A new fantasy action RPG will be released in 2018! • A Unique Fantasy World A fantasy world where you can freely play through the vast world of the Lands Between. Please enjoy the world full of broad scenery and various experiences. • Brace Yourself for a Challenge An action RPG where you will have to constantly assess whether you are capable of dealing with each new situation. • Fantastic Battles with Dynamic Environments Fight in environments with an exciting action battle system that makes each battle a challenge. Develop your character through fighting. • A New Possibility for a Fantasy World This is a world where you can pursue your own destiny. The game is filled with various situations where you will be expected to excel. What do you think of the original story of the mysterious world that was previously only seen in legends? What do you think of the game’s fantastic image, vast field map, and the lively graphical effects? What do you think of the game’s various battle systems? What is your favorite? Which characters do you think are fun? Would you like to find yourself as part of the main protagonist’s story? What do you think of the game’s scene capture system? What do you think of the game’s story? How was the actual gameplay? Were the game elements you were looking for in the game found? What do you think of the game’s 1-on-1 co-op play? How do you think you would feel if you were a part of a story where the main protagonist must gather their comrades and conquer the Demon King through conquering the world? Have you ever played a fantasy action RPG? Have you ever played an RPG that has a great story? Do you want to experience a new fantasy story in an action RPG? (※゚Д゚) ※ We have enjoyed watching you play since the early beta testing. We would like to thank you for playing the game. We are extremely grateful for your patience and support as we worked hard on this game. Hello, everyone. This time, we would like to introduce a game that we are developing in the world of the Lands Between. We are going to feature some of the mystery left behind by our first title, Tarnished. Please come and take a look at our small teaser trailer for you to enjoy


Features Key:

  • The history of mankind’s departure from Eden and a World of Myth
  • A World of Adventure and Mystery
  • Vast World to Explore
  • A Story Told in Fragments
  • Card battles become drama
  • Friendly AI
  • Play Online!


    Joining the online RPG is only possible after unlocking “Tarnished”. If “Tarnished” is not unlocked yet, please Open “Tarnished” on Steam and click on the “Download” button to download it on your Steam client.

    Please click on the “Card Battle Competition” button (the button shown in red) to open the Web Browser. Please log in to play.

    During the beta testing of “Tarnished”, you can only obtain the key required for the beta testing through participation in the beta test. After the beta test, we will decide whether to extend the pre-order period for the limited time.