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About the development of Elden Ring

– Setting
◈ Vast World
◈ World map
◈ World map data

– Character
◈ Character design
◈ Special Abilities
◈ Customizable
◈ Skills
◈ Combat

– Control
◈ Controller Support
◈ Character Movement
◈ Movement, Casting, and Interaction with Objects
◈ Communication system with others
◈ Communication with a player of a different region
◈ Travel through a single region
◈ Barriers

– Story
◈ Elden Kingdom
◈ Main Characters

– System
◈ Character Classes

– Elden Ring Online
◈ Unique Online Play
◈ Asynchronous Online Play

– Announcements
◈ Month and Year Anniversaries
◈ Game Service Plan

About Elden Ring

・The developer of the world’s most popular fantasy RPG series: XIV

– Please take a close look at the Official Website for more information.

■Theme:Final Fantasy XIV and XIV: A Realm Reborn

■World: Tarnished

■A Realm Reborn is based on Final Fantasy XIV

■About BOTH FINAL FANTASY XIV and XIV: A Realm Reborn


Features Key:

  • Dark Eyes (Those Who persevere)
  • The Caretaker of the Dead
  • Lands Between
  • vCharacter Creation (1) Character Creation

    1. Enter your gender, race, class, and name. The RPG Maker character builder will display each gender available for that race and class as well as the preset appearance images corresponding to each.

    Select the gender and race for your character.

    Before doing so, you can make your character appear on the screen as the default character by selecting the Female or Male change menu.

    The character change menu allows you to change your character’s gender and race. The preset image is also shown on the left-hand side.

    Since RPG Maker works on a two-sided platform, characters can be summoned on the platform side on the right-hand side even if you are equipped with only one character.

    You can select a race other than the four available on the right side.

    The same menu that allows you to change your gender and race also allows you to change your character’s age and body type.

    Go to Body and Age to change these.

    Changing the body type will change the character’s build, which has effects on its combat ability.

    Go to Climb and Weight to change these.

    Changing the climber’s build will change its attacking and defending abilities.

    Go to Face to change the character’s appearance.

    The character’s face is shown on the character’s map screen during battle.

    Go to Tail to change the character’s hair pattern.

    The character will change its hairstyle.

    Go to Touch to change the character


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    Gamespot – 7/10

    “An action RPG with RPG fundamentals, along with enjoyable turn-based combat” – 8/10

    “The game is interesting in both single and multiplayer play.”

    RPG Players – 9/10

    “If the RPG developers are paying attention to their online component, this game will be a big hit in the Asian market.”

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    ▼ About the game

    [Region] The Lands Between.

    The Lands Between is an ancient and distant world, in which the course of history has been altered by the mysterious Elden Tree. In a hidden and hidden corner, a boy with an unknown background is enclosed with the power of the Elden Ring, and his past and future are sealed. He is told that the three lands of the Lands Between, called “the North,” “the East” and “the South,” are determined to choose a sole lord to lead them.

    The Land of the North is the land in which the ancient figure of the Goddess Elondia is venerated. In order to restore the world, a lot of people who are called “the Fabled Heroes” have appeared. It is the forerunner of the story of the game and its player.

    The Land of the East is the land in which the Elondian Tree is believed to be and a battlefield where sorcerers fight. The story revolves around the protagonist and the elements of this world.

    The Land of the South is the land in which the great darkness is spreading. People who are called “The Luminous Ones” and “The Dark Ones” struggle for existence.

    [Play Style] Leisure Play

    NEW VERSION of a Fantasy RPG made for leisure. The player can freely enjoy what he wants.

    First of all, this is a game where you do not have to think very much. The game system and interface of the traditional RPG series were introduced, but play tactics and play style were revamped. This is a game which focuses on playing as much as possible while enjoying itself, and also emphasizes the pleasure of completely immerse yourself in the game.

    To create this leisure, the game system and interface of the previous title were fundamentally revamped. Everything was changed to make this game easy to handle. In addition to this, the theme of the themes of a RPG was systemized. And “Thou shalt not obey the commands and rules” is also added to freely change the commands and rules according to the whim of the player.

    [Characters] Customization

    Customization of equipment, characters, and worlds is realized by completely new system, and thousands of new and unique equipment, characters, and worlds were added. Moreover, the character creation function was significantly improved.

    [Content] Multilay


    What’s new:

    Enjoy the eastern fantasy drama of fusing the online RPG systems of diverse games like “World of Warcraft,” “Dungeons & Dragons” and “Final Fantasy,” while experiencing an exciting story and challenges that combine into the Lands Between system that flies in the clouds and goes back in time.

    In addition to single player, the game also features a network mode where you can share a point-of-view with a friend who plays as a different character, have a two-player adventure, and undertake challenging cooperative games.

    As a game that blends the fantasy elements of “World of Warcraft” and “Dungeons & Dragons” with its own expansive online world of Tarnished Chronicles, the game will also appeal to a wide audience of players with diverse titles.

    Moving forward, we will continue to improve the online RPG experience, invite strong partners, and deliver an even more memorable game experience.

    If you would like to enjoy the new Tarnished Chronicles game for free, please click here:

    Enjoy the fantasy adventure of Tarnished Chronicles with freedom and adventure!

    Media Mix, Corp.

    Tue, 23 Jul 2011 00:00:00 +0930Rei is 17 Years Old…
    Make sure to check out the video –

    It’s been a great year for us, and a great year for the ZX Spectrum.

    At such a time, we have a burning desire to see our anniversaries celebrated, – to see each other and the various fans we have attracted into the world through our accomplishments in not just the ZX Spectrum, but the computer industry at large.

    As such, we’ll be celebrating the formative years of our business


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