32.... GB of free storage, or a storage access mode supporting a USB connection

    Core i3 231.2/230/229
    Core i5 266.2&sol


    Elden Ring Incl Product Key PC/Windows

    “It is amazing how much the story evolves in my head as I keep playing the game. Its uniqueness and sense of self importance makes it a truly rewarding experience.”

    “This game is a total steal of a game. I honestly can’t say anything else, it is that good.”

    “The narrative of this game is insane. It has so many layers that I can’t believe it’s even possible to make something as deep as this and have it feel like a real story.”


    Elden “Tarnished” Ring is a brand new fantasy action RPG developed by STUDIOS PIKACHU.

    The series

    The Lands Between (a living world)

    In the Lands Between, a mysterious power called the Tarnished Ring awakens the depth of fear and souls that lurks in the dark, corrupting all they come in contact with. A tale of dark fantasy filled with intrigue and mystery, Tarnished Ring is a sci-fi action RPG with an amazing story. While the events of the story are woven into the background, the setting and characters are seamlessly blended into one big cohesive whole.

    Gods and demons, humans and mysterious creatures are all mixed together in a lively conflict. Fantasy and sci-fi collide in this strange living world, embodying the rise of a myth of a future where fantasy and real life come together.

    A Galactic Empire

    The Galactic Empire is a major political and economic power on the core world of the Lands Between. It is the world’s most powerful nation and its largest scientific and economic center. It is here in the Lands Between where the Galactic Empire is dividing the living world into different administrative regions, among which there are two powerful factions: the Gasflare Empire and the Materialistic Empire. The basic principle of these two Empires is to unify the world of the Lands Between under the rule of science and technology, leading to the live of peace and prosperity through the creation of great achievements.

    The power of the Tarnished Ring

    The mysterious power called Tarnished Ring awakens the darkness that lurks within the Lands Between. It gives the Elden Lords, the nobility and rulers, the power of being able to control the Gods and demons as they wish. The Tarnished Ring


    Elden Ring X64

    The Boss, sub-boss, and boss enemies will be introduced at a later date.

    We are happy to introduce Monster Hunter: World, the third title of the Monster Hunter series. We have developed the game in cooperation with our franchise partners at Capcom and have worked closely with them to have the game be the ultimate experience for Monster Hunter fans in Japan and around the world.

    (Monster Hunter: World is an action RPG, where you can take on monsters in open-world environment, as well as puzzle and action puzzle elements)

    Please enjoy Monster Hunter: World with the power of the Elden Ring and share the adventure! Monster Hunter: World is designed to be played on one system at a time. System specifications may differ by region. For more information, please refer to the game website in each region.

    Monster Hunter: World, the third title in the Monster Hunter series, is an action RPG in which you can take on monsters in open-world environments, as well as puzzle and action puzzle elements. Take down monsters, gather loot, and explore the “Lands Between” to become an Elder.

    Monster Hunter: World supports cross-play (PlayStation 4 and PC) as well as local play (PS4 and Xbox One).

    The game is set in a vast world, where the environments are designed in a very realistic manner. The game’s replay value will become higher with its unique online play element.

    Play “Monster Hunter” free until December 28, 2019 or until one-day free trial!

    ■ Features

    1) Add to the excitement of open-world action RPG

    We are happy to introduce a Monster Hunter game that provides an entertaining experience with the same action, elements, and series know-how of previous titles.

    We have worked closely with our franchise partners at Capcom to create new features based on the feedback from Monster Hunter Generations (and other Monster Hunter games). These features include:

    – Hunter’s new Action, in which the player’s Actions are displayed on the Monster Hunter App (MHA)

    – The Hunter’s current location will be displayed on the MHA, and can be estimated from the strength of the aura

    – The hunter will attack the monster in front of you, when you use the ACTION button in Monster Hunter Generations

    – The status of the monster, such as health, durability, and damage resistance


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    These are the descriptions of Sword Art Online: Lost Song for the PC version. Battle for your smartphone is coming soon!

    Photo source: Smdkorea


    Grace, on the other hand, will battle in the first-person perspective, likely making constant references to games like Quake.

    Lost Song’s Grace, developed by Bandai Namco Studios, is slated for launch in Japan this summer. Read Details.

    Our Opinion

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    How to Play
    Local Play
    This game supports Local Play, which allows you to play online only with people on your own local area network. It supports up to four local players at the same time.
    1. Enter the game (Enter Network Play)
    To start the game, the host server first must be opened from the menu. The Host Server can be opened in the Game Services Settings page.
    2. Host a Game (Local Play)
    The host server (PC) and client (android phone) must be in the same place and connected via local network.
    3. Begin Game (Play Game)
    Click on the “Start Game” button.
    4. Join Game
    The host server in the lobby and the same client will be invited to the game. You can join via your friends’ game page.
    Now you can join others’ games and start to play.
    Private Play
    This game supports Private Play, which allows you to play online via the Android or iOS app. It supports up to 10 players, but if you want to play with more than 10 players, you can play as a Private Group.
    1. Enter the game (Enter Private Group)
    The host server must be opened and connected to the game, from the Android or iOS app.
    2. Create Group (Private Play)
    The host server will be offered to create a new group.
    You can assign names and IP addresses for each player in this group.
    3. Add Player (Join Group)
    You can join a group by opening the game via the Android or iOS app.
    4. Add Player (Invite Player)
    When the number of players in the group reaches the maximum, a player from the host server will be invited.
    5. End Game (Quit)
    The host server in the lobby will close the game.
    6. Leave Group (Remove Player)
    Players in a group will be removed automatically when the group number decreases to zero.
    When a player is removed, the player will be moved to a group that has not yet had a player leave.
    7. Invite/Kick Player (Leave Group)
    You can invite a player to join a group that you are in by opening the game via the Android or iOS app.
    You can kick a player from the group by opening the game via the Android or iOS app.
    8. Join Group (Invite)
    You can be invited by opening the game via


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